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3 Powerful Lessons From Marisa Peer, UK’s #1 Therapist About How To Achieve The Impossible

by Annamaria Nagy June 8, 2020

There are people who are confident. They talk straight, stand straight, and make you believe that they know what they’re doing.

And then there are people like Marisa Peer. People who step into the room and “radiate” their empowering presence to everyone around them. People who seem as if they could shake the world with a single word.

Those people don’t intimidate. Instead, they prove to you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to — even the impossible.

Marisa Peer has seen many miracles during her career as a therapist. She healed patients with rare genetic disorders who were claimed to be incurable by their doctors. She helped Hollywood celebrities and royal families overcome deep emotional pain that no amount of money or fame could fulfill.

Marisa Peer teaching at Mindvalley University

She has taught thousands of people how to use their own mind to shape their reality and go against the odds to succeed in anything they dream for themselves.

Just like she did.

As a young girl, Marisa was told by her teachers that she would never become anything but a nanny. She could have accepted it as her truth that she simply doesn’t have what it takes to succeed on her own terms.

But instead, she decided to prove the opposite — and she went on to become the #1 Therapist voted by Tatler Magazine.

She has recently won 5 Stevie Awards for the Rapid Transformation Therapy methodology she developed that has given physical and emotional freedom for countless men and women across the globe.

Her incredible transformative impact has been acknowledged by the Royal School of Medicine in New York and the Royal School of Medicine in London.

But no strong woman was raised by an easy past and Marisa is no exception either. As we sat down to talk, she shared her breathtaking story with me about how her road of trials led to the powerful woman she is today.

Life Is Not Fair, Life Is What You Make It

“One of the biggest turning points of my life was when I was told I could never have children” said Marisa to me. The prognosis sat in front of her, signed by her doctor, with the dreaded word.


She was told that even if she was to get pregnant by some sort of miracle, the baby wouldn’t live.

But she was determined to prove her doctors wrong. She started to use her own method, Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy on herself every single day, as many time as she could.

She did not stop until she convinced her own mind that her body is capable of delivering her dreams.

Until one day she got the news: She was expecting a baby.

“I just decided I was not going to take any medical notice anymore telling me what I can’t do” she said. “And you know what? I had a really easy pregnancy. And my baby was perfect.”

Marisa had become the “poster girl’ for bouncing back because she turned the image in her head from an infertile nanny to a proud and successful mother.

She was ready to dedicate her life teaching people how to talk to their mind and defy the odds to achieve the life they desired.

But life had given yet another test for her.

In 2015, Marisa found out she had womb cancer. It was not something she wanted to go through in the prime of her career, nor something she could ignore. It was true and it was very real.

And yet she didn’t ask, “why me?” She didn’t say “I don’t deserve this, I help so many people.” She said only one thing.

“I’m not doing illness.”

She sought gratefulness in her misery and turned her doubts into faith as she went through the treatment. She had chosen thoughts that would heal her rather than make her feel low.

She thought, thank God that I’ve got cancer in my womb! That’s really lucky because I don’t need a womb — It’s done a great job and it gave me an amazing child. But I don’t need it anymore.

Then she said to herself, I’m so grateful for having such an intelligent body. It told me I had this condition before it was too late.

She used her own method, Rapid Transformation Therapy in order to heal herself with the power of her own mind. And luckily, she recovered fully — quicker than the doctors thought she would.

A week later, she was already sharing the stage with Richard Bandler and three weeks later she was in Costa Rica, speaking at A-Fest. All because she convinced her body to do wellness instead of illness and that her condition was just a blip.

Today, she’s helping others on the same path do the same. She said to me:

That was a huge turning point for me in my decision to really take charge of my own body and mind, and to fix myself.

So often we give away our power into the hands of people and let them prove us wrong — even about our own body and mind, and what we’re capable of.

But it’s really our choices that define our fate and the way we communicate with our own mind.

Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy session at Mindvalley University

And Marisa doesn’t just prove that with her story but as the most sought-after therapist in the UK, she knows exactly how we can use the subconscious mind to work in our favor and help us choose our own path.

Your Mind Is What You Feed It

Though it’s quite magical how our mind can rewrite our reality, there’s nothing new-agey about hypnotherapy. It’s based on simple laws of neuroscience.

Here’s an exercise Marisa does with her clients to show them what neuroplasticity means. Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine yourself biting into a juicy lemon. Got it?

If you did it right, your mouth should’ve started watering. Why? Because your subconscious mind told your body to start digesting.

There’s no lemon. But your mind has made it real.

So the laws of nature haven’t changed, the mind has always told our body what to do. But Marisa discovered a way we can communicate with our subconscious mind in a way that it does what WE want it to do.

We cannot always control our fate. But we can control our thoughts. And those thoughts create our feelings, those feelings create our actions, and those actions create our reality.

As Marisa beautifully said:

You have so much power to keep yourself well, to heal your body.
You have so much power that to live a full, happy life.
You have so much power to attract love, to have loving relationships, to be successful.
Don’t give your power away. How you’re going to feel in life is really all up to you.

No Baby Lacks Self-Esteem

Marisa often reminds us of the fact that we were not born with the fears and issues we have. Newborns don’t think “oh, my tummy looks fat” or “I’m so bad at walking.”

It’s liberating to know that we were not born with any of the limiting beliefs we have — we acquired them. And just because we acquired them, we don’t have to keep them.

During her 33 years as a therapist, Marisa has seen tremendous amount of people walk into her office being completely unaware of what causes their emotional pain and their limitation to growth.

But there were even more who knew exactly the reason and were still stuck with it because their mind always got back to the same old pattern that created it.

A-lister celebrities, world-class athletes, and even members of royal families. Their problems are nothing more special than mine or yours.

They all come down to one limiting belief: “I am not enough.”

As kids, we have no shame to say that we’ll be the next president or an astronaut. But somewhere down the road we begin to believe that it’s not possible for us.

Because we’re not smart, beautiful, strong, bold, or talented enough.

This is why Marisa created Instant Transformational Therapy: To give people freedom from whatever holds them back and never compromise on their dreams.

Freedom from addiction, obesity, or depression. Freedom from living someone else’s life or from being trapped in the job or the relationship that doesn’t serve them. Freedom from the beliefs that doesn’t belong to them.

“My ultimate mission, my living legacy is to bring this therapy into the school system and to have it recognized as the most effective therapy in the world so I can help people and make a difference in their lives.” she said to me with conviction.

And I believe she will. Because if there’s one thing I took away from this conversation is that this woman can achieve absolutely anything she sets her mind to.

And so can you.

So hold on to your wildest dreams — because they are more real than you think.

What’s your craziest dream you can imagine? Share it with us in a comment below!

The Power of ‘I’m Enough’

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, you know how crippling it can be.

The missed opportunities, the indecision, the quiet torment - it stops us from living our best lives.

But self-doubt is really just a subconscious belief caused by childhood trauma. If we change our beliefs, we can shed self-doubt and develop self-confidence instead.

Legendary transformational hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, shares three powerful words that can challenge and erase self-doubt,

I Am Enough.

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