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Energy Medicine 3 Mantra Examples To Help Get You Through The Tough Stuff

3 Mantra Examples To Help Get You Through The Tough Stuff

Sometimes things get tough. And when it happens, we need something to help us make it through. That’s when the help of these mantra examples may give you the boost you need.

Mantras are powerful words and phrases we can use to help us focus and stay centered during difficult times.

What is a mantra? How can mantras help us? What are the most effective mantras? These 3 mantra examples will help explain it all:

  1. “Aham Prema”
  2. “Om”
  3. “So Hum”

What Are Mantras And How Do They Work?

A mantra is a word or phrase used in meditation. Mantras are incredibly versatile — they can be said out loud, chanted, and sung. In fact, you don’t even need to say a mantra out loud. Simply repeating the mantra silently in your mind as you meditate can provide powerful benefits.

Yes, you heard that right. Mantras are potent and when used correctly, they can totally transform your meditation practice.

What Are The Benefits Of Mantras?

Mantras help increase your mindfulness during meditation. What’s mindfulness? Well, simply put: mindfulness is awareness of the present moment.

“Why would I want to be more aware of the present moment if I’m going through something unhappy?” you ask. “The last thing I want to do is focus on what’s happening right now.”

Fair point. But here’s the thing: mindfulness doesn’t necessarily ask you to focus on the bad. Mindfulness simply asks that you focus on what is without judgment.

Easier said than done? You bet. But worth it? Absolutely.

meditation mantra examples

What Is Your Personal Mantra?

A personal mantra is a word or a phrase that speaks to you. It’s something that represents your core beliefs and values.

A good personal mantra should make you feel focused and motivated on achieving your personal life goals.

What Are Mantra Chants?

Mantra chants are words or phrases that represent a mantra, not just spoken, but sung in a calm and soothing way. Or chanted, to be precise.

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Deva Premal and Miten are among the most famous mantra chanters.

What Are Some Good Mantras?

Mantras can help you stay focused, mindful, and aware during meditation. But they can also serve to open your chakras, concentrate your healing energy, and raise your spiritual consciousness.

Some experienced meditation masters state that sutras and mantras are often more influential than people think. They go further to say, “These powerful words and phrases, once unlocked, raise your consciousness between spiritual planes. They can also help activate your healing powers.”

So, are mantras beneficial during tough times? Yes! And heck, even if you’re not a believer, it certainly can’t hurt to try.

Really, the best way to understand mantras is with the practice of a few mantra examples. There’s no better way than to just dive right in!

So, here are 3 mantra examples to help hone your meditation practice — most especially when times are tough.

meditation mantra examples

1. “Aham Prema” For When You’re Angry

This mantra might be in Sanskrit, but don’t worry. It’s easy to remember and its meaning is universal.

Aham Prema means: “I am Divine Love.”

Aham Prema is a good one to practice when we’re feeling angry, betrayed, or resentful. Reconnecting to the spirit of universal love isn’t easy when we don’t feel particularly loving. But that’s exactly when we need it most.

2. “Om” For When You’re Feeling Lost

This is one of the most powerful mantras out there, and it’s just one syllable long.

Om is said to be the sound of the universe. It represents the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Chanting Om can actually bring you into vibrational alignment with the universe.

When you feel like you don’t know which direction to move in, Om can help. Om reconnects you with all that is. Just imagine the universe breathing Om right along with you.

This is a very potent mantra and should be said out loud for full benefit.

3. “So Hum” For When You’re Anxious

Or: “I am that.”

The coolest thing about So Hum is that it actually mimics the sound of your own breath. The So represents the breath entering your lungs. The Hum is the sound of your breath leaving your body.

This mantra is great to practice when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It helps anchor you to the breath. It soothes the mind as it settles the body.

Give it a try and see how it feels!

Which of these mantras do you need most today? Tell us in the comments below.

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