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Improved learning Intuitive Healing: Letting Your Soul Do the Doctoring

Intuitive Healing: Letting Your Soul Do the Doctoring


Have you ever considered combining intuition with medical treatments to promote healing? Intuitive healing is nothing new, and you can learn to become your own intuitive healer.

Have you ever considered combining intuition with medical treatments to promote healing?

Intuitive healing is nothing new, and you can learn to become your own intuitive healer. Intuition is accessible to everyone, even the most hard-core skeptics.

But first – why bother with intuitive healing?

If you look at the body as a physical manifestation of energy, it makes perfect sense to cleanse your energy and restore health and harmony using the mind/body/soul concept where one directly affects the others.

Hearing Your Intuitive Voice

The inner wisdom that is not judged by the rational mind is a quiet little voice that is hard to hear if you’re not used to listening.

It’s not a voice in that messages usually don’t come in the form of words – they typically come in dreams, or spontaneously as hunches or gut feelings, strong urges, physical sensations or memories. These messages can come in a flash. That’s why they’re easy to miss, and easier to dismiss.

If you’ve been brought up with a firm belief that medicine can cure everything that’s wrong with the body, you are missing out on an opportunity to reverse-engineer the problem and address the cause. Do that and the symptoms often go away on their own – or if they are already severe, will improve, giving medicines a better chance to relieve the symptoms.

Trusting Your Intuition

The Soul communicates through the body so muscle testing is a great way to learn to ‘hear’ and to trust your intuition. The body doesn’t lie! It is a well-known fact that your thoughts and emotions directly affect the health of your body. The power of your mind translates into energetic vibrations that either create strength and well-being, or weakness and dis-ease.

 trusting intuitive healing

In the Muscle Testing Exercise (part 4 of my free Energetic Breakthrough Kit), you can try an exercise like this: ask yourself a yes/no question and watch your body’s response, which is completely outside of your conscious control. This intuitive guidance will not steer you wrong. It’s your Higher Self talking to you, after all!

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Even if the information you receive seems irrational (such as not taking a lucrative job because of a strong gut feeling that it’s wrong for you), trust it. Only you – that is, your Higher Self – knows what is absolutely the right move for you. And don’t forget – everything that you do that’s wrong for you, has consequences that can manifest as physical distress.

All of your choices have consequences that positively or negatively affect your health. You may not be consciously aware of this connection but it’s there. It’s all happening on an energetic level that you can feel – if you’re attuned to it. So pay more attention to your feelings, urges, hunches and dreams, and you’ll be guided to making better decisions.

Developing Your Intuitive Healing Abilities

The following steps will help you heal from within by addressing the cause. But before you begin – it’s important to believe. Without belief in your intuitive healing abilities, you won’t achieve the results you want. Belief intensifies and amplifies the energy you are transmitting while doubt and fear diminish it.

1. Be Aware Of Negative Thought Patterns, Beliefs, And Points Of View

The media has a dreadful habit of putting a negative spin on world events, and that negativity can be highly contagious.

You may not even realize how self-damaging your beliefs are. Your beliefs literally change the structure of your DNA – that is how powerful energy is!

You’ll notice for example that people who are ‘in love with life’ have a vital energy that permeates their bodies – they can be a hundred years old but still have an amazing ageless quality… while people in their thirties who are jaded, negative, and bored look old and worn out. You cannot separate the body from the mind!

2. Get To Know Your Body Better And Listen To It

It’s easy to ignore what goes on inside because there aren’t that many nerve endings inside the body as there are on the outside. The digestive system goes about its business quietly and outside your awareness, yet it is here that many diseases begin to manifest as physical symptoms.

What affects the digestive system?

You guessed it – your mind. Of course, it’s vitally important to take care of your body with nutritious foods, exercise, and sleep, but mental and emotional toxicity is even more disastrous in the long run! Get to know your body!

You know how you feel when things are going well and you feel happy. This is the natural state of things. If you are feeling lethargic, have digestive issues, a “blah” feeling “for no reason”, even a slight feeling that something isn’t quite right… don’t ignore it! Notice the corresponding mental/emotional state and make corrections there.

Are you stressed out?



Angry, jealous, or resentful?

Anxious and afraid?

These are very destructive emotional states! Meditate, get guidance from your spiritual guides and angels, and do what intuitively feels good.

3. Steps To Heal The Body

power of intuitive healing

Now that you are aware of the powerful cause and effect relationship between the mind and the body, you can take steps to heal the body:

  • Heal from within using intuitive healing. Meditate to learn to control your thoughts (replacing negative, self-destructive thoughts with positive thoughts. High-vibrating positive, loving thoughts and emotions are healing; avoid the low vibrations of negative thoughts and emotions!
  • Learn to ride out waves of negative emotions (don’t deny emotions, but don’t get attached to them – feel them as you feel a breeze on your skin and let them go just as easily).
  • Visualize yourself in perfect health – meaning emotional, mental, spiritual and physical! ‘See’ the ideal you in your mind’s eye.
  • Do more of the things that intuitively feel good to you, and less of those that don’t. Anything that feels good, creates a higher vibration and promotes healing. Anything that feels wrong or bad, creates the opposite effect.

Getting used to intuitive guidance may take time and practice. Now that you know how intuitive healing works, you can improve your health and well-being from the inside out!

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