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Mind The Hindsight Window: How To Master Your State Of Being

The Hindsight Window: How To Master Your State Of Being

Mastering your internal state doesn’t have to be hard. Not even in times of stress and anxiety.

In this insightful and brilliantly humorous 17-minute training, entrepreneur and creator of the WildFit program, Eric Edmeades, reveals a powerful model he calls the hindsight window.”

About The Video

The hindsight window represents the time between when you experience a negative event and the time in the future where you end up perceiving that same event as a “blessing.”

According to Eric, the shorter your hindsight window, the easier it is to achieve happiness in the present.

In this fantastic video, Eric reveals a simple process to minimize that window so that you can respond better to negative situations. You’ll hear:

  • (2:48) — How to shorten your hindsight window and ensure less regret in the future;
  • (7:58) — How to find gratitude for the difficult circumstances in the past;
  • (12:41) — How to transform a bad situation into a massive opportunity for success, happiness, and gratitude.

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Eric Edmeades