How to Be Extraordinary [Infographic]

How to Be Extraordinary [Infographic]


Everything is a ‘System For Living’ – This infographic will help you learn how to be extraordinary every day and create an impact to the choices you make.

What if I told you there were things limiting your happiness and your potential? And if you just free yourself of them, you can be happier, healthier, and wealthier as a result?

The truth is, your happiness is based on just two things.

The things you believe about the world… And secondly, your systems of living.

Your Beliefs Are Powerful

First, let’s talk about what you believe about the world. There are beliefs we carry around, which often go unquestioned. Many were formed when we were just children, and yet, we can go through our lives holding tightly to these beliefs, unwilling to let go.

Perhaps you drew a picture and someone criticized it, saying “you’re not creative”. Or it might be a silly comment you made in front of a few people and someone implied that you weren’t very smart.

And then we absorb those beliefs, carrying them around with us. We may even forget the source of those beliefs, yet we just hold on to them, rarely questioning how true they might be.

These beliefs form the basis for our “model of reality”. In other words, our perception of the world. And this, in turn, affects each interaction and every situation we get into.

Meeting a new person, for instance, if we hold a limiting belief that we’re not smart, then we’re looking for evidence.  This becomes our confirmation, and you say to yourself “look, you see, I knew it was true… and this proves it.”

And its beliefs like that which enable us, or hold us back. They improve the quality of our lives, or they make us feel worth less than we truly are. These beliefs ultimately are the basis for our map of reality, which affects all of our perceptions as we move through life.

The most important first step is in becoming aware. Knowing that you have the power to choose in each moment, what you want to believe. To swap out these beliefs any time you wish. To make conscious choices on what you choose to believe. Recognize simply that no one can force beliefs on you, you always have the ability to choose.

Systems of Living

The second thing that defines your level of happiness is your system of living. Your systems of living are the daily things you do to just function. The way you work, and the way you live. They are the behavior that turns into the habits which form the backbone of our daily lives.

For instance, what if you had the habit of reading often, instead of spending so much time on social media? What if you could spend an hour in the gym, instead of at your desk? The important thing to recognize here isn’t about finding perfection.

It’s about simply understanding there is always a better way to do things. There are small things in your life that if you change could make a huge difference.

And with that in mind, here’s an infographic of simple life hacks, to help you go beyond your current limits and Be Extraordinary:

 infographic of simple life hacks

Understanding that there is always a better way to do things is powerful. Small changes in your life can enable you, and even empower you to move forward. They can make a huge impact on your happiness and satisfaction in life.

In this way, we can choose to consciously upgrade our lives. Through small actions done daily, we can make an extraordinary impact for the better.

Because change does not need to be overwhelming. You can take gradual steps to become the greatest version of yourself. All it takes is to update your beliefs and upgrade your habits.

And this is what it takes to become your best self and to live the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest life possible for you.

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