The Missing Link To Your Success And Manifestation Ability

Visualization and mindset are the two most common tools to manifest our desires. But there’s a third tool that we often don’t pay enough attention to — even though it could multiply our chances of success.

Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, and Feng Shui Master share it in this video.

About The Video

Most personal growth practices relate to either “Heavenly Luck” which is our destiny or karma, and “Human Luck”, namely our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The problem is that we’re missing the third part of the equation: “Earth Luck”. The lack of this element can cause us to feel stuck in life or as if we’re sabotaging our own success.

It prevents us from manifesting our desires — despite all the effort we’re making.

In this video, Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, and Feng Shui Master reveals the last element of our manifesting ability and shares how we can bring more luck into every aspect of our lives — effortlessly.

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Which of these 3 types of personal growth practices do you currently focus on? Share it with us in a comment!

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