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Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond On How To Expand Your Life Force Energy

When you ask most people about Feng Shui, chances are they think it is all about decorating and furniture arranging. But while there are certain elements of Feng Shui that focus on that, they’re not the only components.

Feng Shui is actually all about energy and about expanding your life force energy into your environment so that you can reach your full potential.

But understanding what Feng Shui is, is only half of the battle. You also need to know how to implement this energy-based practice.

Feng Shui specialists, like Marie Diamond, can guide you along the way. Watch the video above to learn how to tap into your life force with Feng Shui.

She also created a new tool (app) that makes finding your energy direction as simple as a press of a button.

Find out more in this article to quickly and easily start utilizing the principles of Feng Shui in your own life.

Feng shui tree

What Is Feng Shui?

Before you can dive into the intricacies of Marie Diamond’s app, it is important to have an understanding of some of the Feng Shui basics and what this practice really means.

Whether you want to Feng Shui your bedroom or Feng Shui any part of your home, you will need to place different things in different areas that represent what you want out of life so that it can connect with your home’s energy in the right way.

These different places and areas depend on your own personal energy. 

One of the core principles of this practice is the simple idea that you are not just your body, or your mind—you are also your environment.

Because this is true, your environment must be representatives of your goals and your vision in life.

Our environments are filled with energy. So, your home is constantly giving you subconscious programming and whatever it is you see in your home, you are subconsciously connecting with — even if you don’t realize it.

This is why it is so important to make sure you are putting the right things in the right place of your home.

The Lou Pan Technique

The Lou Pan is a large compass that has eight corners. It is designed to help people figure out their Feng Shui directions and make the right changes to their work or home environment to capitalize on the present energy.

This mathematical tool is at the very base and heart of Feng Shui. It’s also used with the Feng Shui Bagua Map.

According to Feng Shui, every degree in your environment (all 360 of them) create a different outcome.

It is connected not only with space and time, but also with the day you were born.  And there is a different flow, or chi, for every home and building.

Just like no two people are the same, no homes or buildings are the same: their energy is different.

When using this Lou Pan, you must start by facing the main door in the home. This is the one where most people come in and out of, and has the most active chi flowing through it. You need to point the Lou Pan at this door and make your measurements off of their directions.

One of Marie Diamond’s primary goals with her teachings is to help people understand not only the importance of the different directions, but to help them find their ideal directions.

Every person has an ideal direction based on their sex and birthday. It can be north, northeast, northwest, east, south, southeast, or southwest. When you know your individual ideal directions in any given room, you know where in the room you should place certain items to align with your goals.

While the standard Lou Pan compass is large and complex, the app only requires your sex and your birthday to calculate your Feng Shui directions.

Once you are standing in any room, this Feng Shui compass will tell you exactly which directions to focus on. It simplifies the process immensely.

The Marie Diamond app takes a great deal of the complications out of this process, so you can start making changes in your home that fits with both your energy and your home’s energy.

How to use a feng shui compass

Understanding The Four Directions

Your individual Feng Shui directions are important. However, there are also four different directions in your home: relationships, health, wisdom, and success.

1. Relationship direction

Once you know what your direction is, you will need to know what types of items you will place in your ideal direction to promote better relationships.


There are many Feng Shui bedroom techniques that focus on the relationship directions.

The goal is to place images in this area that represent the relationships that you want to improve or want success for.

At home this includes: pictures of family and loved ones.

At work this includes: pictures of management, team members, or your community.

So, at home this may be pictures of your spouse, and at work it may be something that symbolizes your team members that you want a stronger relationship with.

It doesn’t have to be an image. For example, Marie Diamond states that she puts up a globe, symbolizing her desire to reach the global community.

2. Wisdom direction

Inspiring wisdom is an important part of Feng Shui. This is why so many people utilize ancient and inspirational quotes and Zen figures in their Feng Shui techniques.

At home this includes: inspirational quotes and any religious or spiritual figures.

At work this includes: inspirational quotes, posters/images, or symbols from your mentors.

The wisdom direction, according to experts like Marie Diamond, is one of the most personal of the different directions because sources of wisdom can be different from one person to the next.

3. Success direction

Once you find your success direction on your Feng Shui compass, there are a number of different things that you can put in this area to inspire more success. This is a more common type of Feng Shui in the office, but it can also be used in the home.

At home this includesvision boards, representations of financial success, and goals for the life you want.

At work this includes: vision boards, affirmations, representations of the job/position you want to have.

4. Health direction

Your individual health direction needs to be clean and organized, whether you are at home or in the office. There are also certain items that you can place in these areas to represent positive health energy. This is another popular direction for Feng Shui in the bedroom.

At home this includes: books you are interested in and things that give you inspiration when you see them. You can also put any supplements or medicine in this area.

At work this includes: an item or visual that helps you relieve stress.

This is an important direction for your Feng Shui compass as it helps you find places in the home that can help improve both your mental and physical health.

feng shui your home

Utilizing Marie Diamond’s Lou Pan App

The slightest detail when choosing objects make all of the difference in how effective your Feng Shui efforts are. Take this Feng Shui bedroom example from Marie Diamond:

If you put a picture of a single, male lion by your bed in your intimacy or relationship direction, it may not help you attract a romantic partner. Instead, you want to place something that inspires intimacy by your bed in this direction.

Little changes like this can make all of the difference because it means you aren’t going against things, but instead you are going with them.

It allows your environment to support you.

Instead of using the bulky Lou Pan Feng Shui compass, you can utilize Marie Diamond’s simple and straightforward app. Once you have your directions and are set on which of the four directions that you align with, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right objects.

Have you ever used a Feng Shui compass before?

And are you going to try Marie Diamond’s Feng Shui app?

Let us know in the comments below!



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