Feng Shui Master’s Advice on How to Manifest Abundance

Feng Shui Master’s Advice on How to Manifest Abundance


Feng shui master Marie Diamond shares how to manifest abundance using feng shui. Discover the transformational powers of this ancient Chinese practice.

When you think of feng shui, what comes to mind? Decorating and furniture arranging perhaps? Or maybe how to manifest abundance?

Most people relate feng shui to aesthetically-pleasing interior design. While there is a connection between the two, there’s more to feng shui than meets the eye.

In fact, it can work hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance into your life. Marie Diamond, feng shui master and author of Mindvalley’s Feng Shui for Life Quest, has five tips on how.

What Is Feng Shui?

First off, to avoid any Feng Shui mistakes, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of what feng shui really is.

This ancient Chinese practice has its roots in early Taoism and has since then spread around the world. The word “feng shui” means “the way of wind and water.”

Man working on laptop in front of a blue wall

At its core, feng shui is a system of auspiciously arranging buildings, objects, and space to bring harmony and balance with the natural flow of energy — known as qi (or chi). It also incorporates the simple idea that you’re not just your mind or body, but that you’re also your environment.

The first place of being in your highest self and your full potential is where you live, not somewhere out there.

— Marie Diamond, feng shui master and author of Mindvalley’s Feng Shui for Life Quest

Simply put, you pick up on the energy in your surroundings, especially in your home and workplace. These are the areas you spend a lot of your time in. And whatever it is you see when you’re in that space, you are subconsciously connecting with its energy — even if you don’t realize it.

Research also shows how important your surrounding environment is to your well-being. For example, the findings of a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology show a person’s housing, neighborhood, and the surrounding community plays a role in their well-being. 

And given how much time you spend at work as an adult, let’s not forget that making your workplace a positive environment plays a significant role in your mental health.

That’s why it’s important that you put the right things — your goals and life vision — in the right places and the right directions in your home and office.

How to Manifest Abundance Using Feng Shui

Many people have heard about the Law of Attraction, but they’re actually missing out on one third and that is how the environment is affecting your Law of Attraction,” says Marie. 

How to manifest abundance using feng shui

She explains the three parts of the law consists of:

  1. Spiritual Luck: How your soul came into this world with a purpose.
  1. Human Luck: How you’re showing up in the world through your mindset, emotional behavior, and actions.
  1. Earth Luck: How your environment — where you sleep, work, and live — affects your mindset, behavior, and actions. And therefore, it ultimately affects your destiny and your spiritual purpose in life.

For most parts, people focus on the first two. But the third part is the missing link. So when you’re looking at how to manifest your abundance using feng shui, here are three steps you can take.

#1: How to manifest with your personal feng shui directions

When it comes to feng shui, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Every person, home, and building has a different qi
  • Every degree in your environment (all 360 of them) creates a different outcome.
  • The degrees are not only connected with space and time, but also with the day you were born.

That means every person has an ideal direction — it can be north, northeast, northwest, east, south, southeast, or southwest. You can find this using the Marie Diamond app (available in both Apple Store and Google Play).

And when you determine your ideal personal directions in any given room, you can make the necessary auspicious changes to influence the qi and manifest your abundance.

#2: How to manifest with the different feng shui directions

There are also four different directions in your environment you need to consider: relationships, wisdom, success, and health.

Relationship direction

You’ll need to know what types of items to place in your ideal direction to promote better relationships. The goal is to place images or objects in this area that represent the relationships that you want to improve or want success for.

  • At home, these can be pictures of family and loved ones.
  • At work, these can include pictures of management, team members, or your community.

However, it doesn’t have to be an image. For example, Marie puts a globe in the area of her personal direction, symbolizing her desire to reach the global community.

Wisdom direction

Inspiring wisdom is an important part of feng shui. That’s why many people use ancient and inspirational quotes as well as zen figures in their feng shui techniques.

  • At home, these can be inspirational quotes and any religious or spiritual figures.
  • At work, these can include inspirational quotes, posters, images, or symbols from your mentors.

Sources of wisdom can be different from one person to the next. And because of that, this particular direction is one of the most unique directions of all, according to feng shui experts like Marie.

Success direction

There are a number of different things that you can put in this direction to inspire more success. Although this is more commonly implemented in the office, it can also be used in your home.

  • At home, these can be vision boards, representations of financial success, and goals for the life you want.
  • At work, these can include vision boards, affirmations, representations of the job/position you want to have.

Health direction

Health is wealth, so it’s no wonder feng shui encourages you to keep it clean and organized. There are also certain items that you can place in these areas to represent positive health energy and in turn, help improve both your mental health as well as your physical one.

  • At home, these can be books you are interested in and things that give you inspiration when you see them. You can also put any supplements or medicine in this area.
  • At work, these can include items or visuals that help you relieve stress.

#3: How to manifest with the right objects

When choosing objects, the slightest detail makes all the difference in how effective your feng shui efforts are.

For example, if you put a picture of a single male lion by your bed in your relationship direction, it may not help you attract a romantic partner, according to Marie. She says, “instead, you want to place something that inspires intimacy by your bed in this direction.

Little changes like this can make all of the difference because it allows your environment to support you. It enables you to flow with the qi instead of going against it.

Let Your Feng Shui Do the Talking

There’s much more to feng shui than what we’ve covered here, but these three steps are a good place to start to understand how to manifest abundance.

If you’re looking to learn more about feng shui and its power of transformation, you can find guidance from Marie herself at Mindvalley’s Feng Shui for Life Quest. You’ll learn how to add a sense of safety, harmony, and stability to your environment so you can welcome in the abundance you seek. And if you need support, there’s a tribe waiting for you. See you there.

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