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3 Little-Known Feng Shui Mistakes That May Secretly Sabotage Your Success

by Marie Diamond June 27, 2018

Could your home be disrupting your potential for success? Marie Diamond reveals the three most common Feng Shui mistakes people do that prevents them from success and prosperity.

About The Video

The law of attraction states that what we think about, we bring about. When you change your thoughts, you change your life.

But did you know that your physical environment is also a direct reflection of your beliefs? And when your environment doesn’t match your mindset, your growth and will be sabotaged.

In this video, Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond reveals the top three mistakes people make that sabotage their abundance — without them realizing.

What Is Feng Shui?

Many people confuse interior design with feng shui. But the two are actually quite different.

Interior design is the practice of making a space visually attractive.

Feng shui is the practice of making a space energetically attractive.

Many things can influence the energy in your home and work space. And what most people don’t know is that there are ways you are subtly influencing the feng shui of your space without realizing it.

In the video above, Marie Diamond reveals three of the top mistakes people make in the feng shui of their homes.

What Are The Top Three Feng Shui Mistakes People Make?

Feng shui mistakes don’t just affect the way you feel in a room. These mistakes can also sabotage your own health, wealth, and abundance.

So, what are the top three feng shui mistakes people make according to Marie Diamond?

Here are the three most common feng shui mistakes according to Marie Diamond:

1. Don’t Sit Facing The Wall

When you sit facing the wall, you’re closing off your energy.

The best feng shui practice you can put to use in your home or office is to move your desk around so that you can see the door of the room you’re in.

This simple practice can have a profound effect on your mood and energy levels. Try it yourself!

2. Don’t Place Mirrors In The Bedroom

Mirrors in the bedroom, especially in and around the bed, can negatively impact the feng shui of a room.

Even a television with a reflective surface can act as a “mirror” of sorts.

According to feng shui, mirrors in the bedroom are always reflecting, and what they reflect may be bad for the health of your personal relationships.

Cover or move mirrors from the bedroom for better feng shui.

3. Avoid Sharp Edges

Plants with sharp edges or sharp leaves are detrimental to the feng shui of your home.

If you’d like to keep a plant with sharp leaves, make sure to move it away from the entrance of your home.

You may also want to keep it away from your work space and any spaces you like to relax in, such as your living room or family room.

To learn more about the most common feng shui mistakes, check out the video above or join in Marie Diamond’s upcoming Masterclass.

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by Marie Diamond
Marie Diamond is an international bestselling author, speaker, and Feng Shui master with a dedicated global audience that includes billionaires, A-list celebrities, and multinational corporations. Her ability to expertly navigate the energy systems of ancient practice has led her to become one of the most sought-after Feng Shui consultants in the Western world. Her intimate personalized adjustments help others welcome more wealth and better health into their lives. Marie Diamond is the author of Mindvalley’s Feng Shui For Life program, which helps you clear abundance blocks from your home and workplace to welcome free flowing prosperity and positive energy into your life.

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