Rare Footage Of Vishen’s Powerful Energy Clearing Session With Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon’s energy clearings can radically change people’s lives.

Eight years ago, Christie Marie performed an energy clearing session on Vishen Lakhiani, shortly before Mindvalley took off.

As you’ll see in this video, things were quite different back in 2011. At the time, Vishen was experiencing challenges in certain areas of his work life.

This is incredibly rare footage — and Vishen says he barely recognizes his younger, less confident self in this clip.

In fact, this energy clearing session was life-changing for Vishen, as it helped him uncover hidden abundance blocks he was holding onto — and then clear them to allow room for Mindvalley’s astonishing success.

And to show you what could happen in YOUR life, here are some letters we received from people describing their experience after an energy clearing session with Christie Marie Sheldon.

Stories From Christie Marie Sheldon’s Energy Clearing Session

Christie Marie Live Audience

It has been miracle after miracle after miracle showing up in my life;

My goal for this course was to create feelings of freedom and independence, and the confidence to know that I deserve to be self-sufficient.

Let me say: my life has changed overnight! It has been a miracle after miracle after miracle showing up in my life! I can’t believe everything that has happened!

I’ve been accepted to the University of Colorado, I received $13,500 in financial aid (!), I won a settlement at a court hearing…

I’m not sure how much I’m going to get yet, but my lawyer thinks it will be around $20,000!

And guess what else? Today, I bought the car of my dreams and I definitely didn’t think that was possible!

I can’t believe it’s real!

—Melanie Porter

I feel that it is urgent and imperative for people to work with this program;

My health improved instantly. After listening to the first webinar, I have reunited with an estranged sister and my financial abundance is starting to clear.

I know and feel that this is the most important and incredible program that an individual could be involved with.

I have been involved as a practitioner in the fields of Energy Frequency healing and Life Mentoring for 50 years, and in all that time I have never come across a program as powerful as Christie’s Abundance and Love or Above programs.

I feel that it is urgent and imperative for people to work with this program before they do anything else…then everything else will work!

— Marrienne de Blois

It is a great opportunity to release all kind of blocks;

I don’t even know how to start explaining the benefits and the blessings that Unlimited Abundance is bringing into my life.

I’ve decided to start my own swimwear business, and more and more people are showing up to help me open up the business.

Meanwhile, a new position with better pay at my job opened up and I’m having an interview this coming Thursday.

It is a great opportunity to release all kind of blocks and belief systems that are holding you back from being who you are supposed to be financially, emotionally, and physically.

— Adriana Cezar

I am extremely impressed with the healing process I am experiencing;

Clearing finances and relationships were my goals. And yes, I already have results!

I am extremely impressed with the healing process I am experiencing, and how my perception is now clear and easy with less emotional struggles. Actually, I practice every time I feel that my energy is blocked and I release so much old, unhealthy energy.

One of my relationships just started getting amazingly better, like a miracle—like magic—as if the past is gone.

Please thank Christie for using her gifts. I am asking the Universe to show me how I can use mine and it’s working.

Tell her that it’s FUN, MAGICAL and EASY! Thank you all, guys. I feel I am part of your team. Enjoy, have fun and smile, we all deserve it.

— Claude

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