How I Flipped The Switch For Good – Dealing With Anxiety And Depression

How I Flipped The Switch For Good – Dealing With Anxiety And Depression

If you are currently dealing with anxiety and looking for a success story, you might like to learn how I have resolved my trauma on the path to self-discovery.

I’m aware that anxiety is a tough one and of the impact it has on our families, relationships, friendships, and lifestyle.

You might feel misunderstood, misjudged, isolated and hopeless while dealing with anxiety. But you are not alone and you should know that no mental condition is irresolvable.

You just have to keep going.

It is indeed hard to pursue and accomplish a fulfilled lifestyle while how you are currently dealing with anxiety is ruling your actions and choices.

Fear is a force which keeps us captive within our comfort zones!

And depression is preventing us from developing any sense of motivation to actively attempt an escape from those spaces.

We often feel crippled, perceiving our situation as irresolvable.

Here is where we slip into believing that this is what we are and that we cannot even be anything else.

You Are Not Your Condition

overcoming anxiety

But, you are not your condition.

Dealing with anxiety is something we do, and not something which we are.

Healing is everything but impossible.

I started writing the content which later turned into the Myselfcustomized Blog after my brother had been arrested for murder, during Witness Protection and following my mother’s suicide.

It has been my goal from the very beginning to be of support and guidance for my equals. I only had to first, manage to find myself.

And I have been lost many times along the way – I’m aware of that.

It was hard for me to love the leftovers.

But I have never, even for a second, been willing to ultimately give up and neither should you!

The fun thing is, I had failed mainly because I kept asking the wrong questions and ignoring the wisdom I had been sharing all the while.

That is, all answers to every question are hidden within the bigger picture. Answers we only get to see once we manage to change our perspective.

Unfortunately, I did not address this.

How Anxiety Was Affecting My Life

The last thing I had shared on my Blog was my encounter with another obsessive possessive Oppressor, which had led to my first mental breakdown in January 2016.

I got married in April 2016 and am happy to share that within this relationship I have found accomplishment.

My husband is beautiful, very patient and supportive, and we communicate great, quickly resolving obstacles.

Not that there are many, quite the opposite actually.  But what matters is what we manage to do, right?

Our family got a little bigger in December 2016 when my second child, our daughter Karma, was born.

And then postnatal depression raised anxiety to a whole new level.

Suddenly, it had become impossible for me to leave the house, except for grocery shopping. I couldn’t stand the imagination of how others were possibly perceiving and rating me.

Nightmares about my brother were preventing me from sleeping and made me doubt that even my home was a safe place.

I thought that I had to hide myself to protect my family – not even using my real name on the Internet – believing I would put them in danger if I would communicate with strangers or interact with public content.

But the worst thing was yet to come. Experiencing not only Sleep-Paralysis but also Wake-Paralysis meant I would encounter fear-rooted visions, unable to move or communicate while sitting right next to my husband or watching cartoons with the kids.

What we resist, persists

What we resist, persists.

This is something I learned from Neale Donald Walsch who is also here on Mindvalley, with his Quest To Awaken The Species

It was around turning the eighth year after my brothers arrest that I finally had to admit something to myself. That I have indeed been traumatized and that I shouldn`t proceed ignoring it.

Reading Neale’s books has been a great comfort and support for me while dealing with anxiety.

They reminded me that in past times of despair my spirituality had been my anchor and that I was so caught up in my fears and my perceived responsibilities that I had forgotten about checking in with my higher Spirit.

Exploring The Heart’s Wisdom

no more anxiety

Another tool I’ve found valuable is an incredibly efficient meditation technique for everyone

dealing with anxiety. It’s the Quick-Coherence-Method developed by The Heartmath Institute and perfectly explained by Gregg Braden.

It almost instantly halts the chemical processes within our brain triggered by fear, due to the unique breathing pattern which dissolves tension and anxious inflammation.

Routinely connecting to my Heart`s Wisdom – precisely addressing my issues – enabled me to heal all of my unresolved traumas one by one within only a couple of days!

I made total peace with my father, fully understanding the reasons behind his actions.

Now, I can say I love my brother again, and more intensely than I ever have prior in life. I now possess an awareness of that everything he has done. It was to grant me freedom and to lead me onto this track of self-exploration!

I have even come to good terms with my departed Mother. Which was the hardest thing because I so strongly resisted the message.

Because of this, I was granted a more detailed and deeper insight via a lucid dream – as the heart often speaks through different channels.

If these results make you want to likewise experience an equally instant transformation right now, check out this Free Masterclass with Marisa Peer.

Finding Life’s Purpose Led Straight To Self-Realization

Now I am owning my Life`s Story. I am able to benefit from all of my experiences, working as a Life Coach and Therapist. I’m even publishing my first book, The Ninja on my Couch this Fall/Winter 2019!

This is How I Flipped The Switch For Good – Dealing With Anxiety And Depression and I really wish that sharing my experience inspires you to pursue the discovery of your true self and potential!

Have you had similar experiences dealing with anxiety