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Relationships The Extraordinary Power of Sex, Romance & Passion: A Personal Growth Documentary for Adults

The Extraordinary Power of Sex, Romance & Passion: A Personal Growth Documentary for Adults


Jon and Missy Butcher have been together for almost 3 decades, yet their relationship remained a passionate love affair. In this exclusive documentary they explain how they harnessed the power of their sensuality to build a business empire.

Jon and Missy Butcher have been together for almost 3 decades and they are the grandparents of four. And yet, their relationship remained nothing but a passionate love affair.

They have developed conscious systems for their relationship to thrive and they have deeply explored what most people shy away from.

Their sexuality.

The Category No One Talks About

Jon and Missy are the renowned creators of Lifebook, a system to design one’s ideal life in 12 categories. But there’s a category they never opened up about before.

Man and woman in love

The category of life that society has made a taboo, something shameful to even talk about.

Category 13 is about exploring the extraordinary power of sex and eroticism. It’s about keeping up the spark in your romantic relationship and make the honeymoon phase last for a lifetime.

But there’s something even beyond that.

When you emanate this high vibration and feel fueled by it every day, you’ll be able to channel it into other areas of your life and wield that passion to create the life of your dreams.

It’s the energy that Jon and Missy used to build a business empire and fill their life with exciting adventures.

In this exclusive documentary, they share how they created the life of their dreams through tactics of sensuality, and talk about the strategies that will let you harness the same powerful force in your life — whether you’re committed or single.

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Jon and Missy Butcher