This Is What Successfully Branding Yourself Actually Looks Like

This Is What Successfully Branding Yourself Actually Looks Like

Successful Self-Branding

Has your business hit a plateau? Are you looking to connect deeper with your audience and fix this? Here’s what branding yourself actually looks like.

A brand is not a logo, website, or graphic.

Let me say it again.

A brand is not a logo, website, or graphic.

It’s true that most people think of the visual aspect when they think of creating a brand.

But the success of your brand isn’t determined by your visual graphics alone.

Instead, your energy is the true secret to branding yourself.

Similar to people, brands emit a certain energy or frequency to their audience based on the brand vibe, personality, content, and the experience they create.

How your brand makes people FEEL is the key determining factor to whether or not people want to buy from you and continue to buy from you long term. 

These intangible feelings are sometimes overlooked or undervalued by brands, but it’s an important piece to understand. Knowing this will help you create a brand that magnetizes and attracts customers.

feelings for self-branding

Why Are Feelings Important to Branding Yourself?

According to Harvard Business Professor, Gerald Zaltman, 95% of all purchases are made subconsciously. This means that brands must strive to connect on a deeper soul level with their audience’s hearts vs. only appealing to their audience’s rationale and logical mind.

Your customers become more loyal when they feel a strong connection to your brand. When this happens, your brand goes from being a “transactional” exchange to a brand they care about and want to purchase from again.

If you think back to a recent purchase you made, why did you buy from one brand vs. another?

  • Was it because of your past experience with the brand?
  • Because the brand represented something you believed in?
  • Or perhaps the brand made you feel a certain way?

Purchases are made subconsciously based on a customer’s overall experience and perception of the brand.

These experience and perception are formed through what I like to call the energy and frequency of the brand.

The more you understand the underlying reasons people buy from brands, the easier it’ll be to attract clients and customers.

So, what are the keys to branding yourself and magnetizing customers?

1. Speak Your Truth

Successfully branding yourself requires a deep heart-based connection with your audience.

If you think about it, humans crave connection. For humans to form bonds with each other, they must connect through their hearts and emotions.

The same is true for brands.

To build a strong connection with your audience, especially as a personal brand, you have to be authentic. Heart based connections cannot be faked.

Speaking your truth, the truth that you feel incredibly passionate about, helps you be more relatable and authentic.


This is because your words are powerful and emit a certain level of energy and frequency in the way that you present them.

When you speak your truth in your brand message, it becomes more than another message or regular copy you share with your audience. It becomes a passionate belief or stance you have and are willing to fight for.

In turn, brand loyalty increases as there is a heightened sense of passion and conviction in the delivery of your message. Your passion becomes contagious and something your audience supports because their beliefs and values align with your truth.

Your truth is the core essence of your business and what you want your brand to be known for.

speak your truth

How to find your truth

The key to unlocking the truth for your brand starts from your heart, not your head. Your heart is where your passion stems from.

To do this, start looking at the bigger picture of why you are in business.

  • Why did you start your business and brand in the first place?
  • Is there something you wanted to change in your industry?
  • What’s at stake for your audience if you don’t show up and speak your truth?

When I first started out with my own brand, I saw that many branding experts focused too much on the visuals and not enough on the connection and message behind the brand. 

And as a result, many new entrepreneurs believed that they needed a website to succeed. So they jumped in to create a website only to find out that people still didn’t purchase.

Based on my experience working with large Fortune 500 companies, I knew that the website and visual elements alone didn’t create a successful brand. 

I knew that if they had a pretty website, but lacked energy, passion, and connection with their words and the experience they created, people wouldn’t buy.

That’s when I first took a stand and spoke my truth with my message. I boldly shared my message that “Branding is more than just the logos, websites, and graphics.”

This message was contrary to what was being shared by other branding experts in the market and helped me stand out.

By sharing my truth, I attracted clients who believed this as well. The clients who came to me were wanting to go deeper with their brand message and knew this would set them apart from their competitors.

Mindvalley is taking a stand

If you look at Mindvalley and what Vishen Lakhiani has created in the last few years, you’ll see they are perfect examples of how speaking their truth and fully embodying their brand can build both brand awareness and loyalty.

Mindvalley’s mission is to elevate humanity by redefining education. 

However, more recently, the company has taken a stronger stand for advocating social issues around the world in addition to providing world-class education.

Last year, Vishen took a stand against Nestle. He felt Nestle created misleading advertisements around the health benefits of certain products containing a high amount of sugar. 

The original video he created about this topic went viral with over 857K views and 18K shares, sparking both controversy and conversation.

By taking a stand on something they care about, Mindvalley’s brand exposure increased as other media outlets picked up on the story. In addition, their fans became more passionate about the company and the wellness programs they promoted as a result of the video.

Mindvalley has even taken this one step further by taking a stand in politics and encouraging its audience to vote for visionary leaders who will stand up for change.

In speaking up for what they believe in, Mindvalley is separating itself from other transformational education companies and increasing its impact and influence in the world.

Bottom line, speaking your truth heightens the loyalty and respect you gain from your audience.

Unique Energetic Frequency

2. Highlight Your Unique Energetic Frequency

Each brand has a unique energetic frequency based on people’s experience and perception.

Discovering and highlighting your unique energetic frequency is a crucial step in branding yourself and magnetizing clients.

When you showcase what is special about you and your brand, you create a strong reason for people to buy from you and only you. Especially if they see value in your brand and what your brand has to offer.

This becomes your competitive advantage.

The two biggest mistakes you can make in branding yourself are: 

  1. To look, sound, and feel similar to another brand
  2. To create a brand that isn’t in 100% alignment with who you are and what you believe

In any market, especially a crowded industry, you must find what makes your brand special otherwise your brand will get lost and go unnoticed.

And to build trust and affinity with the right clients, your brand must accurately reflect what you know, what you do, and what you love.

After all, you are your brand. And your personal brand is an extension of you.

How to find your unique energy frequency

The process of finding your unique energy frequency may feel daunting, but it’s easier than you think.

To uncover your uniqueness, write down everything you excel at doing, are passionate about, and love.

  • What are you the best at doing?
  • Is there something you could spend hours talking about?
  • What are you passionate about learning?
  • What activities bring you personal joy and happiness?

Then determine what you feel most inspired and passionate about and what you can leverage and incorporate into your brand.

As I’ve evolved over the years, my brand and message have evolved as well — in order to better represent who I am and what I love.

Although branding is a core piece of my business and I’ve been in branding for over 10 years, I still hit a plateau with my own message two years ago.

I started to lose passion around only teaching branding and felt there was more that I wanted to share. This caused me to feel misaligned with my brand.

When I dove deeper into my passions, I noticed that I spent a lot of time studying and talking about personal development, the Law of Attraction, quantum physics, energetic healing, and spirituality.

This awareness led me to realize my desire to incorporate a more holistic approach to branding by integrating personal development, energy work, and spirituality into my business.

Use this unique energy frequency!

I believe when your brand is aligned energetically with your mind, body, and soul, you naturally embody your brand, which strengthens how your brand is perceived. You are seen as being more authentic in your brand.

Embodying the various facets of your life into your brand helps to separate you from your competitors because no one can replicate what you do.

As a result of incorporating a more holistic approach into my brand, I help my clients not only with traditional branding but also the deeper inner and energetic work. Doing so allowed them to find the true essence of their brand, speak their truth, and fully embody their brand.

Working with my clients on a soul level gives my clients better results and I become more inspired, more visible, and more passionate about the content I create.

leverage your uniqueness

The power of leveraging your uniqueness

Someone who does an amazing job at highlighting his unique energetic frequency with his personal brand is Sir Richard Branson.

Branson has a knack for being able to turn his passions into reality while having fun in the process. He is not only a visionary but has a magnetic down to earth personality, which he leverages in his personal brand.

He is not afraid to speak his mind and champion causes he cares about.

Branson is also a risk-taker and has thrived at going against convention, something that he has been doing since he was a teenager.

Growing up, Branson struggled with dyslexia, and as a result, he had a hard time in school.

Instead of following the traditional educational path, he dropped out and started his first business venture, a student magazine, at the age of 16. By following his passion, he was able to use the profits from the magazine to begin his Virgin empire.

To this day, Branson is continuing to disrupt markets and challenge how things are done by creating a better way.

His unique energetic frequency of being a disruptor yet down-to-earth and fun is the reason millions of people follow his personal brand, work for his numerous companies, and buy his companies’ products and services.

Embody Your Brand

Highlighting your unique energetic frequency sets you apart from other brands in your market and gives your audience a reason to fall in love with your brand and buy from you.

Branding yourself properly in your industry is the key to energetically magnetizing the right clients to your business. When you truly understand what a brand really is and the drivers of building loyalty with your audience, you’ll be able to grow your brand more rapidly. 

Branding goes beyond logos, graphics, and websites. Authentically sharing who you are and fully embodying your brand will build stronger connections and more trust and therefore more sales for your business.

This is what successfully branding yourself actually looks like.