Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lifebook

If you’re looking for ways to create an extraordinary life for yourself and your family, Lifebook is probably the best thought-through and carefully designed program out there to help you achieve it.

In this video, Jon and Missy Butcher answer all the questions you might have about the Lifebook Quest.

About The Video

Some of the questions Jon and Missy answer in the video:

  • Why they decided to turn their Lifebook program into this Quest;
  • How Lifebook came about;
  • Whether or not your age matters if you want to join;
  • If you can go through the Quest with a partner and if it’s suitable for singles too;
  • The difference between the Quest and the seminar;
  • How Lifebook relates to goal setting;
  • How often you should update and review your Lifebook.

Watch to find out all you need to know before joining the Quest and to start creating an incredible life in all twelve areas of it.

You can’t bring too much consciousness to your life. 

– Jon Butcher

Lifebook with Jon Butcher

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