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Work Becoming A 60-Minute Student: How To Cultivate The Habits Of An Eternal Learner And Unlock Your Greatest Potential

Becoming A 60-Minute Student: How To Cultivate The Habits Of An Eternal Learner And Unlock Your Greatest Potential

The success icons of the world have a unique habit in common: they are avid learners and they make time for it no matter what. Robin Sharma shares why making your personal growth a scheduled daily habit is so key to taking your performance to the next level in this 8-minute video.

About The Video

Have you ever wondered how to do something epic with your life and unlock the hero potential inside of you?

Stepping into your own greatness can seem like a monumental task, but there’s a way to grow exponentially and effortlessly.

The trick? Knowing that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own.

As Robin Sharma, author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, says to Vishen Lakhiani, you can actually collapse the timeline by learning from the giants — the people who have dedicated their lives to figuring out what you want to know.

And all it takes is 60 minutes.

Watch this 8-minute video to learn:

  • (0:21) — How to train your mind for success instead of fear;
  • (1:03) — Why you (yes, you) are Robin Sharma’s hero;
  • (2:08) — How you can transform an inconvenience into an opportunity to grow exponentially (and easily);
  • (5:27) — The deep truth you need to hear in order to let go of mediocrity and unleash your genius.

As you start your day, remember what Robin says:

Do something epic with your life. Don’t do it tomorrow. Don’t postpone it, because no one knows what tomorrow’s going to bring. Do it today.

What do you think about “runner’s college” or “traffic university”?

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Robin Sharma