How To Improve Yourself With The 5 Reiki Principles

How To Improve Yourself With The 5 Reiki Principles


You can greatly improve yourself and evolve into the best you that you can be. Learn the 5 Reiki Principles with Jeffrey Allen.

Reiki is commonly defined as “Universal Energy” and is a method of relaxation based on the idea that conscious healing energy can be transferred through the hands of the practitioner to the patient.

While Reiki has been assumed as a form of therapy used solely for healing, it can be used to better your everyday life, too.

This article is all about how the 5 Reiki Principles can help you to greatly improve yourself and evolve.

The Principles Of Reiki — And How They Can Help You

The 5 Reiki Principles are used as rules to live by; however, how you use them is entirely up to you. You can meditate on these, say them out loud to yourself, chant them, write them down, or carry them with you in thought.

While there is no wrong way to implement these principles into your life, they will serve you best in your journey of self-improvement if you make an effort to uphold what they entail.

Don’t be disheartened if you find this difficult to do at first. With enough practice, following these 5 Principles of Reiki will become effortless and you will soon be able to greatly improve yourself.

Reiki Principle #1

Just For Today, I Will Not Worry

Stress is the number one source of negative energy, which makes this principle one of the most important in the 5 Principles of Reiki.

It has immense capabilities to degrade the soul and spirit and to transform us into unpleasant (and unhealthy) people. Stress can turn us into rude, angry, impatient humans — undoing the balance between mind, body, and soul.

Implementing this mantra into your life will remind you that most of the time, the stress we feel isn’t worth it and that it’s much better to approach each day with a positive attitude; to resolve to stay calm.

Following this principle is key in self-improvement— over time, you will notice a significant lift in your mood and life will become so much more enjoyable.

Reiki Principle #2

Just For Today, I Will Not Be Angry

Should you choose to incorporate the first principle into your life, the second will easily fall into place.

Anger is usually one of the primary symptoms of stress and anxiety. Of course, sometimes it’s a standalone negative emotion that weighs us down, but in learning to control our worries, concerns, and reactions to others in managing our stress, we learn to control other emotions, too.

It is important to remember, though, that negative emotions, like anger or jealousy, are perfectly natural — you are not a bad person for feeling them. It’s only that they become problematic in that they change our behavior, block our love and light, and taint our spirits. In self-improvement, it is vital to gain control over them, so that these emotions do not control us.

Woman discovering the reiki principles

Reiki Principle #3

Just For Today, I Will Do My Work Honestly

Your first understanding of this might be that of corruption, that the message in this one is to not lie to your boss by calling in sick when you are not, or to refrain from stealing the office stationery.

However, this mantra can be taken so much further than what’s obvious. . .

How often do you slack at work or procrastinate? Do you ever exaggerate your progress or take a few extra minutes of lunch when you know you shouldn’t? Even if you are unemployed… Have you done your chores for the day? Have you worked at something you enjoy instead of doing nothing until bedtime?

Of the 5 Reiki Principles, this one is not only one of honesty, but it is also one of integrity. Just for today, focus and function at your highest capacity. Work to the best of your ability, and be honest with yourself and those around you.

Reiki Principle #4

Just For Today, I Will Give Thanks For My Many Blessings

We return to the importance of gratitude, no matter how small our blessings are.

Gratitude could very well be the most important gift humans can give. Scientific evidence supports the fact that gratitude makes us healthier by making us happier and kinder. It is a vital practice in personal development and takes no time or effort to accomplish.

If you can’t think of any blessings, go back to basics. You’re alive, you’re healthy. You have a roof over your head, a full stomach, and shoes on your feet.

You can say thank you for the nice weather or thank you for a good night’s sleep. Realizing that blessings are everywhere will improve the quality of your life exponentially. Starting a gratitude journal is a perfect and effective way to implement this principle in your life!

Reiki Principle #5

Just For Today, I Will Be Kind to My Neighbor and Every Living Thing

Again, if you master Principle #4 and learn how to say thank you, being kind will follow without any effort at all.

This (as well as gratitude) is perfect for mindfulness practices. When we do good things for others, it feels good to see how we have the power to make them smile or laugh. Next time you are kind to someone, pay attention to how they change. It’s quite empowering and will motivate you to continue doing good.

This same concept applies to creatures that are smaller than us. All life should be respected. Try going out of your way to be kind to animals and see how it feels. You could feed the birds at the park, or donate food to your local animal shelter. You don’t have to exert much energy, but it will make a difference to the souls we often ignore.

When practicing gratitude and kindness, do not be false about it. It will only be rewarding if you truly mean it. Rather than being kind because you hope it will benefit you, be kind for no other reason than kindness itself. Do not taint your ethics with selfishness.

As you can see, practicing these principles is a simple way to improve all areas of your life. It requires no effort (only some commitment) and is something you can start right away!

Written by
Irina Yugay