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Mind How The Power Of Forgiveness Can Alter Your Brain State

How The Power Of Forgiveness Can Alter Your Brain State

Did you know that we, as a society, are trained to be mono-phasers?

We’re taught from a young age that there are essentially two states we can be in: asleep or awake.

This isn’t just an unhealthy untruth. It’s a dangerous one. Because we’re neglecting a massive component of our own complexity as human beings.

The power of forgiveness is one we have to capitalize on because we’re missing out on a large part of our own potential.

Here’s how and why you need to invite the power of forgiveness into your life today.

Targeting The Right State Of Consciousness

A massive misconception about the brain is that it can only access one state of consciousness while awake.

That’s because we’re taught that there are essentially two states: awake and asleep.

But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, there are so many states we can access. In fact, we do access these states on a regular basis without even realizing it.

There are four primary brain wave states: alpha, beta, delta, and theta. These four states are the ones we know most about.

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But recent research has indicated that there may actually be more than 30 individual brain wave states available to humans.

Let that one sink in.

A majority of society is trained to function on beta wave frequency. This is the frequency associated with speed, precision, problem-solving, and unsurprisingly, stress.

There are so many more states we can access that can open up unique abilities in us and enhance our focus, creativity, and productivity.

And accessing the power of forgiveness plays a big role in that.

What The Power Of Forgiveness Can Do For You

It’s easy to hold a grudge. Especially when you feel certain that you’ve been wronged.

It’s much, much harder to forgive. But recent research shows that we may want to consider forgiving more often.

Here’s why.

We can now measure the brain wave frequency of any given state. And studies show that when we forgive, we’re actively accessing a higher level of consciousness.

We pull ourselves out of the wired, anxiety-ridden beta state and begin to enter the alpha brainwave state.

What makes the alpha brainwave state so special? Alpha brain waves are associated with deep meditation, creativity, and actually, have the power to alleviate deep depression and anxiety.

The power of forgiveness can’t be understated.

When you hold onto hatred, resentment, and blame, you’re really only hurting yourself. When you forgive, you liberate your mind to access higher and higher levels of consciousness.

I know this because I personally experienced it first hand.

In this video, I share my personal experiments with forgiveness and altered states technology — and how it can speed up your personal evolution.

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