How To Manage A Happy Team

How to manage a happy team

We’re on Her World! Recently, the famous Asian female magazine featured our own Veena Sidhu, CEO of Mindvalley Engage and head of our Channels and Publishing teams. In fact, Mindvalley Engage (which mostly manages our JV/Affiliate projects and programs) was our most successful expansion last year.

Veena is a true A-Player with a big and warm personality (she pretty much personifies the Mindvalley culture). If you want to know the kind of leaders we grow here, check out Veena’s 5 steps on how to manage a happy team in the magazine. Just click on the images below to read the full story 🙂

Veena Her World 1

Veena Her World 2

Veena Her World 3

Veena Her World 4

What do you think makes a good team leader? How do you best manage a happy team? We want to hear your thoughts. Share them below 🙂



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