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Mind Creative Visualization: Taking Dreams From Imagination To Reality

Creative Visualization: Taking Dreams From Imagination To Reality


Creative Visualization: Taking Dreams from Imagination to Reality. Creative visualization uses the power of the mind to make any dream or goal come true. … Think about the moment when the desire to achieve that goal was a tiny seed of an idea in your mind and you said “yes” to the idea.

Think back to your favorite achievement.

Remember how good it felt, basking in the warm glow of accomplishment and success.

Think about the moment when the desire to achieve that goal was a tiny seed of an idea in your mind and you said “yes” to the idea.

What were you thinking about then?

Were you worried and afraid, or excited and enthusiastic?

Did you visualize success or failure?

Did you picture yourself on the podium or in last place?

Did you say to yourself, “I want this and I am going to do this” or “I want this but I don’t know, it’s out of my reach, I don’t think I could ever achieve this”?

When you were first thinking about this goal, you were visualizing it as though it were already accomplished.

That is creative visualization.

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By repeatedly visualizing an event, situation, object or person, you commanded your subconscious mind that THIS is what you want and this is what it must seek.

And it happened!

There’s no magic to creative visualization!

It’s a natural process of using thought power to imprint a desire and a command into the mind, and also project the right kind of energetic vibration that will attract what you desire.

The Power Of Thoughts

You have heard the old sayings, “what you think about, comes about,” “what you resist, persists” or “ask, and ye shall receive.”

All of these involve creative visualization!

We think in images – even now, as you read this post, your mind is creating mental images based on the words you read here: Purple sunglasses. Windy day. Business success. Ugly divorce. Kissing. Kids running across the carpet in muddy shoes.

You get the picture, right?

Actually, you CREATE the picture.

Think about the last time you made plans to do something with a friend.

Planning requires visualization.

You don’t have a spreadsheet or calendar in your head – you have mental movies. You picture yourself and your friend doing something, visualizing the experience as you desire to have it – and there is no room in your visualizing for what might go wrong!

Manifestation Power

Images have tremendous manifesting power that increases with concentration and repetition.

A single thought, like a single raindrop, won’t make a garden bloom.

But many thoughts (compelling mental images with strong emotions) create a nourishing rain from which your garden springs.

Your thoughts are unconsciously picked up by other people. The more well-defined and focused these thoughts are, the more the right people and circumstances will appear and the faster you will make your vision come true.

When you picture something, you create an emotion around it.

A positive emotion (feeling good) is a reward.

The more you think about what you desire, the better you feel. The better you feel, the higher your vibration… and the higher your vibration, the sooner you will manifest that mental image/emotion in your physical experience.

Woman laughing in front of colorful wall

Bending Reality

Creative visualization puts imagination to work in changing or bending your “reality.”

There is no difference between the reality in your mind and the reality in your physical experience, except that you have unconsciously agreed that one is real and the other make-believe.

They are simply alternative realities – and the focusing of your intentions will match the inner reality and outer reality.

Creative visualization helps overcome limiting beliefs because what you create in your imagination is not bound by time, logic, space, ability, knowledge, money or any other limits.

The more you focus on that image and the more comfortable you become in that alternative reality, the more it becomes ingrained in your mind as a possibility that continues taking shape as you give it more thought energy until physical manifestation happens.

Clear Direction To Your Visualization

1) Be clear on your goal! Being unclear sends mixed messages.

2) Listen to your intuition – visualize only goals authentic to you (don’t waste your energy manifesting somebody else’s ideas of how your life should be).

3) Visualize yourself in your dream!

4) Use imagined physical sensations to make the visualization vivid and realistic.

5) Infuse your visualization with positive emotion and high desire.

5) Visualize every day. This is important. How long is less important than how intensely and how consistently.

6) Be patient!

You can’t grow a tree in a day so learn to become aware of the subtle changes as they start happening. Delight in these changes! They reinforce your belief in the process.

7) Stay positive.

Dream Bigger

Immediately replace doubts with an image of what can go RIGHT.

Be diligent and persistent about this until the old neural pathways of negativity atrophy from lack of use.

How BIG do you dare to think?

How open-minded to possibilities can you be?

It’s really fun to think outside “known” limits. Leonardo da Vinci and the Wright brothers did that when they envisioned a flying machine. They were not constrained by the “fact” that a heavy machine could never leave the ground… so dare to imagine, dare to dream!

If a dream resonates with you and makes you happy, think on it often. Visualize it as already done, in all its glory and joy.

The only limits to what you can create in your imagination are the limits you choose to put in place. Limits, like rules, are made to be broken.

You may wonder how quickly your creative visualization will manifest.

That depends on how much desire you have; how much belief you have in the process; how often and how intently you visualize.

Small things can happen almost instantaneously; larger things may need time to develop. So have faith, be patient, and delight in the process as you watch your life transform before your eyes!

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Written by
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