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Mind How To Listen To Your Inner Voice & Act On Inspiration

How To Listen To Your Inner Voice & Act On Inspiration

“Listen to your intuition” we are often told. But how do we find our inner voice? In this video, Emily Fletcher and Vishen Lakhiani explain how you can connect with your inner guide amid modern-day chaos.

About The Video

All too often, that tiny, guiding inner voice within us is drowned out by modern-day distractions in our lives.

This video brings Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani and Ziva Meditation founder, Emily Fletcher together for a discussion on how to listen to your intuition and act on inspiration.

You’ll discover enlightening views on:

  • (1:55) — The beauty of listening to that small guiding voice inside of you;
  • (2:37) — How we start seeking the answers to our life and happiness from within ourselves after starting a meditation practice;
  • (5:00) — Why nature’s selection process is similar to a CEO of a company, waiting for the right employee to hire and take action;
  • (5:20) — How taking baby steps propels you to move forward before you gradually see noticeable results;
  • (7:51) — How acting and living from inspiration is not about the “when” and “how,” but the “what” and “why.”

Here’s a beautiful quote from Emily to help you listen to your inner voice:

You are the chosen one, and if you choose not to take action, nature will choose someone else.

— Emily Fletcher

What will be your next “baby step” forward?

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Written by
Emily Fletcher