How To Become A 6th Sensory Superhuman, With Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”– Albert Einstein

IntuitionIt is something we all have, something we all know about, yet something many of us struggle to truly grasp. Intuition can be hard to explain. It can be quiet and easy to ignore. But intuition is one of the most valuable tools that you have. And, if you know how to use it properly, it can change your life for the better.

Forbes magazine recently shared that intuition is actually the highest form of intelligence there is. According to Gerd Gingernzer, director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, intuition is more complex than people give it credit for. Being intuitive doesn’t just mean suddenly “knowing” what the right thing to do is, or just having a “good gut feeling,” it is about an instinctual understanding of what is in front of you.

According to spiritual leader, Sonia Choquette, individuals who are highly intuitive are what is known as “6th sensory humans.” Those who don’t tap into this natural sense of intuition are known as 5th sensory humans. Unfortunately, most of us are naturally 5th sensory, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t change and start tapping into our intuitive side and taking advantage of some of the benefits that come with it.

In order to truly harness the power of your intuition and to use it to your advantage, you need to learn how to take yourself from a 5th sensory human level to a 6th sensory superhuman, and if you can, it will change your life tremendously.


What Does it Mean to Be Intuitive?

Intuitive, or 6th sensory, people see the world so differently from the average person. However, if you aren’t a naturally intuitive being, you may struggle to understand what exactly being intuitive means.

Intuitive individuals pay attention to their dreams, are aware of their feelings and listen to and obey that inner voice in their head that tries to steer them between right and wrong. They also have a strong sense of purpose, which often renders them to be more optimistic and confident in their everyday lives. They become better at intuitive healing and keeping their mind, body and soul happy and healthy and actually heal themselves from within.

Because they are such deep thinkers and so aware and mindful of the world around them, they also are able to take not of the signs provided by the universe. They see these important messages, even when others cannot and use them to their advantage. They are not simply more aware of thoughts, but more aware of their senses.

While an intuitive person can enjoy a number of wonderful senses and feelings that can improve their life for the better, their intuition can also help them with their relationships. By being so in tune with their own feelings and with the world around them, highly intuitive individuals are often able to have better relationships with others. They are able to better sense what others are thinking and feeling. It helps them be more understanding of their loved ones and to better gauge how to act in certain situations.

This is referred to as telepathy, or the ability to pick up on someone else’s vibrations or frequencies and recognize it. Someone may be putting a certain energy out into the universe, and while no one else picks it up—a highly intuitive person will be able to feel and read that energy.

Intuitive people are able to open themselves up to so many new opportunities, and you can to if you learn how to go from a 5th sensory to 6th sensory human.

Sonia Choquette Intuition

So, What Is A 5th Sensory Human?

Most people today are 5th sensory humans. There is nothing wrong with being a 5th sensory human. It doesn’t make you less intelligent or inadequate, it simply means that you are not harnessing your full potential.

According to Sonia Choquette, 5th sensory humans look at the world through their ego. We all have egos. They are a version of ourselves that we have developed to please others around us. Our egos are a wall between the world and our true selves. They are unsure, fearful and artificial. They second-guess, and feel disconnected and isolated because they are so much more focused on pleasing others and putting up a front than being authentic.

When you let your ego take control and operate as a 5th sensory human, you are looking at the world through a “you vs. me” they don’t see the connections that we have with others and with the world.

Remember, your intuition is quiet and internal while your ego can be loud and extroverted. It can be easy to listen to what your ego is telling you to do and to act a certain way to please others. But, this is how people get stuck in 5th sensory mode and how they fail to really listen to their intuition.

The great news is, there are ways to boost your intuition so that you can start transforming yourself into a more enlightened, 6th sensory human.

Becoming A 6th Sensory Superhuman

If you want to become a 6th sensory human, you need to start from within. Meditation, practicing empathy ,and spending time in solitude are all ways to help get you on the path towards becoming more intuitive.

It will start building up your intuition so that your ego isn’t making all of the decisions for you. Just because you are trying to combat your ego, it doesn’t mean that your ego is your enemy. Your ego is actually your partner, it just has to operate in the right way.

According to Choquette, a great way to think of your ego is like your pet or your animal self. Name your ego. It is there to support your creative and intuitive spirit, not to attack it.

You can also start wondering more. By simply wondering out loud, you can open up your intuition and shift your brain from thinking mode to intuitive mode. All you need to do is start wondering about the world around you. “I wonder what I will do this weekend.” “I wonder why my friend is thinking right now.” “I wonder why the sky is blue.” It’s really that easy and is a really powerful way to change the way you think.

Here is some more information about being a 6th sensory superhuman, from the woman herself, Sonia Choquette:

When you start to transform into a 6
th sensory human and really activate your intuition or that inner guide or inner teacher inside your mind, you will begin to notice some changes.

You will understand that you are more than just your ego, that you have your own real authentic spirit that is moving and living. You will start to open up to a whole new world of creativity, awareness and connectivity. You will start to feel more connected to others both physically and spiritually and you will start to notice that intuition you have speaks louder.

You will also notice:

  • Your fear and stress subsiding
  • Your creativity expanding
  • You will become more productive
  • Your focus will change from problems to solutions
  • Your heart will lighten
  • Your vibrations rise and you start to become more magnetic

These are just a few ways to get started in your transformation from a 5th sensory human to a 6th sensory superhero and a few changes that you will start to notice as you become more intuitive. These steps can help you set a strong foundation, and additional guidance from experts like Sonia Choquette who can help you tap into your intuition will change your life for the better. All you need to do is to start making these changes today and the opportunities that come your way will be virtually endless.

What do you do to start listening more to your intuition?

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