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Mind Britain’s #1 Therapist Says All Our Insecurities Come From This One Thing [Video]

Britain’s #1 Therapist Says All Our Insecurities Come From This One Thing [Video]

Marisa Peer, celebrity hypnotherapist, shares in this video a jaw-dropping story about a top celebrity and a girl at the edge of suicide, proving that all our insecurities come from one common problem.

Why The “Not Enough” Disease Is Humanity’s No. 1 Problem

Having it all does not always mean having “enough.” Marisa Peer, who was named the Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine, has spent more than 25 years working with clients including royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs, and political leaders.

You would think these are the people who have their life together. But Marisa reveals that they often have the exact same insecurities as any other people would have.

They don’t feel enough.

Most of us can relate. We know what it feels like to win that hollow victory but feel like a loser. Or to have perfect grades but feel incompetent. That’s because a series of successes can never make you feel like a success. The only option is to replace the old negative subconscious belief that you are “not enough.”

This “not enough-ness” is an epidemic. It’s at the root of almost every problem we have in our individual and collective lives. It’s at the root of social ills, health issues, family conflicts, drinking problems, hoarding tendencies, and more.

Imagine what would happen if every person out in the world felt like they mattered like they actually were enough.

Imagine what would happen in your own life if you felt more capable on a daily basis and if you knew that your worth is so much more than of the success you’re capable of.

And it is possible for you to feel this way but first you have to understand how the science works. Studies show that the mind has a negative tendency. We tend to go over our perceived limitations, failures, and fears with a fine-toothed comb. We repeat the belief that we’re not enough, and so we continue to believe it.

But you can also choose to do the opposite. When you know that your mind has the tendency to the negative, you can catch yourself from slipping into that trap. Then you can ingrain a new positive belief to replace the negative one, by thinking one simple and short phrase to yourself over and over again: “I am enough.”

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Repeat this to yourself on a daily basis, and watch as your life radically shifts for the better.

This is exactly what Marisa teaches to her clients: how to make their brain their ally and not their enemy. Once her clients realize that their negative beliefs are holding them back, Marisa can easily cure them with her unique technique called Instant Transformational Therapy. In this video, she shares stories of two of her clients, how they were able to transform their lives, and the effective techniques she uses to overcome perceived limitations and increase confidence.

Marisa Peer has made over 100,000 people bulletproof against rejection with her 30-minute Instant Transformational Therapy Session. You can now join the session online for free.

I am ___ enough. How would you fill the blank? 

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