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Gelong Thubten Shares A Buddhist Story On How To Forgive & Feel Grateful For Life’s Challenges

by Cheyenne Diaz January 10, 2018

How Do We Learn To Forgive Those Who Have Hurt Us?

We’ve all been hurt by the words or actions of others, but holding on to resentment and grudges can cost you your relationships, your happiness — even your health.

But there are times when it’s just not easy to forgive those who do us wrong because we believe that they should know better… so what do we do then?

In this one minute video, Gelong Thubten, the Tibetan Buddhist monk who coached the cast of Dr. Strange on Eastern philosophy, shares an old Buddhist story on consciously finding the compassion you need to let go of toxic thoughts, strengthen your resilience and deepen your positive emotions.

Gelong Thubten with some of the cast of Dr. Strange

Gelong Thubten (center) pictured with Dr. Strange cast members, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tilda Swinton.

How To Feel Thankful In All Circumstances

It’s easy (and important) to be grateful when life gives you what you want — but how do you summon gratitude when you’re stressed from being stuck in traffic? Or feeling the pain of separation from a loved one?

We all know that we should be grateful for prosperity and happiness, but we become even more empowered when we find the blessing in life’s challenges.

Watch the one-minute video above to strengthen your ability to develop the powerful practice of gratitude even during times of discomfort and pain.

Most people think that learning is the key to self-development

It’s how we were raised – when we were young, we studied algebra, read history, and memorized the names of elements on the periodic table.

But once you grow up and experience life, you realize that you can’t ‘learn certain things – like personal growth.

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How you ever found gratitude during a moment of stress or pain in your life? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

by Cheyenne Diaz
Cheyenne Diaz is a Mindvalley Writer, who always gets creative inspiration when she takes hikes through her favorite place in the world, Big Sur, California. As a multiethnic American, she grew up learning and loving other cultures. She’s a passionate supporter of appreciating the beauty of the world through travel, food and art.

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