6 Ways to Tune Into Your Authentic Heart’s Desire

6 Ways to Tune Into Your Authentic Heart’s Desire

6 Ways to Tune Into Your Authentic Heart’s Desire

Like your thumbprint, your heart’s desires are unique. But how can we know what we truly desire when we’re bombarded with negativity day in and day out?

Like your thumbprint, your heart’s desires are entirely unique.

The problem is, most of us have no idea what they are.

Throughout our lives, our family’s and culture’s energetic story is handed down to us. Beliefs about relationships, money, and health are automatically inherited. And most of us don’t pause to think twice about them.

Why is this a problem?

Well, many of those inherited beliefs are negative. 

Growing up surrounded by sickness, unhappy relationships, and money problems makes it difficult to see what our heart truly desires. It’s like trying to spot a rare bird by looking through a foggy lens.

Whether it be social conditioning, limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, or other energy blocks, these negative energies influence us without us even realizing.

Life feels like a struggle. And we don’t know why.

We have to learn how to tune into our heart’s desire. Our true heart’s desire.

Not the desires or wants or expectations of others. But something that is truly and wholly our own.

In so doing, we learn to live as our most authentic selves.

6 Ways to Authentically Tune Into Your Heart’s Desire

So, how can we clear up our lens and listen to our heart?

How can we clear the impact of negative influences that bombard us on a daily basis?

These concrete strategies can provide guidance.

Here are six ways to tune into the desires of your heart and find your true calling.

Be mindful of negative thoughts, beliefs and opinions

1. Be mindful of negative thoughts, beliefs and opinions

The media has a dreadful habit of putting a negative spin on world events. And that negativity can be highly contagious.

You’ll notice that people who are in love with life have a vital energy that permeates their bodies.

You may meet someone in their 70s who seems ageless! They radiate exuberant playful energy in all that they do.

Yet so many people in their 30s are jaded, negative, and just plain bored with their lives.

How does this happen?

The key is in learning to identify negative thoughts and beliefs. 

You may be carrying assumptions about the world that you don’t recognize you possess.

See if you can catch any of these automatic negative beliefs in action.

Awareness is the first step.

Awareness is the first step

2. Be aware of your heart’s messages

Your heart doesn’t often express itself in words — it usually speaks in dreams, hunches, gut feelings, strong urges, physical sensations, and memories.

These messages can come in a flash. That’s why they’re easy to miss, and even easier to dismiss.

Learn to tune into these feelings when they arise. Recognize them for what they are: your heart speaking to you directly. 


3. Notice money patterns

A person’s attitude towards money usually reflects negative beliefs and energies dominating their life.

So many of these ideas and patterns are passed on to us from childhood. For example, if you grew up in a household that lived paycheck to paycheck, then you likely now view money as an important but limited commodity.

Think about the way your parents handled money to find out if you’ve inherited any unhelpful lacking beliefs.

Pay attention to the times in life when you’ve had money issues, and map them to your emotional state at the time for clues on what needs healing.

Challenge any inherited beliefs and ask yourself what makes those ideas feel so convincing. 

Recognize that you can choose different beliefs for yourself now as an adult.

everyday joys

4. Learn to recognize everyday joys

Have you ever had a day in which everything went off without a hitch?

The world seemed effortless. You hit every green light on the way to work. The person ahead of in the drive-thru you paid for your coffee.

That feeling of abundance and ease? That is the feeling you need to recognize and appreciate when it arrives.

So many of us let those moments pass us by. But learning to focus on and amplify them can be a powerful tool in tuning into your heart’s desires.

listen to music

5. Ride out negative emotions

Negative experiences are a normal part of everyday life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling angry, frustrated, sad, or upset.

Learning to ride out our negative emotions is another important tool. Because below the turbulence of those emotions are an important message from our heart.

We get upset when the things we care about go wrong. We get angry when our core values are threatened.

Pay attention to what irks you. Beneath is a message from your heart about what matters most.

have fun

6. Do what feels good

Anything that feels good creates a higher vibration and promotes healing. While anything that feels wrong or bad creates the opposite effect.

What are you intuitively drawn to?

What do you most look forward to at the end of a long day or workweek?

Maybe you can’t wait to get outside on Saturday morning for a visit to the park with your kids. Or perhaps you live for the half-hour you get to read before bed.

The simple pleasures are as integral as the big ones.

Engage your heart’s desire by doing more of what intuitively feels good.

Final Thoughts

Although additional healing may be required, there are steps you can take today that will help you dust off negative energy and listen to your heart’s desires.

Paying attention to dreams, gut instincts, and signals from the body can make all the difference between living in a struggle and letting affluence, love, and health enter your life.

Written by
Irina Yugay