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Performance Bulletproof Coffee Founder Dave Asprey Shares 3 “F” Words To Hack Your Willpower

Bulletproof Coffee Founder Dave Asprey Shares 3 “F” Words To Hack Your Willpower

In this talk from A-Fest Greece, renowned biohacker Dave Asprey shares how to hack your willpower with 3 simple “F” words.

How Dave Asprey Became The World’s Leading Biohacker

Dave Asprey didn’t start as a biohacker. In fact, he grew up obese with health issues. Before he was 23, he had already had 3 knee surgeries and been diagnosed with arthritis.

It took an incredible amount of willpower to work out six times a week for 3.5 hours a day. It also took an incredible amount of willpower to build his business and make $6 million at 24.

Now, he’s the founder of Bulletproof, a New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most remarkable men we know. He’s also a silicon valley investor, a technology entrepreneur, and the world’s leading biohacker. He founded Bulletproof to help millions of people make the mind and body breakthroughs they deserve by radically rewiring the body to work for you, not against you.

Dave has singlehandedly transformed the diets (and waistlines) of thousands of people around the world — not to mention, manage to hack his own biology to become Bulletproof.

He’s even spent two decades and $1 million to upgrade his own biology.

Because of his decades of experience, he knows exactly how difficult taking control of and improving your life can be.

But somewhere along the way, he realized that achieving your goals didn’t need to be as hard as he was making it. He learned,

The natural state of things is that they should be easy… It should only be hard when it’s actually hard, not when you’ve made it hard.

— Dave Asprey

So why is changing our lives so hard for most of us? And where can we get the willpower to really become the person that we want to be?

According to Dave Asprey, willpower is a basic, natural resource that we all have. But most of us are not using the resource effectively. We can all be high performers but most of us draining ourselves. Yet, Dave says, we shouldn’t blame ourselves. Evolution designed our body to survive… but thriving takes awareness, energy, and purpose.

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About The Video

In this talk from Mindvalley A-Fest, Mykonos 2016, Dave outlines the three evolutionary “F” words of survival, bringing greater awareness to so much of what subconsciously drives our choices and behavior.

He provides some of the most insightful advice on how you can execute at far greater levels than you could expect by hacking your biology.

In this video, he shares:

  • (2:30) — Where willpower comes from, and why you might not have enough of it;
  • (3:30) — The software principles that exist in every living organism, the 3 “F” words to hack your willpower;
  • (10:38) — What differentiates two brain paths, and why understanding them will help you make better decisions;
  • (15:50) — Why a certain type of struggling can actually help you train your mind effectively.

Now, he’s teaching you how to hack your willpower.

What’s the main “F” word you took out of Dave’s talk?

And why did it resonate with you?

Share it in the comments below!

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Written by
Amy White