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Your Biggest Questions About The Habit Of Ferocity With Steven Kotler

by Steven Kotler February 18, 2019

In this video, Vishen Lakhiani sits down with Steven Kotler to answer the biggest questions about his new Quest, The Habit of Ferocity.

Steven is a peak performance expert and the Pulitzer Prize-nominated and The New York Times bestselling author of books like The Rise of Superman and Stealing Fire.

For years, he studied top performers and achievers. Eventually, he distilled their habits and strategies into a single, powerful habit he calls the habit of ferocity. 

In this groundbreaking new Mindvdalley Quest, Steven delivers everything you need to start to use this habit and jump start your success.

What Is The Habit Of Ferocity?

Want to really succeed as an entrepreneur? Creativity, drive, risk, social intelligence for sure—but daily and ferocious and always as if your life depended on it.

Steven Kotler

Steven defines the habit of ferocity as a combination of grit, drive, passion, and daily determination. And it’s this single habit he’s seen manifest itself time and again in the peak performers, he’s worked alongside around the world.

Steve Kotler actually uses the habit of ferocity on a daily basis. And he can attest to the power of the practice.

The habit is ferocity is something that must be trained, cultivated, and strengthened. And like a muscle, you must use it or you’ll lose it.

Life constantly requires our self-reinvention, explains Kotler. If you haven’t trained yourself in the habit of ferocity, you’re just not going to make it.

This habit goes beyond ambition. It goes beyond endurance and staying power. In fact, it’s a combination of 7 essential habits that when combined, produce astounding results.

Learning how to use this habit in your everyday life has the potential to totally change the way you view success. But it requires a willingness to make a change.

Steve Kotler on what to expect with The Habit of Ferocity Mindvalley quest

If you really want a life that exceeds your expectations, you need to be ferocious.

—Steve Kotler

In the video above, Vishen sits down with Steve to answer some of the Mindvalley community’s biggest questions about The Habit of Ferocity. Steve dives into everything the community wanted to know and more.

They answer questions like:

  • Why is the habit of ferocity so important to learn in the modern age?
  • How is this different from any other purpose, passion, or goal-setting course?
  • How much time do you have to commit every day to get the most out of this program?

So, if you really want to create a life that doesn’t just meet your expectations but exceeds them, then check out the video above.

You’ll get to hear all the answers to the most important questions about The Habit of Ferocity. You’ll also get to see why this is one of the most exciting Quests yet.

So, which aspect of the habit of ferocity are you most excited to learn more about? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ferocious Flow, Motivation & Grit: On Autopilot

Master The Transformational Peak Performance Formula That Makes The World’s Top Performers Unstoppable. Learn more about The Habit Of Ferocity Quest here.

by Steven Kotler
Steven Kotler is one of the leading peak performance experts on the planet. He is the New York Times bestselling and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of books like Stealing Fire and The Rise of Superman. His clients include Google, Cisco, Deloitte, world-class athletes, and the US Special Forces. He's committed his life to understanding and mastering the state of heightened clarity, focus, and performance — which many now know as "flow." In his Mindvalley Quest, Steven teaches how to master the habit of "ferocity" based on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, and physiology: a behavioral formula used by many of the world's peak performers to rise above insurmountable obstacles and achieve impossible feats.

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