Evening Meditation – How To Relax After Work

Evening Meditation – How To Relax After Work

Evening Meditation – How To Relax After Work

If you come home from work and the only thing you want to do is curl up in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn in your PJs, then you need a better way to de-stress. And this is exactly where evening meditation comes into play.

Everyone can relate to the heavy feeling of stress after a long day at work. Even if you love your job, the pressure of deadlines, tense social interactions, and meeting expectations can create stress. When you come home from work, you want to relax and de-stress, but it isn’t always easy to do.In order to survive the workday, you probably push aside the small tensions that build up. It can be difficult to find the time to deal with problems that arise during the day. When you come home at night, though you may want to relax, your brain is still attempting to deal with all the stresses you pushed aside. But that’s where evening meditation can become inherently valuable.

The battle that occurs in your mind between attempting to deal with your stressors while simultaneously attempting to relax and forget about them can create even more tension at home and in your personal life.

It seems like the tension just builds and builds with no respite. By practicing an evening meditation, you can achieve a peaceful state of mind that will make it easier for you to feel at peace and easily process your stress.

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Take Time For Yourself

The one thing you should always remember is that you deserve some time for yourself. There is nothing wrong with taking 30 minutes out of your day to simply relax and decompress. Everyone needs time to recharge.

If you find yourself feeling like you don’t have 30 minutes of free time, revisit your schedule. Can you wake up 30 minutes earlier or go to bed 30 minutes later? Is there a television program you watch or time spent on the internet that you could cut 30 minutes out of? The 30 minutes of time for yourself is there and it’s worth finding it.

There are many things you can do in that 30 minutes each day that can help you relax. Some people enjoy gardening or taking a relaxing bath.

Relaxing moments free of tension or time spent on hobbies is important, but it’s also important to process the things that have brought you stress.

If you don’t, they will keep coming back to you, trying to work themselves out. By practicing an good-night meditation, you can feel productive by dealing with your stressors and you can feel relaxed and peaceful by slowing your mind down and taking time for yourself.

4 Steps To Relaxation

Meditation isn’t some kind of myth or magic. It’s a practice that has been used for hundreds of years and has proven itself worthy of everyone’s attention. By implementing an evening meditation ritual, you will be bringing your mind and body into the perfect balance.

You’ll process all of the things that stress you out, you’ll relax your tension, and you’ll see the world with a renewed perspective that will help you process new stressors quicker and easier. Here are 4 steps to relaxation you can implement today.

Step 1. Find Your Meditation Technique

There are many different approaches you can use for meditation, so do a little research and find the technique that works best for you. After finding a technique that you are comfortable with, go to the next step.

Some examples of the different types of meditations are: Zen, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Mantra, Yoga and Transcendental meditations.

Step 2. Find A Quiet Place

It’s hard enough controlling your thoughts while meditating, so you don’t want any other distractions. For this reason, you want to find a quiet place where nothing and nobody can disturb you.

Your concentration and focus have to be disconnected from the outside world completely in order for a meditation session to work properly. If you can’t find an uninterrupted space at home, try sitting in your car or walking to a park.

Step 3. Make Your Evening Meditation Session Easy

Don’t be surprised if you find the initial attempts to meditate a little harder than you expected. There are several things you can use to aid in focusing your concentration, such as special music or even binaural beats. By adding headphones and the right music to the mix you will easily drown out external distractions.

Step 4. Just Do It

We all have a way of planning something, but never following through. Once you find a comfortable space, just start meditation.

It is easy to get caught up in the details and trying to make everything perfect. If you find yourself making excuses like, “I need to buy candles and incense first” or “I need a meditation pillow, an empty room and total silence” then it’s probably time to just sit down and meditate!

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Guided Evening Meditation

Chances are you don’t have the time to find an instructor to help you get into the swing of things, but you desperately want to practice quality meditation. The good news is that you can use pre-recorded guided meditation to help you.

With guided meditation it’s just like sitting down with an instructor and following their lead.

Below you’ll find 3 examples of different guided meditations. They range between 20 and 30 minutes, so they are just long enough to help you decompress completely.

1. Blissful Inner Peace

With a calming voice that aids with maintaining focus and music to get your brainwaves in sync with a relaxed mindset, this guided meditation session will help you find the peace that lives inside you.

2. Healing Space

For everyone who comes home with a lot of baggage from work use this guided meditation clip. The instructor quickly and effortlessly guides you down a path of spiritual healing, leaving you healthy and happy.

3. Deep Relaxation And Positive Thoughts

This guided meditation clip is the perfect companion for getting rid of stress and anxiety while providing positive affirmations.

When you get home from work, you want to spend quality time with your family and friends. You can’t do this if you are worried or stressed all the time. Make every minute you have special by simply investing your time in evening meditation.

Written by
Irina Yugay