The Endomorph Female: What You Need to Know About Your Beautiful Curves

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Highlights: Here are the characteristics of an endomorph female body type. Explore how female endomorphs can lose weight and get their naturally curvy bodies in shape.

Being an endomorph female body type is so much more than vivacious curves. It’s about understanding your body and the blessings that come along with it.

If you’re blessed with this body type, you have beautiful curves by natural design. It means that you gain fat and muscle easily.

To keep it healthy and fit, you want to eat certain foods and have a proper exercise routine.

Here are some things to know about the endomorph female:

Let’s discover how to treat your endomorph body to be an endomorphic queen.

What Is an Endomorph Female Body Type?

Out of the three body types, endomorphs are more likely the ones to gain fat and muscle with ease. Those with an endomorph female body type generally have soft, round bodies with narrow shoulders and wide hips. Additionally, they tend to be shorter than other body types with relatively short arms and legs.

Endomorph female body types have a greater challenge than males. You see, in order for women’s bodies to function well, they are designed to store four times as much fat as men’s bodies. While men can get by with just 3% of body fat, women need 12%.

On top of that, female endomorphs tend to store body fat around the hips, buttocks, and thighs, whereas males store fat in the belly. That’s because men have a larger frame to support more muscle mass while women have wider hips to allow for pelvic expansion during childbirth.

Due to their fat storage tendencies, female endomorphs are often described as pear-shaped.

Endomorph female celebrities

Many of the most alluring women in the world are endomorphs. The voluptuous club of the ‘endomorph female celebrities’ include:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Beyoncé
  • Lizzo

While the pressure of the rich and famous to be skinny, these women are proudly rockin’ the body nature provided for them.

Endomorphs can lose weight through a combination of good dietary habits and exercise.

the endomorph female

Is There a Certain Diet Endomorph Female Body Types Should Be On?

This body type is prone to weight gain, so a successful strategy for diet and nutrition is essential. It’s important to pay attention to portion control so it doesn’t inhibit your goals.

Macros for endomorph female body type

‘Macros’ is short for macronutrients, which include protein, carbohydrates, and fat. These make up what you eat. And for endomorphs, the ratio of each is 35% protein, 25% carbs, and 40% fat.

Why’s it important to count macros? Well, simply because by keeping track of it, you can make smarter, healthier food choices.

And because endomorph female body types have a hard time losing weight than gaining it, counting macros can help you be more conscious about what you put in your body.

Eating habits

As far as diet is concerned, endomorphs can cut down their intake of carbohydrates and add more high-quality sources of protein and healthy fats to their diet.

Ideally, carbs should make up no more than 30% of your daily calorie intake while the other 70% should be split evenly between fats and protein.

Apart from reducing your daily intake of carbs, you must also replace unhealthy sources of carbs with healthy ones. This means that you’ll eliminate processed sugars and simple carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, white rice, and cookies in favor of complex carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Since a healthy diet alone is usually not enough to strip excess fat, you will also need to adopt a good exercise regimen.

What Is a Great Endomorph Workout Plan for Females?

Exercise differs for each body type. Because female endomorph bodies are typically broad and thick, their fitness regimen should be suited for moderate heart rate and efficiently processing carbohydrates.

Workout routine

The main workout goal for a female endomorph should be to boost your metabolism and prevent your body from turning calories into fat. A great approach is to combine weight training with cardio.

For optimal results, try combining:

  • 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training 2-3 times a week with
  • 30 to 60 minutes of steady-state cardio 2-3 times a week.

Do endomorphs need more cardio?

Cardio is essential for endomorphs as it prevents their bodies from reverting to their natural fat-storing tendencies.

For optimal results, try combining:

  • 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training two or three times a week with
  • 30 to 60 minutes of steady-state cardio two or three times a week.
Endomorph female stretching her leg on a bridge

Great Change Starts With You

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who’s unapologetically herself. And accepting you as you are is the first step to your greatness.

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