Are You Living Someone Else’s Dream? A Compelling Story From An Ex Ballroom Champion

Would you choose a dream you desire — even if chasing it was painful? In her talk, Kadi Oja, Events Director at Mindvalley shares her personal journey from losing her path to finding what truly makes her feel alive.

About The Video

Have you ever “bought” dreams, goals, even relationships, that you knew were not a fit for you?

Through sharing her personal journey through law and ballroom dancing, Kadi invites us to reflect upon the dreams we’ve chosen, and decide whether those dreams still truly enliven us.

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What dreams have you chased, that you later realized didn’t fit you? Share your story in the comments below.

Kadi Oja

Kadi Oja

Kadi is the Director of Mindvalley University City Campus, Mindvalley's initiative to revolutionize human education worldwide by plugging in the gaps that school forgot to teach us.

She's a lawyer, speaker, and an avid traveller with 39 countries checked off her list. Her favorite things in life are personal growth, music, yoga, quality time with family & friends, nature,​ winter swimming, and photography.

Kadi’s motto is ‘Aspire to Inspire,' and helping people live their highest potential by truly believing in themselves, stepping out of their comfort zone, and following their heart is what makes her Soul the happiest.

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