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Alter Ego Definition: Engage In A Creative Play With Your Ego

by Mindvalley April 12, 2019

Whether it be through our consciousness, our subconscious mind, our psychology, or our personality, we are each ourselves frequently emanating some of the most complex phenomena of our existence.

When we focus on this reality and allow a deeper inquisition to unfold, many hidden facets of our being begins to surface. So much so that one can easily get lost in the massive influx of information, and find it hard to focus.

Today, however, we will isolate our focus through one specific and highly intriguing aspect of our psychology — the alter ego definition.

A fascinating arena for us to explore, and one which will inevitably be perceived in many different fashions, depending on the context of one’s own perception.

That is, this term alter ego means different things to different people.

Once properly understood, however, regardless of our differing opinions, we can each individually become quite powerfully creative in how we ‘play with our ego’ in order to utilize its inherent beauty to our advantage.

Perhaps first, before we dive too deeply into this, we should take a more in-depth look at some of these variations.

What Does It Mean To Have An Alter Ego?

What is alter ego?

Whenever you hear of or read about the alter ego definition, it’s generally going to point you in one of these 5 directions:

  1. The “other self”. It resides beneath your outer personality and is usually an amalgamation of many sub-personalities. Something distinctly different from your conscious personality, forming as a secondary byproduct of the initial ego formation process itself.
  2. Your idealized self. The type of personality which we adore from a very early age, one we idealize and wish is who we were. Certain aspects of this self may also be present in the other self that is hidden within us.
  3. The evil part of your soul. Some experts believe that there is inherently both good and evil parts of our being, constantly at war within us. In this case, our alter ego definition refers to the evil part of our being.
  4. Your trusted friend. An aspect of yourself that is very similar in characteristics and personality to your outer personality. Akin to the voice inside your head which you frequently speak to in an attempt to understand yourself.
  5. The intentionally designed personality. This refers to a phenomenon where you create a new version of yourself as your alter ego.

Which Alter Ego Definition Is The Most Significant?

A lot of possibilities and different information here we know, and all of it truly fascinating.

Yet, although each of these perspectives is certainly compelling in its own regard, we needn’t focus too intensely upon all of it.

The alter ego definition is most significant here in two regards.

  1. The first alter ego definition actually overlaps with the second, composing the primary understanding of psychological research and its theories there within. It’s important to note that these two definitions are essentially the same, as the “other self” is often built in an idealized fashion.
  2. Our fifth alter ego definition from above is the most practically important in our day to day lives, as it ultimately shows us that we are capable of utilizing our alter ego to manipulate and manifest the best possible life for ourselves.

There is a powerful implication here within these two focal points which we can take away from this. What all of this means is that we all have multiple dimensions of our personality, each of which insight a massive impact on our everyday lives.

This being so, may you then ask yourself this —  Wouldn’t I want to be more aware of these impacts, and perhaps find myself with a greater degree of control over them, if I could?

Of course, you would.

The impacts of our alter ego

The alter ego is a force to be reckoned with.

And although having an alter ego is often frowned upon, perhaps even revered as something negative in today’s society, it’s important to note that this is not necessarily always the case.

The impacts of our alter ego are indeed significantly more far-ranging and will encompass both negative and positive qualities alike.

An adequate ability to differentiate between the two sides of this spectrum is then going to find its roots, in first properly understanding the alter egos overall potential impact.

And so, among many other such impactful happenings, here are some of the more prominent:

  • Hidden aspects of our alter ego secretly influence our attitude, lifestyle, and decision-making process. Something which could be positive or negative, depending.
  • The subconscious desire to become like our idealized alter ego can make us depressed and hamper our life to a great extent. Or, it can motivate us to do everything humanly possible to become this very ideal.
  • An unacknowledged, uncontrolled, and resultantly strong alter ego can overpower our usual personality, creating personality disorders and other kinds of psychological issues. But again, a strong alter ego can also be quite beneficial.
  • Further, an unacknowledged alter ego will often speak out on our behalf, and can drastically misrepresent our true intentions in work, love, and life.

As we build from these roots of understanding, finding an ability to manipulate the impact of our alter ego, in the direction of something positive, begins with our awareness.

Does Everyone Have An Alter Ego?

Does everyone have an alter ego?

The truth is, we all have an alter ego, or two.

Yes, whether you like it or not you have both an ego and an alter ego.

As we allow ourselves to become aware of this, we will then find a heightened ability to ‘engage in a creative play’ with both our ego and our alter ego.

The by-product of this creative play becoming something which we can deem “positive”, develops secondary to an embodiment of proactive development.

Let me explain.

More often than not in today’s societies, we develop our egos, and resultant alter egos, reactively. We’re essentially just thrown out into an ego dominated world at a very young age, and without proper guidance, we find ourselves reactively assimilating to the norm in whatever way we can.

We want to fit in, we want to be accepted, and we react in accordance to these desires.

We all build ourselves an ego, and at some point, we all inevitably face a time in our lives where someone, if not everyone, questions the basic construct of this ego which we have created for ourselves.

Again, we just want to fit in, we just want to be accepted, and thus, the alter ego is born.

What Is An Example Of An Alter Ego?

Powerful examples of such an alter ego can, in fact, be found everywhere in today’s society, both of reactive and proactive development.

As a matter of fact, many of these examples will probably surprise you.

Lady Gaga is an alter ego of an ordinary girl, Stefani Germanotta.

Believe it or not, the proactive creation of this alter ego turned Stefani Germanotta into the absolute sensation that is Lady Gaga.

Another great example of a proactive development can be found in how Beyonce has created her alter ego Sasha Fierce. A representation of herself which is both more sensual and more aggressive, at least in her performances. Moreover, Beyonce has even gone on to create more than one of such alter egos in order to boost her career and performance.

And with many, many more examples of people using their alter egos to become something more than they already are, the question inevitably arises — Can you too reap the abundant benefits of your alter ego?

Surely our answer here is yes, you can.

How Do You Create An Alter Ego?

How can we benefit from our alter ego

So, how do you create yourself one of these beneficial alter egos?

Again, proactively, and not reactively.

Although you may indeed already have an ego and an alter ego that have developed in a reactive sense, acknowledging this reality immediately allows you to begin anew.

If you can develop your own alter ego definition which has been developed proactively as opposed to reactively, or if it is at the very least understood objectively, then your alter ego can have massive beneficial and therapeutic effects on your life.

If you can direct an intentional focus on the parts of yourself that you wish to change, or make better, and allow a character to build around these attributes which actually flourishes in each regard, then you will reap massive benefits, naturally.

Do so through the lens of objective awareness and maintain a reasonable degree of humility.

Because certainly, your alter ego can become the most beneficial of all psychological phenomena, but let us also not forget that it can easily become something very hazardous as well if left unchecked.

How Can We Benefit From Our Alter Ego?

Uncovering your current alter ego, truly knowing and understanding its essence, and then proactively developing a new alter ego, one which definitively embodies everything you wish it to, will offer you both a new way of knowing yourself and of completely redefining your identity.

It will help you to decipher the whole of you — your whole ego.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy greater freedom from your previously constructed, and inherently fixed sense of self.

Freedom from the reactive development of our egos and alter egos, entities which often leave us operating within some incredibly limiting belief systems.

It should be our goal with this ‘creative play’ to bypass all such limiting beliefs.

To bypass the culturescape, as Vishen Lakhiani, founder and CEO of Mindvalley, often refers to such a happenstance.

Vishen has even taken it upon himself to go a step further here, as he has not only proactively redeveloped himself, but he has also established a beautiful method, or process, which we can all follow in order to bring about the same development for ourselves.

The Becoming Limitless program, an 8-week transformational course that will guide you towards a place of being where even your biggest goals will come true.

Knowing and engaging in a creative play with your ego will free you from your limiting beliefs and will help you realize the true potential of living your life the way you want to.

You’ll further find yourself willingly detaching from all of it when necessary. Which is a tremendous amount of rather unfathomable freedom and resultant bliss — to be fully in control of yourself.

This journey towards your own self-becoming begins today, here and right now with a simple, yet profound, acknowledgment.

After this, all that’s left is proactive reinitiation. Engaging in a creative play with your ego, such that you completely redefine what an alter ego definition looks like in your life.

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Do you have any of your own ways of detecting and developing the alter ego? Is your alter ego something friendly, or perhaps something which is currently detrimental? Please, share your stories with us in a comment below!  

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