Alter Ego Definition: Engage In A Creative Play With Your Ego

define alter ego

By any means, consciousness, our mind, psychology, and personality we emanate are the most complex phenomena of our lives.

Once we delve deep, so many facets of our being come into focus that one may easily get lost into the mass of information. But for now, we will narrow down our focus to one very intriguing aspect of psychology — the alter ego definition.

The term alter ego means different things to different people and in different contexts. First, let’s have a look at some of its variations.

What Do You Mean By “Alter Ego?”

What is alter ego?

Whenever you hear or read of the alter ego definition, it may mean one of these 5 things:

  1. Your hidden parts of personality that form your “other self” distinctly different for your conscious personality. This “other self” resides beneath your outer personality. Usually, it is an amalgamation of many sub-personalities formed as byproducts of the ego formation process.
  2. Your idealized self. The form of personality that we adore from the very early childhood and we wish we were all the time. Some aspects of this self may also be present in the other self that is hidden within us.
  3. The evil part of your soul. Some experts believe that there are good and evil parts of our being, constantly at war within us, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And in this case, alter ego refers to the evil part of our being.
  4. And in yet another occasion, an alter ego may refer to your trusted friend who is very similar in characteristics and personality as you.
  5. The intentionally designed personality. This refers to a phenomenon when you create a new version of yourself as your alter ego.

Which Alter Ego Definition Is The Most Significant?

Among all the above definitions, the ones that we need to focus on is the first, the second, and the fifth one.

The first two are the main definitions that psychological research and theories on alter ego are based upon. And these two definitions are essentially very much the similar.

The fifth one is the most practically important as it shows us how we can use the reality of our alter egos to craft the best life for ourselves.

What Are The Implications Of Alter Ego?

what are alter egos?

The most powerful implication of the alter ego definition is that it means you have multiple dimensions of your personality that have a massive impact on your life.

So, don’t you want to be aware of these impacts and have control over them?

Let’s have look at the impacts first:

The impacts of alter ego

  • Hidden aspects of our alter ego secretly influence our attitude, lifestyle and life decisions.
  • The subconscious desire to become like our idealized alter ego can make us depressed and hamper our life to a great extent.
  • Too uncontrolled and strong alter egos can overpower our usual personality, hence causing personality disorders and other kinds of psychological issues.
  • On the contrary, proper awareness and control over our alter egos can have massive beneficial and therapeutic effects on our lives.  

Now, shall we witness how having controlled alter ego development can overhaul our whole existence for the better?

What Is An Example Of An Alter Ego?

Ready to be surprised?

Lady Gaga is an alter ego of an ordinary girl, Stefani Germanotta.

Believe it or not. Creating an alter ego turned Stefani Germanotta into the sensation that is Lady Gaga.

Another example would be how Beyonce made her alter ego Sasha Fierce to be more sensual and aggressive in her performances. Most interestingly, Beyonce has gone on to create more than one of such alter egos to boost her career and performance.

There are many more examples of using alter egos to become more than you already are.

So, can you, too, reap the benefits of your alter ego? Yes, surely you can!

How Can We Benefit From Our Alter Ego?

Uncovering, knowing and developing your alter ego will offer you a new way of knowing yourself and redefining your identity.

It will help you to decipher the whole of you — your whole ego. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a greater freedom from your constructed, fixed sense of self and your limiting beliefs.

Knowing and engaging in a creative play with your ego will free you from your limited being and will make you realize the true potential of living your life the way you want it.

It will also help you towards becoming limitless, as you will be able to willingly alter egos and be detached from all of it when needed.

It is a tremendous and unfathomable amount of freedom and bliss to be in control of yourself.

So, do you have any of your own ways of detecting and developing alter ego? Please, share with us in a comment below!  



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