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7 Steps to Staying Healthy & Boosting Your Immune System | Eric Edmeades

7 Steps to Staying Healthy & Boosting Your Immune System | Eric Edmeades


The following article was inspired by the ideologies of Eric Edmeades shared during Mindvalley University Online 2020. Eric is an accomplished author, nutrition expert, and the founder of WildFit. He has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine and was awarded the 2018 medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate for his work in “improving the quality of peoples’ lives.”

How Long Will This Pandemic Last?

A distressed patient walks into the local medical center and asks his practitioner:

How long will this pandemic last?

I don’t know,” she says. “I’m a doctor. You should ask a politician.”

Months after lockdown commenced, we’re still unclear as ever as to what’s really going on in the COVID-19 pandemic and what advice to follow. Apart from the basic guidance advocated by The World Health Organization and the CDC, such as social distancing, mask-use, and hand-washing, every country in the world is approaching this global issue differently. Our social media accounts, news stations, and health organizations report from a variety of angles. Everyone seems to have a contrasting view of how we should protect ourselves and how COVID-19 came about in the first place.

Frankly, we don’t know who to listen to and, since the virus is so new, we are constantly discovering new information about its long-term effects.

Widespread confusion and political hypocrisy are concerning, but nutrition expert Eric Edmeades says there’s something even more alarming that must be brought to our attention.

What You’re Not Being Told

Crazily, amidst COVID-19 chaos, Eric claims that we actually aren’t being told the most valuable information of all that, if followed, could save thousands of lives.

By now we all know that it’s important to wash our hands, wear a mask, and practice social distancing to prevent the rapid spread of the virus.

But what about protecting your last and most important line of defense?

What about your immune system?

Eric notes that ‘Your success in life is most easily measured by the number of days that you are truly happy. You know, it’s a lot easier to be happy when the physical body is right.’ To ensure that happens, the first and most important port of call is to protect your immune system so it can protect you.

When you consider the stats, it’s clear to see that the overwhelming majority of those who die due to COVID-19 have pre-existing health conditions – and therefore a compromised immune system.

Why haven’t we been told more about this by the authorities? you ask. The truth is, there is no excuse. We’ve all been let down by the legislature, the news and our governments.

We’ve been let down and it’s not our fault’, says Eric. It is, however, our responsibility.

Inspired by Eric Edmeades’ virtual talk at Mindvalley University 2020, here’s the ‘most important information you’ll need for the next 15 years of your life…

The Ultimate 7-Step Check-List for Your Body’s Immunity

1. Air

The first on the list is something you’re actively, and most probably unconsciously, doing right now. If you were to stop, you’d kick the bucket within minutes. The most important thing you could ever do for your body is to breathe high-quality oxygen outdoors. And it’s not only about what you’re breathing but how you’re breathing.

It’s important to breathe deeply, slowly, and meditatively on a regular basis.

If you don’t, you’re engaging in what Eric refers to as ‘Pray Breathing’. Not pray as in praying to a higher power, but pray as in a-lion-is-going-to-EAT-you, pray. Why? By evolutionary standards, shallow and light chest breathing actively causes cortisol and adrenaline production which, in hunter-gathering days, gave us the energy we needed to run for our lives.

Unfortunately, cortisol and adrenaline also lower immunity and force you to store fat in the name of a swift fight or flight response.

Eric’s Bonus Breathing Recommendation: 5×5 Technique –

There are lots of breathing techniques that work wonders for your physical and mental health, but a simple one you can try right now is called 5×5 Breathing. It’s easy…just inhale for a count of 5, hold for a count of 5, exhale for 5, hold for a count of 5, and repeat.

If you just did that as you read along, congratulations! You’ve just told your cells that you’re safe, that your body can stop producing adrenaline and cortisol, lower the shields, and concentrate on your immunity.

2. Water

Drinking enough water throughout each day is essential to maintaining good health and immunity. Increasing your fluid intake can help flush out toxins, ward off illness, and help you reset your system for optimum performance.

But if you’re thirsty right now, you’ve gone too far. Eric strongly suggests drinking water pre-emptively before a dry mouth strikes as ‘thirst means you’re dehydrated.’

A side note from Eric –

You do know that Coca-Cola is not water, right? Coffee is not water. Juice is not water. Milk is not water. Do you know what is water? Water is water. Drink that.’

3. Sleep

Your sleep has everything to do with the strength of your immune system.

While more sleep won’t necessarily prevent you from getting sick, skimping on it could adversely affect your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to catching viruses. Without sufficient sleep, your body makes fewer cytokines, a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation that effectively creates an immune response.

Erics Top 7 Snoozing Tips –

+ Turn off digital devices at least two to three hours before you go to sleep.
+ Refrain from eating three to four hours before bed.
+ Have the room be slightly cool.
+ Get excited about tomorrow. The more positive you are about tomorrow, the better you will sleep tonight.

+ Set an alarm to go to bed.
+ Sleep for at least 6-8 hours.
+ Get help from a smart wearable such as an aura ring to measure your sleep and optimize your experience.

4. Food

Recent studies are finding more and more evidence to suggest that you really are what you eat. What you consume on a day-to-day basis dictates your health in a plethora of ways.

A well-nourished body gives your immune system a fighting chance to protect you. Eric recommends a balanced diet of good natural fats, protein, and (limited) carbs for energy, as well as non-energy nutrients such as all essential fibers, minerals, and acids.

Junk food does not have them. Whatsmore, eating or drinking too much sugar in any form curbs immune system cells.

Just like an elephant has an optimum diet, humans have an optimum diet too. For more free information about the real human diet and WildFit, click here.

A Side Note On Weight Loss – Shifting Pandemic Pounds

According to Fox Business and a new study commissioned by Nutrisystem, 76% of Americans have reported serious weight gain of up to 16 pounds since the start of lockdown. But lower body image is the least of their worries. The heavier you are and the more compromised your diet becomes, the more likely you’ll develop diabetes.

And diabetes plays a major role when it comes to whether you’ll live or die once you get the virus. According to a study by the Emory University School of Medicine, ‘death rates are four times higher among people with diabetes and hyperglycemia who are infected with COVID-19’. If there was ever a time to shed the pounds, it’s now.

5. Movement

The importance of exercising goes way beyond bagging that beach body.

Exercise, first and foremost, gets your heart racing, and having a healthy heart is imperative to surviving COVID or any other virus. Whatsmore, exercise promotes enhanced lung capacity. As the coronavirus more often than not affects your breathing, it’s not a bad idea to strengthen your airways.

Then there’s Lymphatic Fluid production. When you’re moving your body, your lymph nodes produce fluids that actively cleanse your system from toxins and boost your defenses. Bonus.

If that wasn’t enough, studies show that increased muscle density and decreased fat composition actively strengthen your immune system. Why? The better your muscle mass, the better the reservoir of proteins for the immune system to use in times of need.

This doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself at the gym. If you’re breaking a slight sweat every day, you’re doing yourself well and can rest assured that you’re moving enough.

6. Sun

eric edmeades
Eric Edmeades, Founder of WildFit

There’s nothing like the sun for disinfecting our blood and providing us with natural, abundant sources of Vitamin D. It helps to promote mental health and is also an incredible immune booster.

When it comes to COVID-19 mortality, there seems to have been a correlation between high death rates and low Vitamin D levels. You can read more about this study here.

Even if you happen to live in a climate with lots of cloud cover, as long as it’s light outside, you can still fill your boots and replenish your skin with Vitamin D. If you’re concerned about exposing your skin to sunshine, Eric has something to say to you.

‘I don’t care who told you this…but the sun did not magically become evil in 1963!’

It’s important to not let your skin burn, but don’t be afraid to catch some rays due to outdated fearmongering.

7. Touch

Although we’re social distancing right now, if possible, we should all be snuggling up with our nearest and dearest in the same household. Why? Because we are social animals.

We need physical touch a lot more than what is addressed by modern medicine for our mental and physical health. Touch in itself can actually boost immunity.

A fascinating study into chimpanzee behavior showed that the primates who received the most grooming and affection ended up surviving far longer than those who didn’t due to enhanced immunity.

Chimpanzees only groom those of an equal or greater social rank than them. This is great in terms of natural selection, and not so great for the chimpanzees with a lower social rank. With no affection, cuddling, or grooming, those chimpanzees have the lowest life expectancies of the troop. They die, and they don’t get to breed. This way, they don’t pass on their genetic material, paving the way for a perfect example of the survival of the fittest.

Why are we chatting about chimps in this article?

Because we share 99% of our DNA with them. If this happens to our closest living relatives, it can happen to us too. The bottom line is, we need to be touched.

I’m not talking about a rubbish hug where you tap somebody on the back, I’m talking about a hug where your bodies are touching and you’re holding someone. I’m talking about a long kiss. Holding hands, playing with each other’s hair…assuming you’re having that kind of relationship with that person…

Power Up Your Immunity

This is just the tip of how to boost your immune system. Head over to Mindvalley where you can explore how to optimize your health with experts like Eric Edmeades.

You’ll learn more about the immune-boosting human diet and how to reclaim your health as well as correct your weight naturally.

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