Which Direction to Sleep for Wisdom, Health, and Romance

Which Direction to Sleep for Wisdom, Health, and Romance

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Every space has an energy field, and the energy field of your bedroom has a significant impact on your health, relationships, and spiritual growth. Learn feng shui bedroom tips for ensuring good health, attracting love, and supporting your wisdom.

We all have personal feelings toward our homes — a feeling of security and protection, love, and harmony. Yet, it doesn’t mean that our homes reflect the same energy. Your home has its own mindset that can be different from yours. While you might wish it to nurture your wellbeing, it can tell a somewhat opposite story. And your home’s story can sabotage your success.

Marie Diamond, one of the Western world’s most in-demand feng shui masters, explains that your home (where you live, sleep, and work) affects all aspects of your life on a very subtle subconscious level.

She says, “whatever you have in your space, your unconscious mind takes it as reality.”

It is especially important when it comes to your bedroom — this is where you nurture your intimate relationships, health, and personal wisdom. And the energy of your bedroom has direct access to your subconsciousness while you are sleeping.

Before we dive deeper into figuring out which direction to sleep in terms of bedroom feng shui, let’s find out the general feng shui directions.

Feng Shui in 4 Directions

The Chinese words “feng” and “shui” mean “wind” and “water”. This concept talks about human life being connected with space around us. 

The original feng shui masters would look at the places where these two elements were in a perfect balance to provide benevolent conditions for human wellbeing. Apart from that, they would ensure that a house was supported and protected from the four sides.

To explain this concept they used the following symbols:

  • North: a big mountain that represents a Tortoise in the back of the house.
  • South: open to the sun and has space for the Phoenix to fly out.
  • East: hills that represent the back of the Dragon.
  • West: a small hill that represents a sleeping White Tiger.

These four directions represent the four main aspects of your life — your success, health, relationships, and wisdom.

Feng shui bagua map to find the best direction to sleep for wisdom, health, and romance

Your Personal Number

With time, shamans started to look at birthdates and different directions, forms, materials, and how they affect an individual and the entire nation. So another essential aspect of feng shui emerged, based on your gender and birthday — your personal energy number. 

A personal energy number made feng shui more individualized and practical by telling you which directions impact these four main aspects in your life from your very birth until you die. It encompasses both time and space.

There are nine energy numbers that can unlock your space for achieving your goals in alignment with your life purpose.

Marie Diamond explains that when your Soul came to this plane from the multidimensional space, it came through an energy portal — your success direction. This direction is intertwined with other directions that affect your health, relationships, and personal wisdom.

These portals send messages to the Universe 24/7, so even if you don’t consciously think of what you want to manifest, it will work for you and help you achieve it faster and easier.

– Marie Diamond

Which Direction to Sleep

First, you want to calculate your energy number. Use this calculator to find out your number.

When it comes to bedroom feng shui principles, you want to sleep with your head pointing toward any of your four personal success directions in accordance with your Personal Energy Number. Since sleep is the time when we restore, rejuvenate, and receive spiritual guidance, ideally, you want to sleep pointing toward your health or wisdom directions.

Bed pointed in the direction to sleep for wisdom, health, and romance in feng shui

Health and Wisdom Directions for Each Number

#1: Wealth creator

Your purpose in life is to create wealth and learn how to work with wealth and abundance for yourself and others.

Your 4 directions:

  • South-East: Success
  • East: Health
  • North: Relationship
  • South-West: Wisdom

#2: Teacher

Your purpose in life is to gather wisdom and share it with the world.

Your 4 directions:

  • North-East: Success
  • West: Health
  • North-West: Relationship
  • South-West: Wisdom

#3: Bringer of light

Your purpose is to bring someone into light, spiritually or professionally.

Your 4 directions:

  • South: Success
  • North: Health
  • South-East: Relationship
  • East: Wisdom

#4: Manager

Your purpose is to manage others with a clear vision and direction. 

Your 4 directions:

  • North: Success
  • South: Health
  • East: Relationship
  • South-East: Wisdom

#5: (Men) teacher, (women) connector

Men have the same directions as Energy Number 2. You’re the Teacher. For women, they’re called Connectors, and they have the same directions as Energy Number 8.

#6: Creator

Your purpose is to create new technologies, innovations, arts, and work with children.

Your 4 directions:

  • West: Success
  • North-East: Health
  • South-West: Relationship
  • North-West: Wisdom

#7: Advisor, mentor

Your purpose is to bring the highest good for all and express this ideology to everyone you are involved with. 

Your 4 directions:

  • North-West: Success
  • South-West: Health
  • North-East: Relationship
  • West: WisdZom

#8: Connector

Your purpose is to nurture others with your talents and gifts. You work best if you are collaborating and teaming up with others. 

Your 4 directions:

  • South-west: Success
  • North-West: Health
  • West: Relationship
  • North-East: Wisdom

#9: Healer

Your purpose is to heal spirit, mind, and body.

Your 4 directions:

  • East: Success
  • South-East: Health
  • North: Relationship
  • South: Wisdom
Couple sleeping in bed to show which direction to sleep for wisdom, health, and romance

Activate Your Earth Luck

At least three aspects affect your manifestation skills: your destiny, your mindset, and your environment. 

While changing one’s destiny and mindset requires a tremendous amount of daily effort, it’s so much easier to affect your environment with feng shui principles. 

It can instantly shift your vibration and create positive changes in your health, success, relationships, and spiritual life. 

You can experience the results of changing your space within nine days and definitely within nine weeks once you apply its principles.

Ready to unlock your Earth Luck?

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