Western Vs Eastern Medicine: How To Get The Best Of Both

Western Vs Eastern Medicine: How To Get The Best Of Both

It might seem like there’s a split between Western “physical” medicine and Eastern “energy” medicine.

People tend to practice one or the other, but the reality is that both have benefits.

There is no need to stick to one or the other – you can pick both. Here are the merits of both Western vs Eastern medicine in today’s modern world.

Western Medicine Is Physical

Most Americans exclusively use Western medicine, which is excellent in urgent situations – if you’re bleeding, if your bone is broken, or if you need an emergency surgery.

What you’re doing is taking your condition and moving it into another state.

The problem is physical, so a physical change has to happen to move from one state to another.

Energy Healing Vs Western Medicine

A common belief of people that get into energy healing is that it is somehow “better” than Western Medicine and they reject Western medicine completely.

Instead of going to the doctor or dentist they say, “I’ll just do a little energy healing.

It’s a nice idea but it’s not practical.

Say, you want to clean your teeth. The amount of energy you have to put in to clean them energetically versus just going to the dentist just doesn’t make it worth the effort.

When a real physical problem needs to get fixed, just use physical medicine.

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How To Start Using Them Together

To get the best possible state of health, you want to combine energy healing and medicine together.

First, start proactively using energy healing to tweak your underlying state of health. Start looking at the root causes of your problems. These might be self-inflicted stresses, beliefs, and negativity.

Second, you can use energy clearing in tandem with physical medicine.

I often set the energy for my clients’ surgery to create the space for things to happen as smoothly as possible.

Think of it like going to the gym. If I’m going to work out, I may be tempted to just jump on the machine and bust out with heavy weights. I might feel pretty good, but… had I stretched beforehand, I’d be far less likely to injure myself.

Same thing goes with energy. If you do some pre-work before the physical event, you’ll get the full benefit of it without any surprises.

For example, if I have a client who is about to undergo surgery, I would first ground the surgery room, visualize the surgery ahead of time, make sure the doctors are present, focused, and feeling good.

Then I’d look around the room and clear out any dark energy that might be left over. Maybe someone died recently in that room and there’s some negative energy around that. I’d clear the energy to make sure everybody is as comfortable as possible.

Doctors And Patients Sharing Responsibility

One of the key benefits of energy medicine is that it’s empowering.

The model of Western Medicine is: “Something is happening to me, and I need help. I need to go to the authority (doctor) because there is no direct way for me to heal myself.

However, doctors can empower their patients to participate. For example, try visualizing the surgery turning out better than expected, and feeling grateful for the restored level of health.

This is a simple way of changing your trajectory from, “Oh my god, what if I die from this surgery,” and creating stress around the event, towards a place that gives the physical medicine the best odds of succeeding.

I’ve also seen that giving a patient that sense of control and empowerment over the outcome speeds up the healing process following Western medical interventions.

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The Future Of Medicine And Healing

There was a point when we didn’t understand germ theory.

Back in the day, the idea that there were tiny invisible things crawling around killing people was crazy. Now, we’re embarrassed when we look back at hygiene practices in hospitals.

I feel that’s where we are right now with energy medicine and energy healing.

People are becoming increasingly open to energy healing as more and more proof comes up. We’re only just setting up the technology now to detect, quantify, and rationalize it.

It’s still not as mainstream as Western medicine, but it’s catching up fast. Soon enough we’ll get to a place where it seems comical that we didn’t use energy healing on a regular basis before.

Have you ever used energy healing before? Share in the comments below!

Written by
Jeffrey Allen