The 5 Stages of Coaching

The 5 Stages of Coaching

Ajit speaking on stage at Mindvalley University 2018

Coaching has become a buzzword around the globe, but do you know how coaching actually works? Discover the 5 stages with Ajit Nawalkha.

About The Video

Coaching is a growing trend worldwide and everyone wants to be part of it.

The purpose of coaching is to unlock a person’s potential to maximize their own performance using coaching tools and techniques.

But, how does coaching create transformational results?

The key is in delivering great coaching sessions.

In this video, we break down the 5 stages of coaching that make up the foundation of a high-impact, transformational coaching session. 

Once you understand how the basics work, it’s easy to customize and use the power of coaching to level up your life and business!

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What You Will Learn:

✅ How to tap into the billion-dollar personal coaching industry even if you are still transitioning into this new career.

✅ You need absolute clarity on your packages, right? Wrong. Learn why getting clear on your packages might hurt your business and what to do instead.

Where to find clients. In abundance, so your business uncertainty becomes business certainty.

✅ Say goodbye to doubt. Research shows that most new coaches don’t start because they doubt their ability to coach or enroll. After this class, you will know why you have doubted yourself and how to get past these doubts so you can finally get started with your new career.

✅ What to do if you cringe “selling” your coaching services… and how to have clients want to work with you.

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