5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Great Spiritual Adventure

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Great Spiritual Adventure


How you choose to meet a fast-changing future is in your hands. Check out these 5 ways you can prepare to meet the spiritual adventures that lie ahead.

Is Your Future a Spiritual Adventure?

So how does the future look to you? With change coming toward you at an ever-faster pace, does it sometimes feel like you are standing on quicksand? Or maybe on a giant log rolling along in a turbulent river? Are that sinking and swirling sensation part of the ride? Is it meant to feel overwhelming and scary or is it meant to feel exciting and exhilarating? Actually, the choice is up to you!

How you choose to meet a fast-changing future is in your hands. Will you let yourself shrink with fear or grow with love? Both as a physical and spiritual being, you are already programmed to learn and grow. Just as your body and mind have matured over time, your spirit has been seeking ways to expand, to move closer to the light, to develop more understanding and awareness.

Your spirit longs to keep that outward and upward movement going, to advance in knowledge, to increase your well-being, your happiness, and your power to help and contribute. Growth feels good and sends reverberations of hope and possibility into the world around you.

The excitement and joy you feel when pursuing spiritual growth are natural. When you work at expanding your awareness, bringing yourself into balance, experiencing greater peace, raising your consciousness, and connecting with the Divine, you are actually assisting every other person and creature on the planet to do the same.

How you meet life’s challenges matters — with every thought and emotion you have, you’re sending out a wave of energy that makes its way into the fabric of humanity’s consciousness. By embracing growth and facing change with your best self, you contribute to the well-being of all.

Here are 5 ways you can prepare to meet whatever spiritual adventures lie ahead with courage and joy:

meditation practice

1. Build your meditation practice

The first step is always to open and strengthen your channel to the source. Preparing the way for growth and change begins with this universal practice to still the mind; calm, cleanse, and refresh the body; and increase your connection to the infinite source of all information, love, and light.

Meditate to improve your ability to focus your consciousness. Building your ability to connect with the Divine will help you absorb and understand the knowledge you receive. Learn to meditate with an experienced teacher and build a practice that will stay with you and support all your future endeavors.

2. Discover who you are

Will you be ready to face the future with a balanced and light-centered self? Begin at the heart of matters. Examine yourself to see if you know who you really are and what you really want. What are your beliefs and values? Your hopes and fears? What do you love to do and whom do you love?

Because you are a unique being, there is much knowledge about yourself that only you can discover, much work that only you can do. Start a program of self-study that has proven helpful for others.

Be open and willing to accept what you learn about yourself. Your willingness to receive information and make peace with all aspects of your being will help you use this new knowledge to move your life toward harmony and joy.


3. Embrace prayer

You’ll find a world of healing information in the study and practice of prayer. Common to every culture and every people, prayer is about joining to the light, Source, God, or whatever name you have for the energy of unconditional love.

Forms of prayer can include contemplation, affirmations, music, art, being in nature, and physical activities like dance and yoga—all used to connect to the Divine. Try forms of prayer that are new to you.

Use affirmations to declare a shift into your higher-self qualities. “I am able to heal.” “I am an instrument of peace and love.” You can also connect to the Divine through creative activities you love by asking to be a channel for the divine light as you work.

4. Record your truth in your journal

Keeping a daily journal of your thoughts and feelings can support your spiritual growth in several ways. If you haven’t kept a journal before, you’ll discover a wonderful opportunity to express yourself, explore your feelings, be authentic, and tell the truth in a safe and private setting.

It takes practice to dig deep into your experience and express your authentic self openly and honestly. When you learn to be truthful on the pages of your journal, you learn to be truthful in the world. You step into a new level of self-awareness and self-trust, opening the door to future accomplishments.

5. Join A Group Of Like-Minded Friends

5. Join a group of like-minded friends

Taking a class or workshop with others who are seeking spiritual growth can be the ultimate learning experience. Finding out what others are working to achieve and striving to understand can help you realize your own gifts and imagine ways to develop them. You may only discover the true possibilities of your own future by seeing the example of other lives and by connecting with others in spiritual practices like meditation and prayer.

When you develop compassionate regard for yourself and others who are now experiencing life on the physical plane, your capacity to grow and serve expands.

All spiritual beings having a human experience face similar challenges. Working toward spiritual growth together empowers you to meet those challenges with love, joy, and a deep feeling of unity.

Will you be ready to meet the future with an open heart, an open mind, and a joyful knowing that adventures beyond imagining lie ahead? Begin to use your spiritual resources to move away from fear and toward love today.