17 Ways Successful People Think Differently About Money

17 Ways Successful People Think Differently About Money


This infographic explains 17 ways successful people think about money — and by repeating these beliefs to yourself, you’ll adopt secrets of The Millionaire Mind.

Talking about wealth and money is a sensitive topic for many people.

If you are one of them, chances are, you are holding on to negative beliefs that you picked up from those around you.

Inspired by Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, we created this infographic to help you understand the difference between a successful and unsuccessful mindset.

Secrets of The Millionaire Mind

It’s clear that successful people think differently about money than those who aren’t as financially abundant.

Committing yourself to a successful mindset means you are committing yourself to success. Repeat these 17 beliefs to yourself, and watch how you start attracting the abundant life you deserve.