Inside the Mind of Nuseir Yassin: 3 Lessons for Positive Change

Inside the Mind of Nuseir Yassin: 3 Lessons for Positive Change

Nuseir Yassin, founder of Nas Academy

Nas Daily’s Nuseir Yassin has gone from one-minute videos to a successful entrepreneur. On The Mindvalley Show, he shares insights on how you can do the same.

If you were active on Facebook in 2016, chances are, you may have stumbled upon Nas Daily’s one-minute videos. They were essentially a way to document his life for 1000 days, but one thing’s for sure: they were funny, heart-warming, and inspiring. 

That is the beauty of Nas Daily, the creation of Nuseir Yassin, a Palestinian-Israeli who quit his job as an engineer and decided to tell stories that matter.

His approachable and relatable style, combined with his infectious enthusiasm for life, has shaped valuable lessons for Nuseir. He’s a big advocate for the power of storytelling, the importance of empathy, and the beauty of diversity.

And that’s exactly the lessons he shares in a sitdown with Vishen on The Mindvalley Show.

You can listen to the whole podcast episode here:

Nuseir’s Story

Nuseir is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. His story from engineering to entrepreneurship is a confirmation that the life you desire to live is possible when you venture out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams.

Born in Arraba, a small village in northern Israel, Nuseir has long had a passion for learning and exploring. He followed the traditional path: graduated from college (impressively, Harvard University), co-founded a tech company, and worked as a software engineer for Venmo.

But he felt something was missing. 

So, he did what any passionate person would do if they felt their soul wasn’t being fulfilled—he quit his job and decided to explore the world. With a camera in hand, he started logging his travels on a Facebook page called Nas Daily. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Top 3 Lessons From Nuseir Yasin on Entrepreneurship and Social Change

Going viral and building a brand came with lessons and blessings. And with those, Nuseir has gained many powerful insights.

Here are three (of many) key lessons he shares on Mindvalley’s podcast. 

1. The power of community

Have you ever heard the saying by motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”? It simply means the five people you spend the most time with are the ones who shape you into who you are. 

And there’s a powerful truth in it.

“The right community can change your life, the wrong community can destroy you,” Nuseir shares. When you surround yourself with inspirational human beings, there’s a high chance you’ll feel driven to be the best version of yourself, make healthy choices, and follow your dreams.

Additionally, the power of community goes beyond external achievements. Studies suggest that a weak sense of belonging is associated with poor mental health conditions and struggling to find your path in life. 

Think about it. We are all products of our environment, from our groups of closest friends or coworkers to the things we read and the shows we watch—they all have a certain influence on what we become. That’s why being part of an inspirational community can be the key to skyrocketing your self-growth and personal development.

Nuseir Yassin’s insight: “I really think everyone should double down and research who are the 10 people that [you] interact with on a daily basis, and if they are even just slightly questionable, you must shut them off.”

2. The ins and out of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It does require a whole lot of grit, determination, and a willingness to be resilient and learn from your mistakes.

In his own journey, Nuseir faced countless challenges and setbacks, but he kept pushing forward. That allowed him to learn from his mistakes and find ways to constantly improve.

He believes that in the world of entrepreneurship, people can be of two different kinds:

  • The super focused and intuitive entrepreneurs. These are people who just know exactly what to do, hit their target, have a breakthrough, and accomplish success effortlessly.
  • The super hardworking entrepreneurs. They are the people who go through many trials and errors until they hit their target, putting in the effort and persistence required to achieve success. Most people fall into this category, Nuseir included.

What’s more, on the path to building a great company, defining its meaning, and having a clear purpose are key to building the necessary resilience to keep going no matter what.

Nuseir Yassin’s insight: “My goal in life is to build a company like the ship of Theseus. No matter who comes in, no matter who the CEO is, no matter who the software engineer is, Nas Company stands for something bigger than any individual, and that is how you build a hundred-year company.”

3. The niceness trap

When your content and personal branding revolve around being nice to other people, the expectation is that you cannot be “unnice,” as Nuseir explains. And that can have a huge impact on building a thriving business.

He highlights the big difference between being nice and being kind.

  • Being nice. It often implies saying yes to everything that comes, even when you should draw some clear boundaries. When you try to avoid conflict at all costs, you end up sacrificing your set of personal values for the well-being of others.
  • Being kind. It’s about the honesty you can bring to the conversation, even when it feels difficult or uncomfortable. It also gives you the ability to set clear boundaries and have the courage to speak your truth unwaveringly.

You don’t need to sacrifice your honesty and integrity in order to maintain a façade of niceness; this won’t help you in the entrepreneurial world. Nuseir is a kindness advocate because he knows it’s not just about being friendly and agreeable all the time. 

It’s the willingness to have difficult conversations, give constructive feedback, and stand up for what’s right.

So when you’re looking at building a successful business and a connected community, it’ll require you to be a leader who can discern, set boundaries, and make decisions according to their highest vision.

Nuseir Yassin’s insight: “When things are not going the right way, you need to be able to make tough decisions.”

Unlock Your Greatness

“My goal in life is not to be famous,” says Nuseir, “but to be impactful.” With Nas Daily and Nas Academy, he seems to be doing just that. 

You, too, can take a cue from Nuseir and find the path that fills your soul. And Mindvalley can help you get there. 

The Mindvalley Show hosts incredible guests from all around who’re doing what they can to leave a positive impact on the world. But that’s only one aspect of the personal growth platform.

When you claim your free access, you’ll open the door to a vast array of transformation quests, from discovering your authenticity to finding your life’s mission to building your business. Additionally, you’ll find:

  • Guided meditations help you release any mental blockages and tension on your journey to self-actualization.
  • A community of people to connect with and share your challenges and your accomplishments along the way.

There is good to be found anywhere in the world,” according to Nuseir. And yours can start with you. 

Welcome in.

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