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Mindvalley For Business: Moving Your Team Beyond Corporate Training

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Summary: Empower your employees by empowering their personal growth. Explore how you can move your team beyond corporate training.

Facilitating personal transformation and development, Mindvalley provides vital education that has largely been neglected by our schooling systems. Our Mindvalley community comprises unique individuals who question the status quo and aim to learn beyond the confines of traditional education. 

Nevertheless, personal growth is not, and should not be limited only to the individual. Collective personal growth is just as critical in organizations around the world. Hence, Mindvalley for Business was born — a platform that grants your colleagues, employees, or teams unlimited access to all of our Mindvalley Quests to level up their performance in their work and personal lives. 

With Mindvalley for Business, your teams won’t just be building the right mindset through the best personal transformation training in the world, but your company culture will go through the roof as a result. With unity at the foreground of everything you do, you’ll create deeper and more meaningful long-term connections within your team. 

According to a 2017 study by Ceridian, a global human capital management software company, in the U.S., 91% of high performers reported that working for an employer that offered learning and development opportunities was important to them. This goes to show how important it is for leaders in the U.S. and all over the world, to help employees to develop and transform into the best version of themselves. 

While most organizations are offering corporate training courses to their employees, these courses offer little value when compared to the inevitable 360 transformations available with Mindvalley for Business. Despite the potentially heavy investments in traditional corporate courses, as the leader of your organization, you’re probably still witnessing the following issues in your workforce:

  • Work-related stress and anxiety – impacting the wellbeing of your team
  • Lack of social cohesiveness – dampening the performance of your employees
  • Limited learning and development within roles and responsibilities – stunting your growth

With Mindvalley for Business, however, you’ll immediately discover the powerful transformation the Mindvalley experience will bring, to every member of your team. You’ll notice changes that are so deep, your team won’t just elevate their performance at work but also in every other aspect of their lives. Daniel Siera, the General Manager of Duracell Mexico, has seen the impact for himself.

“A key insight gained from the employees who have used Mindvalley is that they appreciate Duracell’s investment in themselves as individuals, with courses that help them to become not just better leaders but also better parents, sleep better, read faster, and live lives with greater purposes.”

new corporate culture

According to a study conducted by Wrike, a project management software company, 94% of workers in the U.S. reported feeling stressed at work. To further illustrate the impact of work-related stress in a company, Dynamic Signal, a communications software company, reported that in 2019, 80% of the U.S. workforce reports feeling stressed because of ineffective communication and 63% of them are ready to quit their job because of it.

Unquestionably, these statistics are tell-tale signs of highly compromised workplace cultures in numerous organizations, which in turn, result in detrimental effects on the employees’ wellbeing. Therefore, leaders of all organizations are responsible for promoting stronger emotional and psychological wellness among their employees.

To fulfill this responsibility, an effective training program that is taught by experts in the field of stress and anxiety management should be prescribed. With a combined expertise of various cutting-edge therapeutic techniques — including hypnotherapy, NLP, and psycho sensory treatments — Mindvalley for Business delivers these lessons in bite-sized snippets through Mindvalley Quests. This will immediately support every member of your team in their respective transformation journey, providing them with a full grasp on the nuances of maintaining good physical and mental health.

What makes Mindvalley for Business different from other enterprise-level training platforms? 

For a start, the curriculum at Mindvalley is focused on improving the wellbeing of everyone in your team so they can be the best version of themselves in all aspects of life. Imagine even before everyone in your team kicks off the day, they have a clear vision of their goals for the next 24 hours and the upcoming week. This equates to effective goal-setting and laser-sharp focus. All this comes with the mastery of a simple meditation process, The 6 Phases of Meditation — designed by Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani.

In your quest to alleviate the work-related stress and anxiety experienced by your team, you can support them to pursue a life that is stress-free with Everyday Bliss by Paul McKenna. In only 21 days, every member of your team will be able to process stress more healthily and productively by learning a system, designed by Paul McKenna, using his signature NLP and hypnotherapy techniques. After the short yet insightful journey, your team will always stay optimistic and engaged, even in the face of challenges and obstacles at work.

In addition to the progressive curriculum, your team of happy and engaged employees will be part of the supportive Mindvalley Tribe. Apart from the ability to support each other in their transformation journey, your team will have the benefit of learning and growing with other individuals and teams outside of their own organization. This immediately allows your team to share their thoughts and opinions with everyone within the tribe. Thus, your team won’t only relieve stress by sharing their struggles with their own team, but they’ll also be able to share them with a much bigger community in the Mindvalley Tribe.

Since being part of the Mindvalley community, the boost in work-life balance and happiness among the employees in Swedbank AS — the leading bank in Estonia — is evident. Birgit Lahtein, a Project Manager in Swedbank AS, expresses that the engaging training programs have enabled them to find a work-life balance and thus, raising the level of happiness in different areas of their lives.

“Mindvalley for Business has a really innovative platform to engage you and your team to complete the short yet practical training programs effectively. We have promoted the program to our corporate customers and received wonderful feedback. The biggest surprise of the program has been that it doesn’t only improve your work-life balance but it also enables you to find a balance between all aspects of your life and thus helping you to find happiness. By staying consistent with the implementation of this program, we believe that it will have a major impact on our society. In addition to the improvement in business growth, customer and employee satisfaction, it will also raise the happiness levels of all individuals.”

Moreover, there is more than just unlimited access to all of these transformative Quests — your team will also receive unlimited access to our ever-growing library of powerful meditations from world-renowned instructors, in Omvana, Mindvalley’s very own meditation app. Being the number 1 grossing Health and Fitness app in 30 different countries, Omvana is designed to make meditation accessible for everyone. From preliminary bite-sized meditation sessions for beginners to advanced sessions for seasoned practitioners, Omvana will be able to find a meditation routine for anyone in your team to get better at meditation and ultimately better in different aspects of life. Undoubtedly, these customizable meditation routines will lead to an improvement in stress and anxiety management among your team of employees. 

meditation at work

Cultivating Skills And Habits That Augment Team Productivity And Performance

According to research by Gallup, a management consulting firm based in the U.S., it was reported that 30% of employees have a best friend at work. Furthermore, those who do are seven times as likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, produce higher quality work, have higher well-being, and are less likely to get injured on the job. This indicates that cultivating meaningful relationships within a team boosts the productivity and performance of that team. To reinforce the significance of building social relationships among team members, according to a study conducted by a team of MIT researchers, idle chit-chat might actually be valuable to productivity. The researchers found that even small increases in social cohesiveness lead to large gains in production.  The result of this study aligns perfectly with Mindvalley’s mission to unify and elevate your team culture through personal development.

However, amidst the unprecedented times we live in due to the COVID-19 outbreak, remote working has fast become the new normal. This presents a further challenge when it comes to improving social cohesiveness in a team. According to a 2019 study conducted by Buffer, a social media management software company, 19% of remote workers express that their biggest struggle of remote working is loneliness. As this study was conducted in 2019, one can only imagine how the impact of loneliness has increased tenfold in remote teams since the Coronavirus pandemic. In a remote team setting, casual conversations which usually happen around the water cooler or over lunch are no longer possible. 

In order to counter the dip in social interaction, our Mindvalley Quests are focused on establishing a strong and engaging team culture by presenting a platform that encourages interaction outside of work-related subjects. The unlimited access to Mindvalley Quests will not only create more opportunities for your team to socialize with each other but will also allow them to grow and learn together. Hence, the sense of connection between your team members will lead to immense potential in heightening team productivity and performance. 

When it comes to elevating the connection between team members, there’s no better approach than to foster an environment for skill development and habit-formation that allows them to maximize productivity and performance in all areas of their lives. 

Picture this — you wake up one morning and the inner dormant genius within every member of your team has been awakened. Your team can finally unleash their creativity, passion, and motivation to create the impact they wish to make on the organization. With Quests like Hero. Genius. Legend and The Habit of Ferocity, your team will be equipped with revolutionary approaches and frameworks to transform their habits rapidly and permanently for exponential results. At the end of their journey, your team will enhance their ability to achieve peak performance in their careers and personal lives.

On the subject of personal transformation among employees, Surina Shukri, the CEO of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) — Malaysia’s leading agency that is driving the nation’s digital economy — states that her team has successfully started their journeys in personal transformation with Mindvalley. Surina is thrilled that all of her team members were able to grasp the concepts of self-transformation in just a few hours. 

“I am overjoyed that our conversation resulted in 500 of my team members starting personal transformation journeys of their own and a pledge from us to create the Best Workplace and Best Lives we could ever have. Self-transformation lessons and belief systems that took me 4 years to discover on my own, you taught my team in just hours. All 500 of us are grateful and will continue to elevate our role as Visionary Leaders.”

Furthermore, in line with the importance of cultivating deep and meaningful relationships among a team of employees, Mindvalley’s Connections app aims to help you find like-minded people in different communities based on shared passions and interests through its groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Hence, this doesn’t only allow your employees to build an engaging relationship with each other, but they will also find plentiful opportunities to stay in touch with the Mindvalley Tribe through different platforms including Mindvalley’s events, meet-ups, and online.

Learning And Transforming together

Learning And Transforming Beyond Your Job Description — A New Company Culture

Mindvalley has always had the mission of disrupting the current education system and offering courses in areas that most colleges and universities are neglecting. With the introduction of Mindvalley for Business, we are extending this mission to a wide range of businesses and companies, from start-ups to corporations. 

Driven by our vision of revolutionizing the learning process in a company, our Mindvalley Quests are designed with the very purpose of elevating your company’s culture. 

To discern Mindvalley Quests from any other corporate training courses, the Quests are designed for lifelong transformation among the students instead of the usual model of completing a course within a specific time frame, without grasping the core concept of the teachings. In order to fulfill the promise of bringing lifelong transformation to the Mindvalley community, our programs are made for employees who are motivated to learn beyond their job descriptions. They are made for you who wish to put personal development on the top of your priority list. 

In addition to the promise of lifelong transformation in your team, Mindvalley for Business supports your organization in curriculum customization. To ensure a learning experience that is unlike any other, we will support the amazing talents in your company to tailor their Mindvalley experience to their own development goals. Moreover, we will assign a dedicated Mindvalley for Business specialist — known as a Mindvalley Champion — to take on the role of managing the curriculum and learning experience in your company, from start to end. Therefore, your team can focus all of their efforts on the transformative learning journey without having to spend any time or resources on planning. 

To establish a seamless experience with Mindvalley in your organization, as the leader, you will have two options in crafting an inspiring experience for your team.

If you plan to instill flexibility and independence in your team’s learning journey, you can grant your employees access to all Quests so they can navigate the journey on their own. And, if you aim to unify the learning journey for your team, you can choose a specific Quest to be released each month for your team. This will ultimately help you to monitor the performance of your team in each Quest and develop a uniform learning experience.

Whichever approach you choose for your team, your Mindvalley Champion will facilitate the process of choosing the most suitable Quests based on their personal development goals. With Mindvalley’s unique “Lifebook Assessment”, each member of your team will be able to assess and evaluate their own transformative goals in just 15 minutes. Hence, your Mindvalley Champion will determine the Quests that will set them up for success in achieving their goals.

Moreover, your team of motivated employees won’t be the only ones who will receive all of the benefits of having a Mindvalley Champion. As the leader of your organization, you will be supported by your Mindvalley Champion in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the programs. In addition to a biweekly or monthly check-in, your Mindvalley Champion will simplify your evaluation and analysis process with the use of our powerful analytics and consumption report. This will result in an accurate interpretation of the learning progress across your organization. In turn, you will be able to identify the most engaged students in your team and make appropriate adjustments to your programs together with your Mindvalley Champion.

Since joining the Mindvalley for Business community, Aman Chawal, the CEO of Citilight — a smart lighting service provider based in New Delhi, India — continues to have an exceptional experience with the support he has received from his Mindvalley Champion. 

“The Mindvalley Project Manager (we call him Master Shifu) plays an integral role in the process. Our account is managed by Jeff Consul and the experience has been exceptional – I say that on behalf of the entire team. His weekly catch-up calls are opportunities for the team to interact with each other, away from their day-to-day work interactions, and it’s a chance to get clarity on the Quests and topics being covered.”

To reward your gallant effort and commitment to empowering your people, we are bringing a brand new networking model to you as part of our community in the near future. In what we call the “Guild Model”, we’ll be able to connect you and your team with people of similar mindsets within and outside of the organization via Mindvalley’s Connections app. Not only will you get matched with the right talents, but you’ll also receive a culture map for your company via AI-powered technology. 

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