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Mind The Science Of Mind Hacking: How To Upgrade Your Brain With These Simple Daily Habits

The Science Of Mind Hacking: How To Upgrade Your Brain With These Simple Daily Habits

Have you ever seen the Matrix?

The franchise became wildly popular in the early 2000s thanks to its visual effects and provoking premise.

Neo literally had the power to bend reality. He could hack in to the Matrix to instantaneously teach himself any skill.

Imagine if such a power could be used in the real world today.

Sounds like wishful thinking? Well, it’s not.

Not only is it possible to hack your reality, but it’s also possible to hack your mind.

In this video created by Be Inspired, I explain how mind hacking works with simple daily exercises that can alter your states of consciousness.

Here’s how to hack your brain into doing exactly what you want.

Learning To Reverse Engineer The Brain

You’ve probably heard about the science of the four different brain waves: alpha, beta, theta, and delta. In fact, binaural beats are specifically designed to target these brain waves and induce different states of consciousness.

Turns out, just four sets of brainwaves is kindergarten neuroscience compared to where the research stands today.

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There are some 50 different brain frequencies scientists study right now.

Just let the weight of that sink in. 50 different brain frequencies.

And if you reverse engineer these frequencies, you can change the way your brain functions. You can activate intuition, creativity, and even what I call the state of “bending reality” at will.

Remember the scene in the Matrix where Neo plugs himself in to instantaneously learn kung fu?

Well, by reverse engineering brain wave frequencies, we may actually be able to mimic something similar in our own brains. Not to learn kung fu, exactly. But to increase the power of our creativity, intuition, and ability to learn?


How mind hacking really works

We’re used to thinking of our brains as a static, unchanging thing. But that’s far from the truth.

The neuroplasticity of the brain has been demonstrated by science time and again.

Our brains have the capacity to change and adapt according to the circumstances at hand. They’re flexible and malleable. Constantly growing, constantly changing.

So, why not learn to use that adaptability to our advantage? 

We’ve already begun to reverse engineer different states. You have incredible power in your brain. You simply have to learn how to unlock it.

If you want to try it yourself and unlock the potential in you, look into 40 Years Of Zen.

It’s a five-day program that uses a revolutionary form of neurofeedback to help you better understand the way your mind works. And then use that understanding to tap into the inherent power of your brain.

This is the program I have gone through with other entrepreneurs like Jim Kwik, Dave Asprey, and JJ Virgin. And it changed my life.

You can get your own personalized brain map from them and train yourself with neurofeedback to function at altered states. Here’s where you can sign up.

What do you do that helps you get into your ideal brain state? Share it with us in a comment below.

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