Manifesting Money Using The Law Of Attraction

how to begin manifesting money
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It was a fantastic date, and you couldn’t possibly be more excited at what the future may hold with this new individual as a part of it.

The food was delicious, the wine immaculate, and now all that remains before the rest of this beautiful night, is to pay the bill.

Then, your card is declined.

Chances are high that we’ve all been here before, as we frantically begin to realize we should probably be exerting more energy into manifesting money.

I mean, life with more money sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?

You work hard, and pay your bills on time. There’s food in the fridge and the debt is minimal. Yet, there just never seems to be enough.

Your friends tell you the universe is with you, to just have faith and everything will be okay. And you generally agree with them, as you maintain a positive outlook on life. But still, manifesting money into your reality doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult.

“If the universe was with me, I’d have what I need,” you think.

Then the thoughts begin to wander. Is the universe with me? Am I with it? Maybe I should be asking for more money…

But how?

How Do I Ask The Universe For Money?

How to ask the universe for money?

Truth is, you can ask all you want.

However, honestly, money isn’t going to just magically appear in your life.

Short of winning the lotto.

In these moments of doubt and despair, what we should be doing is reflecting our energy inward. Asking ourselves the deeper and more tormenting questions.

Ultimately realizing that the key to a better life here, the means of manifesting money better, lie in a reconstruction of our current value systems.

More so than anything else, ensure that you are actively in pursuit of your deepest and truest passions.

If you are, then enough money will surely follow.

Yes, it really is that simple.

But okay, maybe you are in pursuit of your truest passions, and still just can’t seem to get ahead.

Or perhaps, money really is your deepest passion.

In either case, there does indeed exist a series of steps you can take to specifically attract more money into your life.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Attract Money?

How to manifest money

In the pursuit of manifesting money, an active application of the law of attraction is a great place to start.

The law of attraction, in its simplest explanation, maintains that your reality will find itself inevitably composed of that which you have chosen to focus on.

Dwell on the fact that you are broke, and you shall remain penniless. Focus instead on how wealthy you could be, how wealthy you are, and watch the money begin to pile up.

When it comes to manifesting money, one must maintain a rather consistent focus on the desire for having more. At least until the practice of this focus becomes subconscious.

Magnificently so, there exists a large series of techniques which one can use to fully embody this law of attraction. However, in our pursuit of manifesting money, we need only focus on a few.

1. Face your reality

First and foremost, allow yourself to come to terms with your reality.

Let this acknowledgment settle in — You can never get to where you want to be, without first assuming ownership of where you currently are.

How much money do you actually earn? How much is required for your basic monthly bills?

With what is left over, are you properly prioritizing and planning ahead?

Although frivolously spending here and there, going out on the weekends and for lunch every day at work, may seem necessary. Rest assured, it is not.

Establish some goals, and save for them, first.

Even if it’s only $40 or $50 a paycheck. That class you’ve been wanting to take, or trip you’ve been dreaming of, will never actually happen so long as that philly cheese steak and fries every Wednesday is more important.

Which takes us right into our next step, keep track of where your money goes.

2. Track your spending

Remember those deeper and more tormenting questions that I mentioned above?

Well, are we sure that we are spending our money on the things that we actually need?

Track your spending for a week, or even a month. Isolate where the bulk of it disappears to, and honestly ask yourself if you are spending your money as wisely as you could be.

Is manifesting money really such a necessary thing to be focusing on? Or do you perhaps have more than enough, and just happen to be currently letting it go towards meaningless endeavors?

Actually, this brings us straight back to pursuing our truest passions.

Invest in yourself, in your passion. If this is where your focus lies, then your money is certainly being spent wisely.

Focus on yourself, what it is that you intend to accomplish, and your money will naturally be spent in this direction. Which will inherently enhance the self, consequently manifesting an abundance of joy, and yes, more money.

3. Focus on abundance and you will find abundance

More money.

Perhaps the greatest application of the law of attraction in the pursuit of manifesting money, is to simply, regularly, think about having more.

If one of your primary focuses is to have more money, then you will naturally do all that you can to ensure this reality. Saving will be easier, and new opportunities for earning will present themselves more frequently.

Focusing on this abundance should also be taken a bit further than this, though.

As it can become highly advantageous to concentrate on the abundance of beauty that is already in your life.

Keep a gratitude journal, practice meditation, share your love with friends and family. In focusing on the abundance already in your life, and becoming truly grateful for all that you have, the ‘need’ for more will slowly dissipate.

Which will certainly lead you to having more. In a, yes, rather ironic fashion.

Manifesting money is honestly a rather simple process. You just have to focus on yourself, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there. Let the rest go, and the money will present itself.

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