Wabi Sabi Love: How To Love Your Imperfect Partner Perfectly

Arielle Ford woke up one year into her whirlwind marriage and realized something: relationships are hard, but…

we can learn to love our imperfect relationships, not despite the annoyances, but also because of them.

About The Video

Sick of your partner not picking up his socks? Of always having to fix her car? Or listening to his lame jokes?

In this downright amazing Mindvalley’s A-Fest talk, best-selling author Arielle Ford shares the ancient Japanese aesthetic “Wabi Sabi” and how you can apply it to your relationship to turn what drives you nuts into a reminder of love.

Learn how to treasure the cracks, the flaws, the imperfections in the people that you love by watching the video above.

What are your tips to love your partner, flaws and all?

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