How to Return to Yourself and Truly Live Your Life

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How to Return to Yourself and Truly Live Your Life
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Highlights: It's time for you to set goals and truly live your life, but something is holding you back. Join us, as we help you return to your truest self.

From a very young age, perhaps before you can even remember, you’ve been told how to live your life.

Sadly, this process of living that you have been taught is not only inaccurate, invalid, and wrong, but it is also in fact, incredibly limiting.

We’ve all been fed the same blueprint for success, and an outdated blueprint at that.

Where, instead, we should be focusing on living our life, first and foremost, leaving things like wealth and happiness as secondary byproducts. We are instead encouraged to pursue these byproducts head-on, all the while being told that soon enough, at some yet undetermined future moment, we may finally be able to then, live our lives.

Sounds rather foolish to me, as well.

And yet most of us, if not at some point all of us, have fallen victim to this ideology. As we have blindly allowed ourselves to operate under its shadow of darkness.

Well today, I say, enough is enough!

May you choose to embark on a new journey. One where your primary focus is indeed to live your life, free from the expectations of any outside forces. Resultantly creating a space for life to be based on necessity, as opposed to some desire for status.

Believe me, do this and you will end up with far more than you need.

So, are you ready?

What Do I Want?

First things first, ask yourself this, “What do I want?

You must figure out what you want in life before you can initiate a journey of getting there.

A pretty common sense statement, you might be thinking, and yet too often do we find ourselves without an adequate response to this very simple question. Providing answers instead that were given to us years ago, and that we have been simply regurgitating ever since.

It’s time to stop allowing yourself to operate based on the idea of what your parents think you want, or what your teachers think you want, or what anybody else thinks you want. Trust me, none of them have even the slightest inkling of a clue.

What do you want in this life?

The deepest of reflections here is an absolutely imperative first step in initiating this process of returning to yourself.

Essentially, what I’m asking you to do, is to establish an end goal.

Identify what you want

Establish an End Goal

An end goal whose rooting is derived from the core of your being.

If you want to truly live your life, you need to have an end goal that quite literally sets your soul on fire.

Perhaps even so much so that your friends and family begin to look and even run away in fury. Fearful because your energy is now radiating in entirely too triumphant of a fashion for them to handle.

You’ll disorient the status quo, and debunk its sense of comfort.

Let this be.

Focus on yourself, solidify your end goal, and begin to create various ‘smaller’ goals within its essence. Resultantly producing a realistic and applicable path of growth.

Sub-goals or benchmarks

That is, develop some goals within your goals, sub-goals, we’ll call them.

Having both short-term and long-term benchmarks of achievement will allow you to move towards this end goal in both a productive and progressive fashion.

And it is along this path of steady growth that you shall begin the process of truly returning to yourself.

It’s time to live your life!

No more holding back, no more hesitation, no more fear.

Understand the Types of Goals

Pursue an understanding of the various types of goals that you should be setting.

Isolate your vision through this multitude of lenses and take the time to really ensure that you are being s.m.a.r.t. with how you establish them all.

SMART goals

Have a Goal Planner

As you do so, initiate and record a plan of action.

Start a goal planner.

Such a process will seriously increase your own ability to manifest all of these dreams into reality.

Seriously, perhaps the most powerful thing you could ever do for your own personal development is to write down on paper what it is that you intend to accomplish.

By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands—your own.

—Mark Victor Hansen

Act On Actually Writing Goals Down

In writing goals, you inherently make these goals something real, something beyond just the imagination.

From here, the next step in how to live your life?

Imagine past your imagination. Yes, allow yourself to dream beyond the limits of your current perception.

Analyze and understand the play by play, your plan of action, and the subgoals there within, and likewise consider the impact you are about to make on the world.

Embody your vision and chose to move forward with a determined and unwavering force.

Derive Power From Others Goal Setting Quotes

Stay humble, though, and continue to seek guidance and support from those others of us who support your mission.

Both past and present, this world is full of people who want to help you in understanding how to truly live your life. You need only look in the right places.

Presently, consider Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program. A framework of development so powerful in delivering life-changing results, that it quickly earned the highest ever customer rating for a product on Mindvalley Academy, with thousands of raving case studies.

But also, never forget the wisdom of centuries past.

We are all a product of the same human lineage, and beautifully so, some of the greatest minds of mankind have left behind eons of such goal-setting wisdom, in their own recordings of goal-setting quotes.

Honestly, conceptualizing this path of action is not so difficult. There are resources for its configuration that are all here at your disposal. Choosing to embody it, however, now is up to you.

Ask yourself this, “If not now, when?”

Become limitless

The Secret? Personal Goals

There’s no big secret here guys, it just takes a bit of action. Decisive and deliberate action in the direction of you and your personal goals.

Now, here is where things might begin to get a little bit interesting.

As we keep all of the aforementioned in mind, it’s important to be sure that the goals you are setting are indeed personal goals.

Goals that fall under the jurisdiction of the things which you can actually control, and allowing yourself to let go of all the things which you cannot.

Leave the rest of the world to live out its own conceptualization of freedom as you choose to hold true to your own.

The Most Important Part — Personal Development Goals

Harness this idea of personal goals and direct all of your energy inward, as you’ll find further extending yourself into the concept of personal development goals to prove itself actually rather effortless.

This is great because this is the most important part.

True success lies in an expansion of the five developmental areas of goal setting. Focusing on these — physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral growth, above all else. Aspects of your being that you can control, and which will resultantly lead you towards a true becoming of your own limitless self.

Forget what everyone else has ever told you about how to live your life.

Gone, poof, throw it out.

The limiting belief systems of others hold no bearing on you or your being, outside of how it is that you have allowed them to. You know this, and you know that you know this.

Stop hiding behind the ease of agreeing with the fears of others.

Stop limiting yourself simply for the comfort of approval.

I can roll these dice a million different ways here guys, but the truth is, they’ll always land in precisely the same fashion. The key to becoming all that you’re capable of becoming lies within you finally deciding to live your life based on your standards.

Think back to a time when you had a dream, one you were very close to initiating a pursuit. Then, as you began to speak this dream into reality, someone else’s fears forced you to question yourself and inevitably halt in your pursuits.

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Jon-Olaf Hendricks

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