A Beginner’s Guide to “Light Language” & How to Use It

A Beginner’s Guide to “Light Language” & How to Use It

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Light language is a gateway to discovering your unique Soul’s frequency. Here’s what you need to know about this otherworldly form of communication.

If you could speak a foreign language, what language would you pick? 

Now imagine that you could learn a universal language, universal to multiple dimensions. And you could do it without spending years memorizing the alphabet, grammar, and vocabulary — simply by downloading it as one file (or two).

It sounds like a futuristic technology, but it’s been around for a while. It’s called light language.

If you want to know more about it, here are the foundations of it:

Most importantly, this language is accessible to everyone — as long as they intend to tap into their soul.

What Is Light Language?

Light language is your Soul’s language that holds your unique frequency or essence. Think of light as information — and light language is a channel through which you bring that subtle information forward into the physical reality.

It’s also a unique form of communication and connection with your spirit and Source. This is why it is a powerful modality for healing, clearing, upgrading, and receiving spiritual guidance.

According to Regan Hillyer, internationally renowned manifestation coach and trainer of Mindvalley’s The Art of Manifesting Quest, it’s the only language that can heal, that can be felt with the heart, that can be touched, that can be heard from within. This is the language of the Soul.


Where does it come from?

Light language is coming from and through you. More specifically, it comes from your higher aspects, incarnated in other dimensions and subtle realms. Depending on your heritage, it can be Pleiadian, Sirian, or Arcturian — a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, or Arcturus star systems. It can also come from mysterious lost civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis.  

It can also combine many different languages, known as the universal language of light.

People from different linguistic backgrounds who hear it for the first time report that it sounds familiar as if they’ve come back home.

Regan explains that you tap into it when you connect to guidance with the highest vibrations. When you are open to receiving this guidance, you become a channel through which you receive and transmit light codes.

What are those? Light codes are packets of information transmitted through light. Since everything in the Universe is made of light, so are you. 

So light codes are also dormant aspects within your DNA, which carry and transmit vibrational frequencies. These are encoded messages you can access to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

And you can tap into them by connecting to your light language.

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Forms of Light Language

There are three forms of light language — spoken, signed, and written. In communication, each form utilizes a different combination of hand gestures, body language, and facial expressions. 

Unlike any other known human language, it can’t be understood consciously as it’s not communicated through words. Yet, when you hear it, it touches your heart, and you can feel its healing energy.

It’s the light code transmission accessed through a process called downloading. Downloading such transmission may come in four ways — light language words, visuals, sounds, feelings, and thoughts. These are encoded messages one can receive and transmit in a deep meditative state. 

Speaking the light language is called channeling. In other words, you use your voice to create frequencies matching the channeled vibration. Then you transmit that energy to another person.

Some people can channel light language symbols and meanings. It’s believed that some of the Egyptian scribes represent light language symbols. Although you can’t comprehend them consciously, your higher consciousness recognizes them as the Creator’s words.

Regan explains that what people call “thin air” is a world of hidden information you can tap into via your multidimensional senses. “You possess more than five senses. Your multidimensional senses are ancient — just like our human brain,” she adds.

Regan Hillyer
Regan Hillyer, trainer of Mindvalley’s The Art of Manifesting Quest

What Is Light Language Used For?

Those who have experienced light language use it primarily to connect and communicate with their spirit guides. We all have guides. We just don’t know how to access them.

From Regan’s personal experience, it’s a potent tool that allows you to clear your field and your whole system to return to its natural state — the state of abundance.

It’s also a healing tool that can heal you and whoever hears this transmission. How does it work? Any imbalance in your body, mind, and spirit can be perceived as a lower vibrational state. Light language is a transmission of higher vibrations that overrides lower vibrations. It can also override your negative thoughts or emotions.

In essence, whenever you need guidance from your higher self, or spirit guides, to facilitate healing on all levels, light language can be an excellent tool for doing that.

How to Learn and Translate Light Language?

Firstly, translating light language into worldly communication defies its purpose. You don’t use it to communicate through your conscious mind — you access unconscious aspects of yourself that speak through vibration. So it’s an utterly intuitive process that bypasses human logic. So there’s no light language alphabet you can learn.

If you want to learn it, there are ways to do it:

1. Listen and repeat

Children learn language by listening and absorbing what they hear. When their listening comprehension is solidified, they begin to repeat words and phrases. It’s the most natural way of learning any language, including a foreign one.

In the same way, you can pick up light language by listening to someone’s channeling it and then repeating it using your voice. You can pronounce it, sing it, or hum it. 

Don’t get discouraged if nothing comes out of your mouth initially. The more you practice it, the sooner you unlock your Soul’s language.

2. Set an intention to remember it

It’s almost like having the intention to remember your dreams when you learn how to lucid dream. In this case, you intend to remember your Soul’s language. 

Imagine you’re tuning into your own Soul’s frequency. What does it sound like? What color does it have? 

When you practice your meditation and access deep altered states, remember your intention. And when you are ready, attempt to vocalize your light language.

Be patient, as it takes time to learn any new language. Notice any changes in your overall state and life. Your intention alone to tap into your Soul’s unique frequency can bring about immense transformation.

Raising Your Vibration With Mindvalley

You can see light language as a gift you can receive by raising your vibration. When your container is pure enough, you become open to this otherworldly form of communication to heal yourself and elevate the consciousness of humanity.

If that speaks to your Soul, you can unlock your free Mindvalley access to learn from Mindvalley’s spiritual teachers like Jeffrey Allen, Regan Hillyer, Sonia Choquette, and many others who will help you unlock your inner talents to be of better service to the world.

Welcome in.

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