15 Powerful Quotes to Help You Reclaim Your Personal Power By Deborah King

15 Powerful Quotes to Help You Reclaim Your Personal Power By Deborah King


Heal your past and find your truth with Deborah King. Embrace these 16 powerful advice on reclaiming your personal power.


– W Magazine on Deborah King

How to Reclaim Your Personal Power

Deborah King is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Media Personality, and the New York Times best-selling author of Truth Heals and Be Your Own Shaman.

She became an exemplary model of hope by overcoming the trauma she experienced in her childhood not only through her success as a lawyer in her twenties but also through her battle and survival from cancer, which led to her subsequent journey to becoming a phenomenon in Energy Healing.

If you want to heal your past and find your truth, Deborah King is the teacher you’re looking for. Here’s her powerful advice on reclaiming your personal power.

1. Practice self-love

“Love is like emergency oxygen masks in an airplane:
just as you must put on your mask before assisting others,
you must love yourself first in order to love others next.”

Practice self-love

Those who have difficulty with love often times have their Heart Chakra blocked due to emotionally charged events they had to endure in the past. Forgive your imperfect self and begin to embrace yourself for who you are. Start by removing the toxic relationships around you, including the one you forged with yourself.

2. Listen to your soul’s calling

“Your soul has a plan, but it may not be
the one you could ever have dreamed of
without reaching for expanded consciousness.
Keep your eyes on the unlimited skies of Spirit
so you won’t miss something amazing.”

Listen to your soul's calling

The sources connected to your inner voice and higher self are located at your sixth and third chakras. These chakras ask that you become aligned to your life’s purpose. Focus on these chakras to visualize what you want, and assess what’s most important to you. As a result, you’ll unlock the seeing-eye to help you gain the confidence you need and reach your alignment.

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3. Find your true voice

“Your true voice is guided by your higher self,
who knows your life plan and can whisper advice
that will lead you down the path you were meant to take.”

Find your true voice

The Throat Chakra is the one powerful communication chakra that revolves around living from your truth. Build a habit of journaling to help you through the times you find difficulty speaking your mind. Sing out loud and care more about how the action makes you feel. Meditate more because that’s the best way to increase your vibration and resonance to live a life that’s truly yours.

4. Explore your unique gifts

“You have a unique set of gifts and talents,
and you are here to use them.
Discovering the truth about your feelings and
coming to terms with them gives you the power
to forgive yourself and others.”

Explore your unique gifts

Telling the truth is an act of love for yourself, your life, and the people who matter most to you. The obstacles that block your energy healing journey are your unprocessed feelings and unidentified traumas. Give yourself permission to be honest and create a safe space within yourself for your own self-expression. Your body will automatically relax from your self-imposed burdens.

5. Discover the secrets within

“If what you need is power for self-exploration and self-discovery,
the feminine spirit can help with this effort to look within.”

Discover the secrets within

If you’re looking to experience true freedom, then you’ll discover that being true to yourself is the road to inner peace. Open the doors to the healing powers of self-love and self-acceptance because knowing yourself means knowing your truth. Journal your feelings and peel off the false persona you have built for yourself. This, in turn, will help you clear the channels for you to connect to both your inner being and to the Divine.

6. Tell the truth

“Awareness is always the first step to healing.”

Tell the truth

One method of measuring your spiritual progress is through the ever-expansion of your awareness. This process will enable you to experience greater peace, a raised consciousness, and a connection with the Divine light. Ask yourself about your own origin story. Open your spirit to understanding your happiness and the things that truly attract your presence.

7. Say positive affirmations

“I am able to heal.”
“I am an instrument of peace and love.”

Say positive affirmations

It’s time you awaken a bigger, better version of yourself. Wake up every day with lightness in your heart and a spring in your step. The joy, gratitude, love, and creative energy that’s filling your heart are the healthy alignments between you and Spirit. As Deborah says, “The best you is really a higher you.” This Higher Self is your connection to the Divine, the Source of All That Is, and The Power of Unconditional Love.

8. Ground yourself with meditation

“It paves the way for emotional healing,
boosts self-knowledge, and is also
an excellent method to balance your chakras.”

Ground yourself with meditation

The greatest irony of our era is the ease of connection and yet the constant feelings of disconnection. To counter the imbalance we feel, we must first silence the noise and build a foundation within. Sitting in silence, or in other words, Meditation is the surest way to reconnect with the Source. Recognize how this practice of focusing our mind helps us to effectively reach the calm and clear awareness we seek.

9. Know that oneness is all there is

“In an expanded state of awareness, you perceive beyond the limitations of your body and mind and feel that you are part of the vast universe around you, connected to All That Is.”

Know that oneness is all there is

Every living thing communicates through consciousness. Here’s why meditating daily and making a conscious effort to expand your awareness is very important: You’re giving yourself balance, peace, and a connection with the Divine Light. You’re also creating ripples of energy that have the power to affect and link to others. This experience of oneness is a vibration of consciousness so heightened, your “small self” will cease to exist. Because you’ve entered the universal energy field and have become one with Spirit and Soul.

10. Expand the world with your love

“When you laugh, you are reducing pain and stress,
building immunity, and lighting up the world for yourself and others.”

Expand the world with your love

One of the most beautiful things about human nature is the unconscious desire to help someone. Listen to the powerful words you offer as compliments, like, “You’re amazing! So beautiful and kind!” Just as you believe they have “the right stuff”, you can reflect your words unto yourself and embody them. Loving and accepting yourself is key to actualizing your life’s purpose.

11. Clear the channel for connection

“Clearing the channel for connection to your inner self
helps you connect to others and to Source.”

Clear the channel for connection

The components you need for your personal growth and to build your own spiritual practice are the accumulation of the challenging rocks thrown at you during your toughest times. Little do you realize how these are the connections that could help you tap into the ultimate power of the Divine. And once you’ve arrived, your energy will magnify an intensity that attracts a community of like-minded friends. You as an individual can create a ripple. But as a group, you can create a tidal wave.

12. Accept challenges as a path to strengthen your soul

“Each day is a new day. There will be obstacles.
The secret is to accept them as challenges to strengthen you.
Look down the road, and you’ll see that
the wagon has paused to wait for you.”

Accept challenges as a path to strengthen your soul

Yesterday, you broke your no-carb rule. Today, you missed a gym session. Tomorrow, you’ll be too busy to meditate. Breathe and stay present, right now. Your outer world is a reflection of your internal world. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t give up and think you’ve fallen and failed. Don’t let fear and anger drive you. Let love lead the way. Say, “I can and I will!” and forgive yourself.

13. Cultivate your inner light

“If you encourage the light that is already inside of you
to grow and expand, it will eventually burn so brightly
that others can’t help but see it, and they
will want to follow your radiant example.”

Cultivate your inner light

There is a light that exists in all of us, be it a small flickering flame or a giant bonfire. Darkness clouds your energy field like an ink drop in water, spreading quickly. This is what happens when your chakras and energy field are not operating optimally. So nurture that Divine light within and express it through your thoughts and actions. These are the positive ripples you want to affect the world with.

14. Invite the divine through rituals

“When you are able to access the unified field intentionally,
you have the ability to discover anything in the universe –
past, present, and future.”

14. Invite the divine through rituals

Have you experienced the vast universe around you when you enter your meditative state or a deep prayer? You can expand your state of awareness by walking in nature or even journaling. This connection is one of the most powerful forces for healing because for healing to happen, there has to be a harmony between your inner and outer life. Trust that everything happens for a reason, and your journey is part of your Divine plan.

15. Direct a better future by knowing your history

“My pilgrimage of the soul began with a childhood haunted by abuse.
My cancer diagnosis stunned and terrified me.
I desperately wanted a better way to live.
Learning to meditate changed the course of my life and
set me firmly on a spiritual climb I never would have believed possible.”

Direct a better future by knowing your history

 Observe the journey you have taken to arrive at where you are today. This pilgrimage of your soul is a journey toward higher consciousness because there is an energy within us that’s moving us forward every day. Sit with your mind to see your journey even more clearly. The good and dark moments arrive at specific points in our lives as tasks because with every awakening you experience through meditation, your spirit and soul become stronger to take them on.

16. Start within and you won’t go without

“Open your crown chakra. Real successes are
life achievements that are in perfect alignment with
your soul purpose and are therefore fulfilling and meaningful on
a spiritual level as well as a personality level.”

Start within and you won't go without

Where is the source of happiness? Is it from having it all? From the outside, it seems material abundance is happiness. But from an internal perspective, abundance begins from within. When you’ve attained internal abundance, you’ll realize it’s the greatest gift you could have given to yourself. Because there are no limits to what the universe can provide for you.