How To Get Smarter? Use These Two Essential Tips!

how to get smarter

Many of us grow up thinking that intelligence is fixed. Nature has dealt your hand, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

This is fundamentally wrong. You can learn how to get smarter. You just need the right attitude, and the proper tools. In this article, we’ll offer valuable tips on how you can work your brain and become smarter.

What Is Growth Mindset?

Your viewpoint regarding the fluidity of intelligence is incredibly important. Those who believe that their IQ is fixed throughout their lifetime often feel defeated and are unwilling to work hard. What’s the point of putting effort into something that can’t be improved?

So, what is intelligence? Is it fixed, or is it fluid?

Research suggests that intelligence is a malleable force. And people who understand that intelligence is fluid have what’s called a growth mindset. They fully comprehend that you can increase your IQ. All it takes is hard work and knowledge on how to learn effectively.

The latter is especially important — you could be the hardest worker in the world, but be wasting a great deal of your time because you’re not learning efficiently.

With the right knowledge, you can learn how to get smarter. You’ll boost your productivity, develop laser-sharp focus, and cultivate the memory of a savant.

How Can I Be Smart And Intelligent?

The most important thing you need to enhance your IQ is a genuine willingness to learn, particularly about what is going to make you an excellent learner.

Motivation combined with curiosity is a potent blend that will not only drive you towards your goal, but make the journey legitimately enjoyable.

Get curious about becoming smarter! The topic can be truly fascinating, and when you start reaping the rewards of your hard work and curiosity, you’ll feel more fulfilled and satisfied with the direction that your life is taking.


What can I do to make me smarter?

If you want to learn how to get smarter, there are plenty of techniques you can use. Here are the two top approaches:

1. Stop procrastinating

Anything worthwhile is challenging, and anything challenging is likely to generate an irresistible desire to procrastinate.

Difficult things make us feel incompetent, and so our immediate desire is to escape the pain into something easier, whether that be social media, TV, or anything apart from the valuable, challenging thing in front of us.

Defeating procrastination is key on your journey to greatness. The following tips can help you overcome this hurdle:

  • Break things into smaller tasks. It’ll turn a huge intimidating monster into a manageable mouse, and you’ll feel accomplished as you get through each small job.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you fail. It does nothing for your confidence or motivation. When you inevitably slip up, being kind to yourself will increase the likelihood of returning to the task. Self-compassion is a beautiful and effective skill to master.
  • You can’t steer a parked car. You could have all of the knowledge required to be an incredible achiever, but unless you actually move by taking action, you’re not going to get anywhere.
  • Consider the rewards. Think about the satisfaction that you’ll feel when you achieve your goals; the additional money that you might earn to go on that luxurious 4-week holiday. Your motivating reasons for wanting to improve your life can be utilized to surge onward and fly past the finishing line like a true champion.

2. Use the F.A.S.T method

  • Forget. Socrates famously stated: “I know that I know nothing”. He was expressing that on the grand scale of things, he knew very little. Try to cultivate this attitude. Accepting that we don’t know everything gives us a humble and receptive mindset, in which we’re ready, willing, and motivated to learn.
  • Active. Jim Kwik, the prodigious author of Mindvalley’s Superbrain Program, explains that learning is not a spectator sport. You can’t sit on the sidelines and expect to achieve, you have to strap on your boots, take a deep breath, and sprint onto the field. Only by being active can you truly become an incredible learner.
  • State. Your emotional state is just as important as your focus when it comes to retention. If you’re interested in something, your curious emotional state will help you to remember the content. Information + emotion = long-term memory.
  • Teach. Passing on your hard-earned knowledge to others re-enforces the content in your mind, in addition to spreading valuable wisdom around the world.


How Can I Improve My IQ?

American developmental psychologist, Howard Gardner, found that there are 9 different types of intelligence, each of which can be developed with the right methods. We’ve covered 2 different types of intelligence below.

1. Enhance your logical mathematical intelligence

This kind of intelligence is related to logical relationships and deductive reasoning, which means you’re good at finding patterns and making connections between abstract concepts.

It heightens your ability for mental arithmetic, coding, strategy games, brain teasers, and other skills of this type. You can improve this area of intelligence with the following:

  • Brain teasers. What could be better than becoming more intelligent while having fun? Brain teasers are essentially logic puzzles in disguise.
  • Strategic board games. Finally, the hours that you spent playing Civilization have paid off!
  • Brain training apps. These apps often provide a structure and a journey to your learning, adding a feeling of progress as you make your way through them.

2. Enhance your spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the ability to navigate the world around you. Improving this type of intelligence can help you become an expert navigator.

  • Play a game. Who doesn’t like playing games? Chess, Jenga, and Lego can increase your spatial intelligence, and the best part? You’re having fun while you’re doing it.
  • Crack a 3D puzzle. These types of puzzles require you to manipulate them with your hands and plan your moves ahead of time: important aspects of spatial intelligence.
  • Mapless navigation. Look at the world around you, not at your mobile phone! Only by taking in your surroundings and building neural connections in your brain can you improve your navigation abilities.

London taxi drivers have to undertake one of the hardest tests of spatial intelligence in the entire world, which includes remembering thousands of roads and locations through the city without a GPS. Their brains develop an incredible spatial intelligence as a result.

How can I get clever overnight?

Put simply – you can’t! Strengthening your intelligence takes hard work, and knowledge on how to get smarter.

Your brain’s cognitive functions are ready and waiting to be improved. And with determination and the right tools, you can supercharge your brain.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that your intelligence is fixed — it only serves to stunt your growth.

Comprehend the truth fully: you can be exceptionally smarter. Spend the time learning how to increase your IQ, and apply those techniques to your life. With persistence, the habits that you build might just change your life.

First you make your habits, and then your habits make you.

— Jim Kwik, Author of Mindvalley’s Superbrain Quest


So, what techniques do you use to make yourself smarter? Share it with us in a comment below.



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