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How To Heal Humanity’s Biggest Disease, With Marisa Peer

Heal Humanity

This is exciting. Marisa Peer is a revolutionary mind, if we’ve ever seen one (and we’ve seen quite a few). Not only is she a best-selling Author and a life-changing Motivational Speaker, but she has been voted Britain’s #1 Therapist and Mindvalley’s Best Speaker of A-Fest.

Among numerous other impressive achievements, she has spent decades working with some of the world’s top celebrities, Olympic athletes, CEOs, and even royalty.

We know what you’re thinking, “She must do something different…”

Indeed, she does. A client will have a therapist for months, with no results; perhaps, with negative results. However, Marisa Peer will meet with a client and completely change their life around in a matter of minutes.

So, yes, we could call her brilliantly unconventional.

Many therapists focus on all of the intricate details of the mind and it’s array of complications, attempting to diagnose one small problem at a time.

Marisa Peer, on the other hand, looks at the mind’s most basic principles. As well, she cuts to the very root of the problem and heals people, without medication — for life.

In this utterly transformative and highly engaging A-Fest talk, Marisa Peer discusses, in easy-to-understand language and with heartfelt stories, these basic principles of the mind and the simple root cause of humanity’s biggest problems.

Compulsiveness, obesity, manic depression, bipolar disorder, disconnectedness, anger… All of these and so much more can be cured… Not with loads of pharmaceutical pills (that just mask the symptoms), but by a simple understandingof the root of the problem.

Since Marisa Peer is passionate about getting to the point, she believes that the whole psychiatrist, how does that make you feel? talk is a waste a time. To this, she proclaims, “Stop doing that s***! Go straight to what’s wrong with them. It doesn’t matter how they feel — they don’t feel like they are enough!”

With this, the common denominator of most of our problems is that we don’t feel like we are enough: smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, wealthy enough, lovable enough… You get the point.

“Changing the world is a big task, but I want to change people. The way to change them is by making them feel they are enough.”

– Marisa Peer

So, rather can prescribing lab-made chemicals to feed the brain every day, Marisa Peer feeds it 3 magical words:

I am enough.

Yep, that’s it. That’s all you really have to understand — that you are enough. This is the cure to almost all of our emotional problems.

With that being said, there are 3 simple principles that Marisa Peer wants us all understand about the mind. These principles:

  1. Your mind loves what is familiar.
  2. Your mind responds to what you tell it.
  3. You can change what you tell it!

Marisa Peer

1. Your mind loves what is familiar.

This ability to love and crave familiarity instinctively comes from our tribal days; biologically, it makes sense. However, when it comes to making changes in our lives, how do we work with this principle?


We must simply learn how to re-train our minds to make the unfamiliar familiar, and the familiar unfamiliar (assuming the familiar is unfavorable). While this may sound confusing, it’s really quite simple — you must focus your attention forward, to the you that you want to be (the you that you are creating).

You must tell a new story about yourself — tell a story of the person you wish to become.

Every time you feel those negative, familiar thoughts start to creep in, redirect them toward the person you are becoming — not the person you used to be.

Soon, because our brain’s love habit and crave familiarity, these new thoughts will become habit and familiar.

In her talk, Marisa Peer uses a fantastic example of people dieting. She said that people will go through heaps of work and training to lose weight, and they do! However, immediately after a weigh in, they will celebrate with something like… Pizza.

Why? Because pizza is familiar to them. In this case, they should train their brain to, instead of thinking of the familiar (pizza), think of how good they will look when they are thin — they should fixate on that. They should start thinking of how much it delights them to eat healthy; how much they adore that feeling of being thin and good to their bodies.

Once this adjustment in thinking happens more regularly, our brains begin thinking, “Oh yeah, I get that!” and will start making this unfamiliar habit of eating healthy familiar; and the familiar habit of eating unhealthy unfamiliar.

Marisa Peer on Humanity

2. Your mind responds to what you tell it.

Now, understanding this principle is how Marisa Peer gets supposedly ‘infertile’ 40 year old women to become pregnant. You read that right

All Marisa does is understand these simple principles of the brain — you tell your mind it is infertile and that you cannot have babies, and it will be. Do the opposite, and that comes true, as well.

This life really is that magic.

It is important to note that this principle can either work wonders in our favor, or horrors to our detriment. Good or bad, it listens to what you tell it.

How to Heal Humanity

3. You can change what you tell your mind!

This is where you get to take the wheel. You are in charge of, and fully responsible for, what you tell your mind… You can tell it anything you want!

However, did you know that what commonly makes us feel the most depressed is our own self-talk — our own self-criticism? Did you know that, for the most part, we tend to reject praise and inject criticism? This is because, unfortunately, criticism is much more familiar to our minds.

But wait — did you also know that your own praise is far more effective than someone else’s? It certainly is. How many times have you been reluctant to receive a compliment because you didn’t believe it, yourself? For all of this, it is so important to begin praising yourself for the things you wish to hear from others.

Tell your mind a new story! This is exciting! It will respond accordingly.

Praise yourself by saying things such as:

  • I am a good daughter/son.
  • I am clever.
  • I am a loving and admirable friend.
  • I am impressive.
  • I am bold, daring, and creative.

Of all the things you tell yourself, though, remember to tell yourself this (and really feel it’s truth):

“I am enough. I’ve always been enough. Now that I know that I am enough, everyone else knows it, too. I will always be enough.”

As you begin to maneuver through and understand these 3 principles, Marisa Peer insists that you always do these three things:

  1. Make anything that is negative unfamiliar.
  2. Make anything that is positive familiar.
  3. Use the words “I am enough” as often as you can (write them on your mirror, refrigerator, arm, everywhere!).

Now, of course, we would never want to give away all of the juice from her amazing A-Fest talk — we want you to see it for yourself. For that, here in this article, we have barely (barely) scratched the surface and only revealed a portion of the cornucopia of golden nuggets she gifts us in this talk. So really, we insist, give it a watch.

Also, remember, you are always, always, always, enough of enough of enough.

If you would like more wisdom from Marisa Peer on how to be unconditionally confident and overcome childhood insecurities and self doubt, check out her Uncompromised Life course on Mindvalley Academy.

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On top of all her life-changing counseling, hypnotherapy training, and mind-blowing public speeches, Marisa Peer is also an amazing author.

Are you familiar with any of Marisa Peer’s books?

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