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food over 50
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Have you ever wondered what makes some people healthier than others even though they are much older? Apart from genes, a significant percentage of our health goes to what we consume on a daily basis. We will be talking about some food over 50 that you should consider consuming (and avoiding) to maintain a healthy way of living.

Let’s find out what could possibly make us feel like a thirty-year-old even though we are in the body that’s 60 years old.

What Food Over 50 Should You Consume?

So, with a good diet, you are halfway there to a healthier way of living. What we eat directly affects the way our body feels, and hence, the way our mind works and grows.

If we ask Jim Kwik, the author of Mindwalley’s Superbrain program, we are what we eat, and eating food that is full with the nutrients (and what our brain misses and needs) can even bring us indirectly to the higher state of peace and happiness.

So, here are some foods which import you should definitely increase over 50:

1. Beans

What Food Over 50 Should You Consume

There are numerous researches about beans and how healthy they actually are. Those researches show that the proper import of beans (for example, lentils beans 3/4 cup) can even decrease LDL (better known as cholesterol) by 5 percent.

Other than this, it lowers A1c by 0.5% which is an excellent indicator of blood sugar control.

2. Oats

What Food Over 50 Should You Consume?

Once we reach 50 years, the risk of heart disease increases drastically. So, importing foods that positively affect cholesterol. Oats are just the perfect choice. At least 3 grams of this daily, and you will reduce cholesterol levels drastically (up to 10%).

Needless to say, this reduces the risk of any heart disease and therefore, dying at an early age.

3. Apples

What Food Over 50 Should You Consume

Seems like our parents were right. Unfortunately, at the age of 50, there is probably no one to remind us how apples are actually healthy.

On average, Apple has 5 grams of so-called heart-healthy fiber. What does this do? Well, apart from keeping your ticker in a good shape, it lowers LDL cholesterol and helps support a healthier way of life. Apples are an absolute must use food over 50.

There is excellent research showing that an apple a day keeps type 2 diabetes away.

So, don’t underestimate this fruit. At least you can find it almost everywhere- like it’s growing on a tree!

4. Nuts

Nuts have shown to be not only a great aphrodisiac but as a heart disease decreaser. They lower the chance of dying from the heart disease by 28 percent.

Now, you don’t need to buy the most expensive nuts. Simple peanut will do the job, and they are almost 2 times cheaper than any other tree nuts.

5. Berries

What Food Over 50 Should You Consume

Berries are great brain boosting food.

Every single fruit from the berries family contains phytochemicals. These are great chemicals for boosting blood flow and help reduce age-related memory decline.

They offer high vitamin and fiber content. They are a must-import food over 50. Finally, if you thought that a healthier way of living is more expensive than the regular one, that’s where you are wrong.

You can find these berries even frozen, at a much better price.

6. Yoghurt

What Food Over 50 Should You Consume

Eating milky products is not just a childhood thing. As our body grows old, our bones are becoming more fragile. Apart from Ca, which is the substance of high importance to our bones, yoghurt supplies us with a high dose of great-quality protein.

Yoghurt also has a beneficial bacteria that help us nourish the gut. Simply put, yoghurt is a must-use food for women over 50 and men over 70.

7. Leafy Greens

What Food Over 50 Should You Consume

Leafy greens are not the most delicious food out there- a lot of us may agree. But it’s the fact that this food over 50 is one of the healthiest that you can import to your body. It will keep your mind sharp, and your body in a great form.

There is an interesting research about people who ate these greens throughout their life. Guess what it shows… The cognitive ability of the people who ate leafy greens were the same as the cognitive ability of the 11 years younger people who barely ate this food.

It’s never late to start eating this food over 50 and feel like below 30!

What Food Over 50 Should I Avoid Eating?

As there is some food that you should increase importing after 50, there are some that you should definitely avoid, as your body of 50-year-old can’t handle them as it was handling them 30 years ago.

In the first place, there is alcohol. If you think that you can handle it, you probably can. But the difference between that handling and the one 30 years ago is so huge. Especially if combined with medications. Overall, alcohol increases the chances of ulcers, high blood pressure, diabetes, and much more.

Furthermore, you should avoid drinking coffee. No matter how tempting “a cup of coffee” sounds, you should definitely avoid this one. Think about how your heart rate grows after a cup of coffee. Well, after 50 that amplifies by 10x!

Caffeine increases the level of the hormone cortisol which can cause wrinkles and dullness.

Some foods that you should definitely avoid and which deserves to be mentioned are fried food, ice cream (I know, I know…), margarine, popcorn, and soy.

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What food over 50 did you like the most from our list? Share with us in the comments below!

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