The Embodiment Of Love: 8 Ways To Find Your Love Everyday

by Angie Guerra April 30, 2019

When I look into the sky, I see clouds billowing, the sun peeking through their full embrace. I see the birds soaring, enjoying a light breeze. I hear the wind, feeling it wrap warmly around me. When the rain comes, I give thanks that the trees, the seas, and the animals are all nurtured from its natural gift.

As an observer of this wonderment, I find what is always there to be seen, love.

How do you find your love?

As a human society, when we hear the word “love” our first inclination is to think of romantic love, but love comes in many forms. Finding love is a magical experience that can be found at any moment and in any place.

8 Profound Ways To Find Your Love Everyday

where to find your love1. In nature and its unlimited gifts

Trees that provide shelter, plants that provide healing, oxygen or beauty, dirt that provides nutrients for the plants to grow and a place to store fresh water and the oceans that are the lifeblood of the planet.  

2. In the innocent

The innocence of a child born into the world with all of its wonderment; a pure soul with boundless curiosity, a child who unabashedly speaks the truth because he knows no other way to speak.

3. In laughter

Laughter is so much more than a smile on your face.  

Laughter that emanates through you and through your soul exudes pure joy.  It has no choice but to fill your heart with love. So, laugh until you cry, laugh until your rib cage is sore and your cheeks ache.

4. In family and friends

Perhaps these should be two separate categories, but the truth is that some friends become like family.  

When you are at your lowest of lows, these are the individuals who lift you up and will carry your load when you are having a difficult time.  

These are the people with whom you can share a long embrace and feel their soul cradling your own.  These are the people you can act silly with, dance with, cry with, travel to the ends of the earth with.  

These people love unconditionally, to a fault.

5. Through nourishment

There are so many things in life that provide “love nourishment.”  

In this specific instance I’m talking about food; the source that improves your health and physically feeds your body.  The foods we eat affect our bodies and also affect our mood and mental health.

When we are mindful of what we eat, we are making a conscious choice to love ourselves.

6. Through spiritual fulfillment

Spiritual fulfillment can also come in many forms and this article is not intended on telling you what form of practice is best for you. We only suggest that you find spiritual fulfillment in all you do.  

How that looks, is for you to know. Whether you attend a church, a spiritual community, practice meditation, do yoga, take nature hikes, pray to God, Buddha or other, there is a power for good in spirituality that can be used to find your love.

These spiritual practices can fill your love tank, and even make it overflow!

7. In gratitude

When we take time to notice the clouds, the trees, the mind/body connection, and give thanks for everything, our life becomes filled with love.

If this practice is new to you, start by just writing five things you are grateful for Eventually, you will lose count as to the amount of blessings in your life.  

The practice of gratitude is an act of love, without question.  

8. F.L.Y. – “First Love Yourself”

First Love Yourself!  

All of the above ways to find your life  are enhancers to a life of fulfillment. However, you will know true love when it comes from you to you.

When we love ourselves, first, we see with a different worldview.  We believe and know that we are limitless, without boundaries.  

The effects of self-love shine through every cell of our being.  We are strong against any perceived battles, internally or externally.  

Above and beyond all forms of love and the many ways they show up in our lives, loving ourselves and others, and expressing each moment with utmost gratitude are the true secret to finding love.

And yes, romantic love can fill your cup. There is no denying that as a powerful and meaningful love magnet, but don’t forget to notice other forms of love.

You are surrounded by love, in everything and in every way.  You just have to find your love in everything and everywhere you look.

How do you find your love?  Share it with us in a comment below.

by Angie Guerra
Angie Guerra has explored many possible paths; however, the most important thing has been her inner work. She has connected with her spirituality and emotional connection to the world through love; how she embraces it, how she gives it and her understanding that love really is the only way to happiness. She is an authentic human who believes kindness matters and continually speaks with wholeheartedness.

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