How To Embrace Your Flaws With Renee Airya

embrace your flaws

Embrace Your Flaws


“Flaws are just projected fears…
I used to create fear by comparing myself to others,
my younger past, and my not-yet-manifested greatness.
I have learned that if we feel internally imprisoned,
no amount of money or outside praise will ever make us feel free.
So shatter what no longer matters, get into your glory,
share your story and your true colors.
True success lives in how we perceive ourselves.”

– Renee Airya

Have you ever gone through a powerful journey that allowed you to truly embrace your flaws?  

Renee Airya — a brain tumor survivor, spirited author, and award-winning international speaker — certainly has.

In this heart-warming talk by Renee at Mindvalley’s A-Fest Mexico, she shares her incredible story of personal empowerment during one the darkest moments of her life – from paralyzation to liberation.

Renee had life-threatening surgery that left her paralyzed on the right side of her face and doctors telling her that there was no way to recover.

Unsure of whether the voice was authentically hers or that of a higher power, she replied to her doctors’ concerns with complete conviction.

“I looked at my doctor and said I don’t know how this is going to happen, but I am going to smile again… I am giving myself 6 months for my face to move.”

A miracle happened. By changing her mindset, revamping her self-esteem, and trusting her intuition and beliefs, Renee was able to go through a powerful, epic healing journey.

Our Favorite Quotes From This Talk


“When you hide, you create more shame.
That means that you are telling yourself that
you are more and more unloveable.
But when you share, you do allow for the light
to shine through the shame. And I firmly believe
that we can all become perfect through our flaws.”


“The way we choose to deal with our flaws
will actually lead to a life of success, power, and health…
or self-destruction, insecurity, and shame…
Flaws are a part of human nature.”


“Could it be possible that flaws are the gateways to our sincerity?
Could it be possible that flaws are the access points
to recover your unshakeable confidence?
Could it be possible that flaws are the golden key
to discovering our uniqueness?
If you can answer ‘Yes’ to either of those questions,
how can you begin today to start expressing yourself
with more sincerity in the world?


“There is so much liberation and so much freedom
to be found in sharing your true colors with others,
your light, and your shadows.”


“You are not perfect in spite of your flaws,
but actually because of them.
You don’t need to be pretty or good looking to be beautiful.
Beauty is only skin deep, but radiance is eternal.”

Have you been on a powerful healing journey or were able to “flip” your flaws? We are incredibly moved by Renee’s talk and we’d love to hear about your own self-healing stories.



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