Are You Doing Enough For Being Happy In Life?

How can I focus on being happy?

Life is filled with wonders and mysteries. It presents to us all the great opportunities for being happy. At the same time, it also has preparations for sadness and sorrow to occur in our lives.

So how can we solve this mysterious duality and navigate through these two conflicting waves (happiness and sadness) of the same ocean that is life?  

Above all, is there any sanctified place in that ocean where there are no conflicts, but only infinite peace?

Well, although there are no definite answers to these questions, we will try to get somewhat closer to the truth here in this post.

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is an emotional state of the mind where we feel all the great emotions like joy, pleasure, peace, and bliss.

It occurs our brains due to pleasure centers, or receptors, that are stimulated by some specific neurochemicals that are released by our brain’s machinery.

Our mind and personality get programmed by our society, environment, and circumstances in a certain manner that allows the chemical to get released in response to certain events occurring in our lives.

On the other hand, there are chemicals that are responsible for causing negative emotions like sadness, stress, and anxiety that are programmed to get released due to other kinds of external events in our life.

So, the equation is quite simple. Events that we consider good release happy chemicals, whereas the bad events release sad chemicals.

Now, the question is — can we rewire our brain’s programming so that we can minimize the impact of negative chemicals and maximize the input of the happy ones?

How Can I Focus On Being Happy?

Is there a fear of being happy?

In order to focus on happiness more and sadness less, we have to look at the programming of our mind and perception that has already been done by society.

Society and our upbringing have programmed us in such a manner that we simply can’t be happy without certain things or events occurring in our life.

Society taught us or, our brain, to release happy chemicals when we get money, buy stuff, receive love from others, be respected, get married, have babies, have a successful career, get promoted, and become successful in its own terms.

On the other hand, if these things do not happen the programming releases the stress, anxiety and sad chemicals.

In this way, we are programmed to run in an endless cycle of chasing happiness instead of experiencing it within us right here and now.

But what we haven’t learned from this type of education is that we can simply be happy, or reach a state of chemical balance, even if those external things do not happen the way we want them to.

We can be happy and joyous even while pursuing those good aspects of life instead of feeling stressed out or anxious.

Once we acknowledge these facts, we can start the reprogramming of our minds and become able to focus more on being happy in the moment.

However, the rewiring process for sustained happiness is not as easily done as said. You have to overcome certain limitations and practice some techniques.

One of the limitations is the fear of happiness, itself.

What Is The Fear Of Being Happy?

Believe it or not, some people are afraid of happiness. This fear of being happy even has a name. It is called cherophobia.

Some of us are even not aware of the fact that we are deliberately sabotaging our happiness due to the subconscious fear of it.

It usually happens due to subconscious cultural programming that too much happiness is bad or indulgent and that if we become too happy, bad things will follow.

We have to overcome this irrational fear of happiness to focus more on being happy.

Besides, did you know that happiness is also vital for your physical health and personal success?

Why Does Being Happy Make You Healthy?

How can you be truly happy?

It is a proven scientific fact that happiness has many beneficial effects on our health.

Happiness and well-being allow us to be more vigilant about healthy habits like exercising, eating healthy, and having adequate sleep. Happiness also has positive impacts on our cardiovascular and immune systems.  

Another surprising aspect about happiness is that, contrary to popular beliefs, it is happiness that propels success rather than success creating happiness.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

― Albert Schweitzer

So, although both good health and success can make you happy, it is happiness, first and foremost, that can make good health and success easier for you.

How Can You Be Truly Happy?

 We have discussed the life-changing benefits of rewiring our brains for sustained happiness and even physical health, as well as how we have to learn to be happy in the moment rather than chasing happiness for the future.

So now, let’s focus on some practical techniques that will make us be truly happy now.

To put this simply, it is through consciousness engineering and other transcendent practices that we must approach in order to reprogram ourselves for being happy.

You can begin with these two outstanding programs available in Mindvalley:

For starters, The 6 Phase Meditation quest will be perfect. You will learn to be mindful, compassionate, grateful, focused and more in the present moment. You will also learn how to overcome fear and manifest happiness in your life on a consistent basis.

Then, you may move ahead to actual consciousness engineering for reaching the higher levels of consciousness and fully reprogramming your mind for happiness.

For this, Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani’s Becoming Limitless quest is the best available tool so far.

This program will allow you to break free from all the faulty programming and reach the state of limitless where the constant feelings of joy, blessedness, and inspiration become your normal state of being.

So, what are your thoughts on reprogramming your mind for sustained peace and happiness? Please, let us know in a comment below!



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