5 Big Food Industry Lies — Do You Know What You’re Really Eating?

5 Big Food Industry Lies — Do You Know What You’re Really Eating?


Food companies have been selling toxic foods for years, advertising them as being good for you. Here are the five biggest lies told by big food industries.

What if we told you that 70% of the food you’re eating now is toxic for you?

That for years, major food companies have been selling you ‘healthy foods’ which aren’t actually healthy, but instead, harmful to your body?

In this video, Vishen, founder and CEO of Mindvalley, shares the five biggest lies that major food companies have been telling you for decades.

About the Video

We all know that optimal health comes from eating the right things.

The problem is that it’s getting harder to know what’s “right.

Major food companies have been selling toxic foods for years, masquerading them as “health foods.

But some of these foods — ones you eat every day — not only lack all the nutrition your body needs but are actually harmful to you.

Imagine dying at an early age — all because you didn’t know that what you ate was killing you?

In this video, Vishen breaks down the five biggest lies of the food industry. 

Did you know, for example, that major food industries have a way of making sure that you’re never full and that you keep buying and eating more of their products?

That 70% of what’s being sold in grocery stores is designed for profit, not nutrition?

That food companies trick you by advertising their foods as low-calories — but the numbers are actually for extremely small portions?

Here’s what we mean — to make their food more attractive to customers who want to lose weight, food suppliers lie about the calorie and fat content of their products.

They do this by distorting what constitutes a “portion.”

“Portion size” is often confused with “serving size” (and that’s by design).

A portion refers to how much you actually eat — in other words, it’s the size of the meal that’s served to you.

Serving size is the recommended amount that you should eat based on the food’s nutritional values.

By advertising the “serving size” rather than the “portion size,” food companies trick you into thinking their foods are low-calorie.

You end up buying and binging on these foods, thinking that you’re actually eating within your calorie limit — when in fact, you could be eating hundreds of calories more!

Companies that sell foods like potato chips and chocolates are notorious for this. They advertise the calories for a serving size rather than for the entire thing.

There’s no question about it — you need to learn the truth.

By knowing the truth, you can take a stand against these companies and inspire real change. 

Vishen took on Nestlé, a major food company advertising their product, Milo, as a health drink.

He shared a video exposing just how much sugar Milo had (almost 40%!), which later prompted governments and Nestlé itself to reassess their product.

This goes to show that only YOU can hold these companies accountable.

By doing that, you’re not only saving your life but those of your loved ones too.  

You’d also be saving thousands of dollars in healthcare — money much better spent improving other aspects of your life. 

So watch this video to learn the truth. Share it with your friends and family. 

Together, we can all take a stand against these lies and the companies responsible for them.

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